2017 ACOP Super High Roller: Adams leads last nine after wild day in Macau

October 23, 2017


Timothy Adams: Leader after a tumultuous day

Without a moment’s hesitation, I’m going to make a suggestion. It’s actually more of an order. You should scroll down through the lengthy post below and read about a sensational day at the 2017 Asia Championship of Poker (ACOP).

Today was Day 2 of the HK$800,000 Super High Roller tournament and it was an absolute beauty. It was full of the world’s best players as well as some trademark Macau-based wildcards.


Big crowd gathers for ACOP bubble

The 13 hours it took to trim a field of 79 entries (including 22 re-entries) down to a final nine flew by. This was superb. It helps, of course, that they also built a prize pool of more than HK$60 million to keep the interest levels very high.

When the dust settled on all the chaos, the following nine players were left. As you can see, the field continues to be diverse and brilliant, resembling the best kind of traditional Super High Roller final. The bosses have bossed, but there’s still plenty of hope for a major upset.

Seat 1. Timothy Adams, Canada – 146.9 million
Seat 2. Steve O’Dwyer, Ireland – 50.4 million
Seat 3. Felix Bleiker, Switzerland – 86.7 million
Seat 4. Dietrich Fast, Germany – 97.3 million
Seat 5. Jason Koon, USA – 39 million
Seat 6. Paul Newey, UK – 12.1 million
Seat 7. Bryn Kenney, USA – 104 million
Seat 8. Shan Huang, China – 18.8 million
Seat 9. Daniel Dvoress, Canada – 75.1 million

Tomorrow those nine will play to a champion, who will take home HK$16,690,000. That’s approximately US$2.14 million, which will be the single biggest prize ever won under the ACOP branding. These guys truly have the best job in the world.


Shan Huang thanks Tim Adams for bursting the bubble

The bumper field meant that 11 players were paid and that, of course, meant that the player going out in 12th would leave with nothing. The (dis)-honour fell to Shuo Li, a former chip leader, who perished at the hands of Timothy Adams.

Prior to that, the overnight leader Zhou Tong had also been sent home by Adams. Shortly after that, Adams also knocked out JC Alvarado in 10th to set the final.


Tong, left, and Li. Neither made the money

It was fitting then that Adams, the Canadian assassin, takes the biggest stack to the final and sits in pole position to pick up another monster pay-day.

Play resumes tomorrow at 1pm and we’ll be with you every step of the way. We all love ACOP. And admit it: you love ACOP too.


Super High Roller trophy


• PLAYERS LEFT: 9 | ENTRIES: 79 (inc 22 re-entries)
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1:40am: Simultaneous eliminations set final nine
Level 18 – Blinds: 1 million/2 million (ante 300,000)

Christian Christner and JC Alvarado were eliminated at the exact same time to bring us down to nine players and leave the short-stacked Shan Huang and Paul Newey en route for the final.

Christner three-bet shoved over Felix Bleicker’s open (it was 4.5 million, then a shove for around 30 million). Bleicker called but he was behind with A♠10♠ to Christner’s A♦J♥.

The first four cards out the deck were blank: 2♥5♥K♥4♣ but then 10♦ riverered and that was that for Christner. “Good luck tomorrow, guys,” he said.

Tomorrow came very quickly because at the neighbouring table, JC Alvarado slammed A♥Q♠ into Timothy Adams’s A♦A♣ (this one went raise, three-bet, call too).

There was no hope on the board for Alvarado and he took the official tenth spot. Christner was 11th.

Full chip counts and a day-end wrap is coming. — HS

1:40pm: Fast builds his stack
Level 18 – Blinds: 1 million/2 million (ante 300,000)

It was a late open from Timothy Adams, who made it 4.5 million to play. Both JC Alvarado and Dietrich Fast called from the small and big blinds, leaving three players going to the flop: A♥2♠3♣

Alvarado and Fast checked to the pre-flop raiser, only for Adams to check it back.

The board paired the top card with an A♠ and again Alvarado checked but Fast wasn’t about to check for a second time. He pushed a blue 10 million plaque over the line and Adams quickly folded, leaving only Alvarado to act. He called the bet and so it was heads up on the river.

It was a 7♥ this time and Alvarado checked to Fast, who made it 22.5 million to see his cards. Alvarado clearly didn’t like his hand too much as it didn’t take him long to fold, leaving a nice pile of chips for Fast. -LY

1:35am: Dvoress doubles Bleiker
Level 18 – Blinds: 1 million/2 million (ante 300,000)

It folded round to Daniel Dvoress on the small blind and he shoved on Felix Bleiker who had approximately 15 big blinds at the start of the hand. He promptly called and rightly so as he had the best of it, but Dvoress was still very much live.

Bleiker A♦8♣
Dvoress 10♠9♠

The board ran out 5♠2♦6♦J♣7♥ and Bleiker is safely up to 64m, with Dvoress still on a slightly above average stack of 75.5m. -LY

1:30am: Counterfeited hand but still a win for JC
Level 18 – Blinds: 1 million/2 million (ante 300,000)

JC Alvarado has gotten his stack up to almost 60 million by winning as battle of the blinds versus Timothy Adams.

Adams raised to 5,500 from the small blind and Alvarado peeled to see a 5♦10♠A♥ flop. Adams continued for 4 million and Alvarado called. The turn brought the 2♥ and Adams check-called 5.5 million. The 10♦ fell of fifth street and both players checked. Adams opened seven-five but lost out to Alvarado’s ace-deuce. –MC

1:25am: Newey doubles, still short on chips
Level 18 – Blinds: 1 million/2 million (ante 300,000)

Paul Newey was down to 1.5 big blinds earlier today. In typical Newey fashion he stayed patient, stayed in the the tournament and made the money. However, he’s never really had any chips to play with and had slipped well into the danger zone by the time he took a stand.

