2015 ACOP Day 2: Notable knockouts as registration closes

November 11, 2015

Late registration is locked out!

The field is capped at 260 entrants and with that we can reveal what everyone will be playing for.

First place will be an impressive HK$5,885,000 (~US$760,000) from a total prize pool of HK$24,206,000 (~US$3,120,000). On top of this huge chunk of change the eventual champion will also guarantee themselves a HK$100,000 (~US$13,000) seat into the 2016 ACOP Main Event!

Of the 260 runners it’ll be 27 who see a payday. When the bubble bursts the remaining players will lock up at least HK$193,000 (~US$25,000).

day 2.jpg

You can find the full prize list at PokerNews but here’s how the payouts on the official final table of six will look.

2015 ACOP Final Table Payouts

1st – HK$5,885,000 (~US$760,000)
2nd – HK$3,736,000 (~US$482,000)
3rd – HK$2,411,000 (~US$311,000)
4th – HK$1,928,000 (~US$249,000)
5th – HK$1,519,000 (~US$196,000)
6th – HK$1,205,000 (~US$155,000)

Since play began this afternoon the starting field of 157 has been thinned dramatically. We’ve already lost about a third of those who returned for Day 2, including a few of the more notable names.

Team PokerStars Pros Aditya Agarwal, Yaxi Zhu and Vivian Im all found the exit this afternoon, as did Joe Hachem, Terrence Chan and Xuan Liu.

Joining them on the rail was poker legend John Juanda after a big river bluff was picked off in a recent hand. The reigning EPT Barcelona champion found himself in a bloated pot against Alexander Kuzmin with the board reading 9♣5♣3♣10♣Q♠.

Juanda pushed all in first to act with a close-to-pot sized jam of 42,100. Kuzmin who had enough to cover Juanda went into the tank, but after several minutes he committed to a call before players tabled their hands.

“You got it” conceded Juanda pointing at his opponent and flipping over Q♦J♠ for a rivered top pair on the four-flush board. Kuzmin revealed A♦J♣ for the fourth nuts which was enough to send Juanda packing.

“Sick call” added tablemate Jordan Westmorland as Juanda exited the tournament area.

juanda day 2.jpg

Recently eliminated – John Juanda
For those still in contention, however, it’s all business as the night lingers on. They now know what they’re playing for and will all be hoping to hang on until Day 3 tomorrow.

We’ll have a full recap of today’s action and a showcase of the chip leaders later tonight. In the meantime the team at PokerNews has all your live reporting needs covered – you can follow the live feed at the top of the main ACOP page.

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