2015 ACOP Day 1A: Li leads late in the day

November 09, 2015

A field of familiar faces.

That’s probably the best way to describe Day 1A here at the ACOP Main Event.

A walk across the tournament floor here at PokerStars LIVE Macau and any poker fan could see that there is an abundance of notable names in attendance.

Where to begin?

Erik Seidel, Joe Hachem, Mustapha Kanit, Vladimir Troyanovskiy, Juicy Li, Fedor Holz, Daniel Neilson, Andrew Hinrichsen, Jonathan Karamalikis, Martin Kozlov, Yuguang Li, Chen-An Lin, Naoya Kihara and reigning champion Gabriel Le Jossec are all among the field today.

seidel Day 1A.jpg

Poker legend Erik Seidel
Unfortunately for Le Jossec it won’t be back-to-back ACOP Main Event victories. He was eliminated about halfway into proceedings by Andy Andrejevic. The latter flopped a straight against the defending champ’s top pair and nut flush draw and held to see Le Jossec find the rail.

Karamalikis on the other hand is having a great day at the table. He scooped his biggest pot so far in a recent hand after flopping quad kings against two players. Karamalikis held pocket kings against his opponents’ pocket aces and pocket tens and the three-way all in saw the Australian’s stack climb to 64,000.

Ahead of Karamalikis is our new chip leader – the 2015 Red Dragon Main Event and Macau Poker Cup High Roller champion Yuguang Li. He seized the lead moments ago after disposing of PokerStars Team Online Naoya Kihara. Li called an opener’s raise to 1,000 in chips from the cutoff before Li squeezed to 4,400 to go. With the original raiser out of the way Kihara continued to see a flop of 5♠9♠A♦.

Kihara lead at it to the tune of 4,200 and Li called before a turn of 2♥. It was then Li’s turn to reclaim the position of aggressor, barrelling for 7,000 after Kihara checked. Naoya opted to call and the 3♣ river rolled off. Kihara checked a final time and Li put him to a decision for all his chips. The PokerStars Team Online member ultimately called it off with ace-king but saw the bad news when Li tabled A♥5♥ for a flopped two pair.

Li Day 1A.jpg

Current chip leader Yuguang Li
With that hand Li stacks up 110,000 to lead the field into the final stages of the night. Li has already seen significant success in Macau and is putting himself in a good position to make another deep run.

Will Li maintain his lead or will someone knock him off his throne before the conclusion of play? Find out soon as we follow the action here for Day 1A of the ACOP Main Event!


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