He moved all-in for 6.8 million (3.4 big blinds) from the button and Christian Christner moved all-in from the small blind to isolate. Bryn Kenney folded from the big blind and the cards were turned over. Newey showed K♦5♦ and was ahead of Christner’s Q♦10♥. The 7♣5♣7♥8♥K♥ run out kept Newey in front and he’s doubled to about eight big blinds. –NW

1am: Break time

Players are going on a 15-minute break. There are 11 left and we’re playing to nine. Here are the current stacks:

Name Country Chips
Timothy Adams Canada 123,000,000
Daniel Dvoress Canada 118,000,000
Bryn Kenney USA 87,000,000
Dietrich Fast Germany 77,000,000
Christian Christner Germany 46,400,000
Jason Koon USA 43,500,000
Steve O’Dwyer Ireland 38,400,000
JC Alvarado Mexico 38,100,000
Felix Bleiker Switzerland 32,400,000
Shan Huang China 23,000,000
Paul Newey United Kingdom 10,300,000

12:45am: Shuo Li bubbles ACOP Super High Roller
Level 17 – Blinds: 800,000/1.6 million (ante 200,000)

The bubble has burst here in Macau and there are now 11 very happy players left in, particularly Paul Newey and Shan Huang, who were both shorter than the player who bubbled.

In the hand that earned those left in a minimum of HK$1,517,000, the action folded to Timothy Adams in the small blind and he moved all-in. The shove was for an effective 31 million – that’s what Shuo Li had left – and after tanking for about 20 seconds the Chinese player called, to put his tournament life on the line.


Shuo Li bubbles

The cards couldn’t be turned over until play at the other table had finished and during that time speculation was rife about what cards Li was holding. “You didn’t look particularly happy about it,” said Jason Koon. “You’ve got something like ace-nine.”

Shan Huang also enjoyed himself at this point, he took the microphone from the tournament director and performed MC duties, letting the tournament room know that “there’s an all-in and call and both players look nervous.”


Shan Huang thanks Tim Adams for bursting the bubble

When play was completed at the other table the cards were finally revealed. Koon was a mind reader as Li showed A♣9♣. Adams was, to no one’s surprise, behind but he was drawing live with J♠4♦. He was more than live after the 4♠Q♥4♥ flop and the 7♠ left Li drawing dead. The meaningless 3♠ completed the board to give the pot to Adams and burst the bubble.

Play will continue tonight until the final table of nine is reached. –NW

12:40am: Kenney takes on Dvoress
Level 17 – Blinds: 800,000/1.6 million (ante 200,000)

Daniel Dvoress – understandably with his stack – has been running his table somewhat. Bryn Kenney took him on just now though and saw his stack raise to over 80 million.

Dvoress opened to 3.2 million from under the gun and Kenney defended his big blind to see a 9♠7♣Q♠ flop. Dvoress continued for 4 million and Kenney check-called before the 4♦ turn was checked through.

The 8♣ fell on the river and Kenney led for 10.3 million. Dvoress called but mucked upon seeing Kenney’s 10♦10♥. He dropped to around 116 million. –MC

12:38am: Li takes the initiative
Level 16 – Blinds: 800,000/1.6 million (ante 200,000)

Shuo Li has been getting active, playing the last three hands on the trot.

First he opened button and won a small pot without showdown.

Next Li flatted the cutoff versus Tim Adams’s min raise. Adams is table chip-leader and overall second in chips. Showing no fear on the flop, he made a 3.2 million bet in the absence of a continuation from Adams and again took a small pot without having to show his cards.

Finally Li min raised from middle position and JC Alvarado, who was seated directly to his left, decided his hand was good enough to jam over the top.

It was a great move as both players would be in for stacks, Alvarado had 36.5 million and Li had 38.7 million. Knowing he would be left short, Li folded. -LY

12:35am: Now that’s super high rolling
Level 17 – Blinds: 800,000/1.6 million (ante 200,000)

This isn’t your average bubble and this play by Daniel Dvoress was out of the top drawer. It’s even more impressive when you consider he had just 30 seconds to act on the river as he’s used all his time-bank chips.

Dvoress was in the big blind and called after Christian Christner had raised to 3.7 million from the button. The 4♠8♣2♥ flop checked through and the A♠ landed on the turn. Dvoress checked, Christner bet 4.6 million and Dvoress called.

The 6♣ fell on the river and Dvoress checked again. This time Christner bet 10 million. Dvoress appeared to do some mental arithmetic and looked upwards and right as he did do. He then flicked a single chip into the pot to make the call.

Christner showed 9♥7♥ for air and Dvoress had him beat, but with better air! Dvoress had K♠J♥ and had called with just king high.

That fantastic call stretches his chip lead further. He’s up to 146 million, while Christner is down to 44.3 million. –NW

12:25am: Tong soft bubbles Super High Roller
Level 17 – Blinds: 800,000/1.6 million (ante 200,000)

Paul Newey has re-assumed short-stack duties in this tournament now as it approaches the bubble. But he does not looked concerned. He was down to a little more than one big blind earlier.


Paul Newey: Sticking around with a short stack

With at least three other opponents prepared to get their chips in, Newey is going to be playing it cute. — HS

12:25am: Tong soft bubbles Super High Roller
Level 17 – Blinds: 800,000/1.6 million (ante 200,000)

Start of day chip leader, Zhou Tong, has fallen two short of the money after he fell to Timothy Adams.

Tong opened to 3.6 million (with 16 million behind) from under the gun and the action folded around to Timothy Adams in the big blind who raised enough to set him all-in. Tong used up a time bank chip and then called all-in.

