2015 ACOP Day 3: A break for beer pong

November 12, 2015

The tournament clock has just ticked over to the final level of the night, and while the prospects of a Day 4 appearance lingers, a few of the players here will not only be fighting to make it through but also fighting a hangover.

Last night was the ACOP Players Party here in Macau. That meant when play concluded for Day 2 the poker players and tournament staff headed to Wave for some poolside fun. The drinks were flowing, the food was fast disappearing and the entrants were priming themselves for the prestigious beer pong tournament.


It was a battle for the ages with 16 teams competing for glory and the coveted beer pong trophies. One person who definitely didn’t emerge victorious was Australian Jonathan Karamalikis. Having made the semi-finals twice before he was sure this was his time to shine, but again the semi-finals were as far as he would go.

beer pong.jpg

Andrew Hinrichsen watches on as Jonathan Karamalikis misses another shot
Karamalikis was eliminated from the Main Event the day before when his opponent hit a lucky ten on the river to make a set, but the Aussie insisted that last night was more painful.

“I didn’t even care about busting the Main Event, the beer pong will haunt me,” he said.

“What happened was we beat ourselves” added teammate Andrew Hinrichsen during his post-match analysis.

The two that did claim the beer pong crowns were Americans Jordan Westmorland and Joel Micka. It was Micka’s second victory this ACOP after he shipped the 6-Max Championship last week for HK$353,900. He now collects another title and trophy along with teammate Westmorland.

beer pong champs with trophies.jpg

The beer pong champs – Joel Micka and Jordan Westmorland
It was celebratory drinks for the pair as the others drowned their sorrows before things started winding down at around 2am. For those still eager to party on, however, it was off to Club Cubic for some games of pool in the VIP room, some questionable dancing downstairs and of course more alcohol. Unfortunately for readers, most of what happened was strictly off the record, but suffice to say everybody was enjoying themselves.

That brings us to today where the tournament floor is undoubtedly host to some livers working overtime. Things have slowed down as we approach the bubble and time will tell if we can make it to the money in the dying stages. Hopefully for those still in the hunt last night’s antics won’t be too detrimental to their decision making.


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