Adams: Q♥Q♠

Tong: K♣Q♣

The board ran a blank 2♣8♣3♥6♠5♠. Adams moved up to 97 million. –MC


A great day for Tim Adams

12:20am: Huang hangs on
Level 14 – Blinds: 600,000/1.2 million (ante 200,000)

The Shan Huang show is not yet over. He just scored a double up through Timothy Adams.

Adams opened to 3.6 million from under the gun and then figured he was priced in after Huang pushed for 13.6 million from the small blind. (The big blind, Jason Koon, folded.)

Adams: J♠9♠
Huang: 4♥4♠

The board was a blank 10♥A♥3♥7♣3♠ and that was good to keep Huang alive with around 27 million. — HS

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12:15am: Two in a row for Li
Level 16 – Blinds: 600,000/1.2 million (ante 200,000)

Shuo Li is one of the shorter stacks left in, but he sure as hell isn’t worried about bubbling. He’s moving chips with little care for the trivial matter of a HK$1.5 million bubble. First he shoved all-in for around 21 million over the top of a raise from Timothy Adams and got it through.


Shuo Li: Still playing pots

Then it folded to him in the small blind and he shoved all-in. JC Alvarado was in the big blind and he gave it a long think before folding. Li has added 33 percent to his stack with those two shoves. He’s up to 28 million. –NW

12:05am: O’Dwyer wins pot
Level 16 – Blinds: 600,000/1.2 million (ante 200,000)

Bryn Kenney, currently third in chips, started the action off with a raise to 2.6 million in the cutoff. Steve O’Dwyer called from the small blind and, with Paul Newey getting out of the way, we went heads up to the flop:


O’Dwyer checked to Kenney, who checked it back. The turn came a 3♣ and O’Dwyer started the post flop action with a 3.4 million bet and Kenney came along for another street.

O’Dwyer bet again on the 5♦ river, this time, making a value bet of 5 million, which Kenney instantly called.

O’Dwyer showed A♦J♠ and Kenney sent his cards into the muck.

That pulls O’Dwyer out of danger with 40.4 million chips -LY

12am: Double for Li
Level 14 – Blinds: 600,000/1.2 million (ante 200,000)

There are now two short stacks on Table 2, belonging to the neighbours Zhou Tong and Shuo Li. They have about 16 million and 18 million respectively.

Li just lost some of his stack to Timothy Adams. He can ill afford to lose much more.

Adams raised to 2.4 million from the button and Tong called from the small blind. They both checked the 2♣3♣5♣ flop, then Tong led 1.8 million at the Q♣ turn.

Adams called, buying a J♠ river. Tong now slowed to a check, but Adams took over. He bet 2.8 million. Tong folded, flashing the Q♦ as he did. — HS

11:55pm: Dvoress flips his way to a nine figure stack
Level 16 – Blinds: 600,000/1.2 million (ante 200,000)

Word on the High Roller poker circuit is that Adrian Mateos flips very well. Not today he doesn’t. He lost a crucial one to bust to Daniel Dvoress just now who has moved past 100 million.


Adrian Mateos: Flipping bad

Bryn Kenney opened proceedings with a raise to 2.6 million from UTG+1. Dvoress flatted from the next seat and then Mateos moved all-in for around 32 million from the big blind. Kenney folded but Dvoress called.

Mateos: 9♣9♦
Dvoress: A♣K♥


Daniel Dvoress: Flipping good

The board ran J♣8♥5♠10♠Q♦ to make Dvoress Broadway. We think he has around 110 million now but it’s tricky to count such a huge pile of plaques.

With 13 players remaining and 11 due to get paid, the tournament has reached the soft bubble stage. — MC

11:50pm: Would it have been bigger without bubble imminent?
Level 16 – Blinds: 600,000/1.2 million (ante 200,000)

With the cash looming large and therefore the bubble too, it is still all to play for. Perhaps that influenced play on one of our final two tables.

Timothy Adams min-raised to 2.4 million from middle postion and only Dietrich Fast showed any interest, with a call from big blind.

The flop came A♣8♣9♥ and Dietrich checked to Adams, who waited 30 seconds before deciding not to continue as the aggressor.

On the Q♣ turn, Fast led with a bet of 4.8 million and again Adams took his time but chose to call this time.

The 3♦ river was a brick but there was still flush and straight combinations out there. Adams elected to just call the 12.5 million bet from Fast on the river.

Despite having top set A♦A♠ he may have figured he wasn’t getting paid by worse. We’ll never know if he missed value as Fast turned over two pair 9♣8♦. -LY

11:45pm: Double for Li
Level 14 – Blinds: 600,000/1.2 million (ante 200,000)

Shuo Li was the short stack before the hand and he’s the short stack still. But that short stack is twice as big as it was a moment ago.

With only 8.1 million left, Li shoved from the cutoff. Shan Huang gave him a spin from the big blind and was way ahead. Huang had A♣9♥ to Li’s Q♣2♦.

Li actually picked up outs all the way as the first four cards ran 3♣6♣5♦J♣ but it was the Q♠ on the river that kept him afloat.

Huang is now down to 19.1 million. — HS

11:30pm: Bleiker doubles Newey
Level 16 – Blinds: 600,000/1.2 million (ante 200,000)

Felix Bleiker chose to limp from the cutoff when the action came unopened to him. It looked too good an opportunity to miss for Paul Newey on the big blind, who only had 7.5 million left. He promptly got it in and Bleiker called. Newey turned over ace-seven and Bleiker needed to hit with his king-jack.

The 4♦6♠2♠A♥6♥ board meant that Newey’s hand held, putting him up to 17 million. -LY

11:25pm: Two pair vs. two pair
Level 16 – Blinds: 600,000/1.2 million (ante 200,000)

It was two pairs all round in a recent hand between Timothy Adams and Dietrich Fast.

The pot was opened by Adams, who made it 2.4 million from early position and Fast called from the big blind. The 3♣J♥Q♠ flop checked through and the K♠ landed on the turn. Fast fired out 4.8 million and Adams made the call.

Both players checked the 10♠ river and it was time for a showdown. Fast opened 10♥3♥ for a rivered two pair, but Adams had him beat with K♥J♠ for a superior two pair.

Adams is up to 56 million, Fast is down to 59 million. –NW

11:20pm: The king is dead, long live the king
Level 16 – Blinds: 600,000/1.2 million (ante 200,000)

Reigning champion Yuan Li has busted meaning they’ll be a new Super High Roller champion this year.

The action folded around to Bryn Kenney in the small blind and he raised. Li was in the big blind and peeled to see a 9♣J♥4♠ flop. Kenney continued for 3.1 million and then snap shoved after Li raised to 8.5 million. Li had around 12 million back and called them off.

Kenney: K♥K♦
Li: J♣3♣

The board ran out 7♥6♥ and Kenney moved up to around 77 million. –MC

11:10pm: Tong shoves and shows
Level 16 – Blinds: 600,000/1.2 million (ante 200,000)

From a stack of just over 15 big blinds Zhou Tong raised to 2.7 million from under the gun and Timothy Adams, who was in the big blind, was his only caller. On the J♠10♠8♥ flop Adams checked and Tong shoved all-in for 14.6 million, which was almost double the size of the pot.

There was no insta anything on the part of Adams, but he flashed 5♥5♠ as he folded. Tong responded in kind, showing K♦Q♦. Had the chips gone in Tong would have been a 51.52 percent to 48.48 percent favourite. –NW

11:05pm: Two table line-ups
Level 16 – Blinds: 600,000/1.2 million (ante 200,000)

Here’s how the last 15 are seated now. Chip counts, over there on the chip-counts page, are accurate(-ish).

Seat Table 1 Table 2
1 Yuan Li Tong Zhou
2 Daniel Dvoress Shuo Li
3 Felix Bleicker JC Alvarado
4 Steve O’Dwyer Dietrich Fast
5 Paul Newey Shan Huang
6 Adrian Mateos Jason Koonn
7 Christian Christner Timothy Adams
8 Bryn Kenney empty

Jc Alvarado knocks out Erik Seidel
Level 16 – Blinds: 600,000/1.2 million (ante 200,000)

We’ve been back from the last break for less than five minutes and Erik Seidel has been eliminated by JC Alvarado.

The hand was opened to 2.6 million from under the gun by Adrian Mateos and both Seidel and Alvarado opted to play from the small and big blinds respectively.

The 5♥J♦3♥ flop appeared not to do anything for any of the three players and was checked all round. Play quickly moved to the turn, which was K♥.


Erik Seidel takes his leave

This seemed to connect better, with Seidel moving all in for his last 11.5 million. After a 30 second tank from Mateos, he folded, leaving Alvarado the last obstacle for Seidel. He couldn’t get it through however and when the cards were turned over, Seidel’s KQ needed a lot of help to get there versus Alvarado’s ace-king.

The 9♦ river was a brick and we are now down to 15 players. As the players were moved to new seating assignments, Alvarado took a very healthy 68 million chips with him. -LY

11pm: Full redraw after Nitsche busts
Level 16 – Blinds: 600,000/1.2 million (ante 200,000)

The final 16 players will redraw onto two tables after Dominik Nitsche was eliminated in 17th place. (Actually, Erik Seidel was also eliminated on another table, so 15 will redraw. Details of that bust to follow.)

Nitsche committed all his chips pre-flop and found a customer in the shape of Felix Bleiker.

Nitsche: A♦7♣
Bleiker: Q♠Q♦


Felix Bleicker ends Dominik Nitsche’s day

Nitsche three-outed Bleiker in the last level to double up but it wasn’t to be this time. The board ran 8♠2♦2♠7♠5♦ and the queens held. Bleiker moved just past the 40 million mark. –MC

10:40pm: Huang just can’t show the bluff
Level 14 – Blinds: 400,000/800,000 (ante 100,000)

The final hand on Table 3 was also a doozy, although I wish I’d seen more of it. All I can tell you is that Erik Seidel and Shan Huang, who would have been big and small blind, respectively, had built a pot of 10.6 million by the time the board had filled: A♠A♥10♠K♠Q♦.

Huang moved all-in, covering Seidel’s 14.2 million back.

Seidel took a moment but folded, prompting all the players from the other tables, who had been sent on break and were watching, to begin goading Huang.

“Show the bluff!” at least three of them said.


Not bluffing: Shan Huang

Huang, ever the showman, especially with millions of dollars of poker riches encouraging him, was clearly tempted. He held his cards tightly in his hands and seemed to be on the verge of giving the spectators what they asked for.

He dragged it out, but then simply couldn’t bring himself to show them a bluff. That’s not to say he wouldn’t show them his cards. Sure he would. It’s just that he had the Q♠J♠ and so had turned a royal flush.

Cue: mayhem. Wonderful Macau mayhem.

That’s now the break. Full stacks for the last 17 are on the chip-count page. — HS

10:40pm: Haxton falls on the last hand of the level
Level 15 – Blinds: 500,000/1 million (ante 100,000)

The break will be a lot longer for Isaac Haxton than he would’ve liked.

He moved his last nine big blinds in from the small blind when the action was checked to him and Felix Bleiker made the call from the big blind.

Haxton: 5♦3♥
Bleiker: 4♣4♦

The board ran 3♣6♦8♥10♥8♣ and the fours held. Bleiker moved up to 31.4 million. –MC

10:35pm: Blind versus blind
Level 15 – Blinds: 500,000/1 million (ante 100,000)

With 18 left, there are six players on each of the three tables. No one wants to bust at this stage and play seems to be mainly made up of small-medium sized pots.

On one table action folded round to Felix Bleiker who made up the small blind. Steve O’Dwyer had nothing more to add, so the two of them went to the flop:


Post flop Bleiker made it 1.1 million to call and O’Dwyer obliged.

It was a 4♦ turn and this time Bleiker cranked it up with a bet of 4.2 million. This was enough to push O’Dwyer off. He folded pretty quickly. -LY

10:25pm: Fast leapfrogs Mateos
Level 15 – Blinds: 500,000/1 million (ante 100,000)

It’s been action, action, action over on Table 3 during Level 15 and another big pot just occurred with Dietrich Fast facing off against Adrian Mateos.

Fast raised to 2.2 million from UTG+1, Mateos three-bet to 8.6 million from the small blind and Fast was going nowhere.

On the 2♠Q♠6♣ flop Mateos c-bet 6 million and Fast called. The betting lead changed hands on the 7♦ turn as Mateos check-called a bet of 7 million.

There was no further betting on the 4♠ river and Fast’s K♦Q♦ was the winner at showdown.

He’s up to 67 million, while Mateos is down to 44.5 million. –NW

10:20pm: Haxton short
Level 15 – Blinds: 500,000/1 million (ante 100,000)

Isaac Haxton has 12 big blinds to play with after folding on the river in a big hand versus Daniel Dvoress.

The latter opened to 2 million from the cutoff and time-bank-called after Haxton three-bet to 7.4 million out of the big blind. The flop fell K♣5♥9♦ and Haxton led for 3.6 million. Call.

On the 7♥ turn, Haxton checked and Dvoress bet 7.2 million. Haxton called. The A♦ completed the board and Dvoress set Haxton all-in when the action was checked to him.

Haxton folded and then stared at Dvoress who opened the 8♠ and smiled. Haxton continued to stare but with a lot more intensity. That big win put Dvoress up to around 62 million. –MC

10:15pm: Ye Zhang sent to the rail
Level 15 – Blinds: 500,000/1 million (ante 100,000)

After successfully shipping all-in the previous hand and taking the pot down pre-flop, Ye Zhang couldn’t get it through a second time.

He moved all-in for 16.3 million under the gun with a pair of jacks and was racing Christian Christner’s ace-queen. Zhang couldn’t dodge the two over-cards as Christner hit. Zhang was knocked out; he finished in 19th place.

Christner has chipped up to around 55 million with 18 players left. -LY

10:10pm: Double Dom
Level 15 – Blinds: 500,000/ 1million (ante 100,000)

Dominik Nitsche had to rely on the deck to help him out. It did and he doubled his 9.2 million stack.

The action folded to him on the button and he made his move. Felix Bleiker was in the big blind and made the call.

Bleiker: A♣6♦

Nitsche: K♥6♥

Nitsche threw the king a little further forward as sort of a request and it worked as the board ran 10♣7♣J♥K♠9♥. Bleiker dropped to 20 million. –MC

10pm: Alvarado wins a big pot against Seidel
Level 15 – Blinds: 500,000/1,000,000 (ante 100,000)

JC Alvarado has crossed the 50 million mark after getting the better of Erik Seidel in a chunky pot.

Alvarado was first into the pot, raising to 2.1 million from early position and picked up a call from Shan Huang in the small blind. Seidel cut out raising plaques and made it 8 million total to play. Alvarado was the only caller.

At this point Seidel had about 37.5 million behind and Alvarado was the effective stack with 24.5 million left.

On the 8♠K♥10♦ flop, Seidel c-bet 6.6 million and Alvarado again called. The 2♣ fell on fourth street and Seidel led again. He bet 8.5 million, but instantly folded when Alvarado shoved for his remaining 18 million.

After that pot Alvarado is up to 64.3 million and Seidel is down to 22.4 million. –NW

9:55pm: Tong doubles through Dvoress
Level 15 – Blinds: 500,000/1,000,000 (ante 100,000)

Zhou Tong was the start of day chip leader, but he recently found himself down to just 11 big blinds. He did what most people do with that stack size and shoved all-in. His bet of 10.9 million came after Daniel Dvoress had opened to 1.6 million. The Canadian got a count of Tong’s shove, gave it some serious thought and then called.

Tong: 10♣10♥
Dvoress: A♥9♠

The 8♥8♠7♥3♥5♠ kept Tong in front and he doubled to around 23 million, Dvoress still has a healthy stack of some 42 million. –NW

9:45pm: Mateos continues to build
Level 14 – Blinds: 400,000/800,000 (ante 100,000)

Only a couple of hands after eliminating Fedor Holz, Adrian Mateos found himself in another decent pot. This time it was Steve O’Dwyer in the fight for chips.

It is unclear how the action went preflop but on the on the 6♦6♠10♠ flop, O’Dwyer checked, Mateos bet 1.6 million in position and O’Dwyer called.

The turn card came 2♥ and again O’Dwyer check-called Mateos’s 4.6 million bet.

The 7♣ river saw both players slow down, with a check apiece.

When the cards were turned over, O’Dwyer had made the correct call with 2♠5♠, a pair of deuces with a flush draw on the turn, but the seven had hit for Mateos on the river. He had 8♠7♠.

As it happens, O’Dwyer is probably lucky he missed his flush. He smiled as the chips were passed to Mateos, who now has more than 40 million. — LY

9:40pm: Koon draws level with Christner
Level 14 – Blinds: 400,000/800,000 (ante 100,000)

Jason Koon and Christian Christner both have around 32 million after the former won a pot off the latter.

The action was three way to a 10♠5♣8♣ flop and Koon bet 2.3 million when the action was checked to him in the hijack. Christner was the only caller from the big blind. The 7♦Q♥ turn and river were checked through and Koon’s K♣10♣ bettered Christner’s 8♥6♦. –MC

9:35pm: Mateos eliminates Holz
Level 14 – Blinds: 400,000/800,000 (ante 100,000)

Fedor Holz has been looking for a spot to get it in and when action came to him unopened, he shipped his remaining 7.1 million. Adrian Mateos called in the blinds and he had the best of it, meaning Holz had to hit in order to keep his sensational lifetime run alive.

Holz: Q♥10♦
Mateos: A♦7♣

Sadly for Holz, his time in the Super High Roller has come to an end, as the highest pair hit by either player was a seven for Mateos. As Holz stood up, Mateos added the chips to his stack, which now stands at around 36 million. -LY

9:30pm: How do you like those (Adams) apples?
Level 14 – Blinds: 400,000/800,000 (ante 100,000)

A big pot just went down between Timothy Adams and Shuo Li, one that ended with an all-in. It started with a raise to 2 million from Li, Adams had to peer around the dealer to see how much Li was playing and once he’d established that he three-bet to 5.8 million. Call from Li.

The dealer fanned a 10♥6♦4♥ flop and Li led out with a stack of 100k chips. Adams looked perplexed at this, the dealer cut down the chips and Li’s bet was 4 million on the nose and it’s a bet that Adams called. On the 6♥ turn Li checked and Adams set him all-in. It was a bet of an effective 20 million, Li couldn’t call and sent his cards into the muck. Adams is up to 53.5 million. –NW

9:20pm: Chinese fortune came true for Huang
Level 14 – Blinds: 400,000/800,000 (ante 100,000)

Shan Huang was in the big blind and when he realised he had 18.8 million, he started goading his opponents into action. “Come on!” he said. “One-eight-eight: Chinese lucky fortune number!”

JC Alvarado opened to 1.7 million and was called by Dietrich Fast before Huang squeezed all-in for 18.8 million.

“I told you!” chuckled Huang. “Chinese lucky fortune number, I have to keep my word.”

Alvarado folded and Fast went into the tank. “Take your time, think about it,” a line Huang said to the German that caused the rest of the table to laugh.

“Please can you stop talking?” requested Fast before calling ten seconds later.

Huang had actually woke up with a hand and tabled J♥J♦. Fast opened 7♣7♦ but couldn’t find a third seven on a board that ran Q♦8♠10♠A♦Q♥. Fast dropped to around 51 million. — MC

9:10pm: Li on a tear
Level 14 – Blinds: 400,000/800,000 (ante 100,000)

It’s been a great 30 minutes for Yuan Li. First the defending champion in this event eliminated Mike Watson (see 9:02pm update) and he’s just won a decent sized pot against Timothy Adams.

Pre-flop Li opened to 1.7 million from the button and Adams came along from the big blind. On the 4♣J♥2♠ flop Li c-bet 1.6 million, Adams check-raised to 4.7 million and Li made the call. The A♦ fell on the turn and Adams waved the white flag. He check-folded to Li’s bet of 6.2 million.


Good times for Yuan Li

A short while later Li three-bet with aces and won that pot too. He’s now cruising with a stack of 49 million. –NW

9:06pm: Dvoress closing in on Fast
Level 14 – Blinds: 400,000/800,000 (ante 100,000)

Here’s an enormous pot to report, putting Daniel Dvoress over the 60 million mark and closing in on Dietrich Fast. It was Fast’s countryman Dominik Nitsche who got the rough end of this one.

It looked like a simple case of raise/call from Nitsche in early position and Dvoress, on the button. Then they saw a flop of 9♣Q♣10♠. Nitsche checked, Dvoress bet 2.6 million, and Nitsche called.

The turn brought the 3♣ and Nitsche checked again. Dvoress barrelled again, for 6.2 million, and Nitsche called.

The K♥ completed the board and Nitsche checked instantly. This was a good bit of time-bank pressuring from Nitsche, who gave Dvoress precisely 30 seconds to make up his mind. (Nitsche used up none of his own time.)


Massive stack for Daniel Dvoress

Dvoress ran through that 30 seconds as he pondered his move, then moved all of his plaques and almost all of his chips forward. Seemingly accidentally, Dvoress had left one 100,000 chip behind the line. So he had actually bet 20.9 million rather than his full 21 million remaining.

Nitsche noticed the stray chip, and responded by saying that he was all-in, just to get that last chip in the middle. That brought a pause in the action because Dvoress couldn’t figure out why Nitsche hadn’t shown his cards. Then the dealer pointed out the 100,000 chip, Dvoress tossed it in and they both showed their hands.

This was cool. Nitsche’s 2♣4♣ was not as good as Dvoress’s 10♣7♣. It meant that Dvoress scored a huge double while Nitsche in on the ropes.

“That wasn’t a slow-roll,” Dvoress said, apologising for what may have seemed like a weird pause after Nitsche’s tiny shove. Nitsche clearly knew it and there was no hard feelings.

Just a few licking of wounds as he looks to bounce back. — HS

9:05pm: Smith falls to Bleiker
Level 14 – Blinds: 400,000/800,000 (ante 100,000)

Note to all remaining players: fold ace-eight in your quest to double up. It did for Nick Petrangelo and now its done for Dan Smith too.

He three-bet all-in for 3.7 million after Felix Bleiker had opened to 1.7 million. Call.

Bleiker: Q♠Q♥
Smith: A♣8♣

The board ran 9♠K♠7♦8♥5♦ to see the queens hold. That put Bleiker up 22.5 million. –MC

9:02pm: Watson sent to the rail
Level 14 – Blinds: 400,000/800,000 (ante 100,000)

From under-the-gun Mike Watson moved all-in for exactly 8 million, one by one the players folded and it looked like he was going to add 25% to his stack. That is until it reached Yuan Li in the big blind. The reigning champion looked down at K♥K♦ and made the auto call.

Watson showed A♦10♥ and needed help. The J♣K♣5♥ flop improved his opponent but did give him a gutshot straight draw. The J♦ turn left Watson drawing dead and just to rub it in he hit the Q♦ on the river to improve to a straight. He exits then, whilst Li is up to 38 million. –NW

9pm: Newey continues to build after being down to the felt
Level 14 – Blinds: 400,000/800,000 (ante 100,000)

It’s been an incredible comeback for Paul Newey. Players have just returned from the break and he continues to build after having just 1.5 big blinds not so long ago.

This time he opened to 1.7 million from under the gun and no one seemed interested until a call from Dan Smith who was sat in the big blind.

The flop came 7♣7♦2♦ and Newey didn’t hesitate to continue betting when Smith checked to him. He made it 2.1m and Smith called after thinking for 30 seconds.

The turn was 8♥ and Newey continued his assault, this time betting 8 million, which was just over half his remaining stack. This priced out Smith who folded pretty sharpish.

Rather than leave him pondering if he was correct to fold, Newey showed his pair of kings and collected a nice addition to his stack. He is now sitting on 24 million. -LY

8:55pm: O’Dwyer trips up Petrangelo
Level 14 – Blinds: 400,000/800,000 (ante 100,000)

“Good luck!” Nick Petrangelo said to his table after he busted to Steve O’Dwyer. Luck is something that has deserted Petrangelo since his high point above 30 million a few hours ago.

In Petrangelo’s last hand, O’Dwyer opened to 1.7 million from UTG+1 and then called Petrangelo’s 4.1 million shove from the hijack.

O’Dwyer: A♥10♦
Petrangelo: A♠8♠

The board ran 6♥5♦10♠10♥3♥ to make O’Dwyer trips. He moved up to 29.7 million. –MC

8:50pm: Kings are good for Mateos
Level 14 – Blinds: 400,000/800,000 (ante 100,000)

On the first hand back from the dinner break Adrian Mateos doubled through Fedor Holz. The original raiser was Steve O’Dwyer though, he opened to 1.7 million, Holz flat called and Mateos then shoved for 13.5 million total. O’Dwyer ducked out the way but Holz had enough of a hand to call.

Mateos: K♣K♠
Holz: A♦Q♥

The 7♥9♦3♣J♣9♣ run out meant the cowboys stood strong, Mateos is up to 29.5 million and Holz is down to 16.2 million. –NW

8:45pm: Play resumes
Level 14 – Blinds: 400,000/800,000 (ante 100,000)

Right on time play is back under way, any stragglers are going to miss a hand or more. –NW

7:45pm: Dinner!

Just before the last break, Nick Petrangelo won a huge pot to fly near the summit of the counts. But just before the dinner break, he lost a massive pot to slump to the foot of the leader board.

There are 23 players left heading to a 60-minute dinner break. The full stacks are on the chip-count page. Here are the top 10:

Name Country Chips
Dietrich Fast Germany 68,800,000
Timothy Adams Canada 49,500,000
Erik Seidel USA 45,500,000
Bryn Kenney USA 39,700,000
Dominik Nitsche Germany 39,000,000
Jason Koon USA 36,000,000
JC Alvarado Mexico 35,500,000
Shuo Li China 35,400,000
Fedor Holz Germany 29,700,000
Daniel Dvoress Canada 29,500,000

7:40pm: Seidel doubles through just before dinner
Level 13 – Blinds: 300,000/600,000 (ante 50,000)

It’s going to be a decent dinner break for Erik Seidel, as he doubled through Nick Petrangelo on the final hand of the level. Petrangelo raised to 1.4 million from the button and Seidel called from the big blind. On the 8♣2♥2♦ flop, Seidel checked, Petrangelo bet 1 million, Seidel check-raised to 3 million and Petrangelo called.

The 10♥ fell on the turn, Seidel bet 5 million and again Petrangelo stuck around. The 4♣ fell on fifth street and Seidel shoved for 13.15 million. Petrangelo asked for a count and went deep into the think tank before calling. Seidel showed A♦2♠, which was ahead of Petrangelo’s 10♦8♠. That double sends Seidel up to 45.5 million and drops Petrangelo down to 4.4 million. –NW

7:36pm: Adams doubles through Christner
Level 13 – Blinds: 300,000/600,000 (ante 50,000)

As play started to wind down leading up to the dinner break, Timothy Adams and Christian Christner got into a late-position battle.

Adams made it 1.3 million on the cutoff and faced an immediate three-bet from Christner on the button, who made it 4.2 million to call. Not to be put off, Adams didn’t take long before he announced he was all-in and was joined by Christner who appeared to like his hand just as much.

The cards were turned over and Adams was a long way ahead.

Adams Q♦Q♣
Christner 10♥10♣

The board came out 2♣6♣J♦8♥2♥ and the queens held. Adams had around average stack at the start of the hand and now has a very nice 50 million to play with coming back from the dinner break.

Christner’s fortunes have fluctuated dramatically in the past couple of levels and he’s coming back with 21 million. -LY


Christian Christner: Up then down

7:35pm: Newey’s comeback is real
Level 13 – Blinds: 300,000/600,000 (ante 50,000)

What’s more exquisite that exquisite? I’d like to know as this timing from Paul Newey was even more exquisiter than his last double up.

Felix Bleiker opened to 1.3 million from the button before Dan Smith moved all-in from the small blind and Newey called all-in for 7.6 million from the big blind. Bleiker folded.

Smith: Q♥10♥
Newey: A♥Q♦

The board ran 8♦A♣7♠K♥6♦ to pair Newey’s ace. Smith dropped to 8.4 million. –MC

7:31pm: Vogelsang flushed by Kenney
Level 13 – Blinds: 300,000/600,000 (ante 50,000)

I only caught the very end of this hand, by which stage Christoph Vogelsang’s cards were already in the muck and he was collecting his belongings in preparation to leave. Bryn Kenney’s hand – A♦K♠ – was still visible though, as was the 8♥4♠3♠10♠6♠ board. Kenney told us that Vogelsang had pocket eights. A runner-runner-runner-runner outdraw then! Kenney is up to 42 million. –NW


Bryn Kenney: Flushes out Vogelsang

7:30pm: The final three tables
Level 13 – Blinds: 300,000/600,000 (ante 50,000)

Play is back under way again and this is how the final three tables shape up:

Seat Table 1 Table 2 Table 3
1 Timothy Adams Dominik Nitsche Erik Seidel
2 Christian Christner Ike Haxton Adrian Mateos
3 Christoph Vogelsang Felix Bleiker JC Alvarado
4 Bryn Kenney Dan Smith Dietrich Fast
5 Ye Zhang Paul Newey Steve O’Dwyer
6 Jason Koon Daniel Dvoress Fedor Holz
7 Yuan Li Shuo Li Nick Petrangelo
8 Mike Watson Zhou Tong Shan Huang

7:30pm: Unstoppable Fast
Level 13 – Blinds: 300,000/600,000 (ante 50,000)

Dietrich Fast is in the zone. He can’t lose. Fast now has 73 million in his stack, having just won a pot from Jason Koon.

Koon opted to call Fast’s hijack open from the big blind (it was 1.4 million) and the two biggest stacks at the table saw the 3♠10♦8♥ flop. Koon checked, Fast bet 1.1 million and Koon check-raised to 3.9 million.

Fast’s call brought the K♦ on the turn. They both checked.

The board completed with the 3♥ and Koon checked. Fast bet 8.5 million and, after spending a time-bank chip, Koon folded.

Koon still has 27 million, but will no doubt be delighted to see the table break and Fast head in different direction. — HS

7:28pm: Short stacks making a move
Level 13 – Blinds: 300,000/600,000 (ante 50,000)

With play down to six-handed on most tables, the short stacks have been feeling the pressure and many have been looking to get their chips in.

This time is was Adrian Mateos’s turn. Erik Seidel opened to 1.3 million from under the gun and Mateos three-bet for around 12.5 million, or just over 20 big blinds.

This gave Shan Huang some trouble as he got to his feet, thinking hard. After going into the tank for some time, he finally decided to pass and Seidel quickly followed suit. Huang looked disappointed and said to Seidel that he would have called the all in if he knew Seidel would fold behind.

None of this mattered to Mateos, who added a much needed 2.5 million to his stack, bringing him up to 15 million. — LY

7:25pm: Exquisite timing sees Newey double
Level 13 – Blinds: 300,000/600,000 (ante 50,000)

Don’t count Paul Newey out of this one yet. He just doubled through Issac Haxton and then shoved on him moments later to pass 7 million. Haxton raised into Newey’s big blind and called after the latter moved all-in for 2.475 million.

Newey: K♣10♦
Haxton: 10♠4♠

The board ran 2♦A♥8♦3♦Q♦ and Newey’s hand held.

Not long after, Haxton opened again but folded when Newey three-bet all-in for 5.87 million. –MC

7:20pm: Kitson Kho KO’d
Level 13 – Blinds: 300,000/600,000 (ante 50,000)

We’re down to the final three tables in the Super High Roller and it was Steve O’Dwyer who’s taken us there. He three-bet to 3.3 million over the top of JC Alvarado’s opening raise, and was priced in when Kitson Kho shoved for 4.325 million.

Kho: A♦J♦
O’Dwyer: J♥9♥

The J♣10♥4♥ flop gave O’Dwyer a flush draw, which completed on the 8♥ turn. Kho was drawing dead before the 7♣ river appeared. There’s no redraw at this stage, just the breaking of the highest numbered table.


Kitson Kho: out

That happens to be the table with Dietrich Fast and Fedor Holz on, it’ll be interesting to see where they end up. –NW

7:15pm: Haxton overtakes Smith
Level 13 – Blinds: 300,000/600,000 (ante 50,000)

Isaac Haxton has overtaken Dan Smith by virtue of winning a heads-up pot against him. Haxton moved up to 25.5 million and Smith dropped to 22.2 million.

Smith opened to 1.3 million from under the gun and was only called by Haxton in the small blind. The flop fanned 3♣J♦Q♣ and Haxton led for 1.2 million.

Smith called and both players checked the 3♠ turn. Haxton led for another 1.3 million on the 3♥ river and Smith called but mucked upon seeing Haxton’s A♦J♣. –MC

7:10pm: Seidel spikes a set
Level 12 – Blinds: 300,000/600,000 (ante 50,000)

Would you rather be lucky or good? If you’re Erik Seidel you don’t need to choose. He three-bet all-in for 12.2 million with pocket sevens and Shan Huang – who had raised to 1.3 million – called with pocket queens.

The A♣6♥8♣ flop was of no help to Seidel, but the 7♣ turn gave him a lifeline, which he clung onto when the 10♣ completed the board.

He’s up to 25,300,000 and Huang is down to 17.6 million. Fedor Holz had wandered over from his table and Huang simply pointed at the cards on the table, shrugged and said: “Pre-flop.” –NW

7:05pm: Newey moves all in
Level 12 – Blinds: 200,000/400,000 (ante 50,000)

It really was last chance saloon for Paul Newey who was down to just one and a half big blinds. Acting under the gun, he placed his 975,000 all in and had nothing further to do but wait.

Shuo Li three-bet to 3 million from the hijack, which got everyone got out of the way until Felix Bleiker decided to isolate, with a whopping 25 million cold four-bet jam from the small blind.

It looked for a moment as if we could see a multi-way all in situation, as Dan Smith faced a difficult situation on the big blind. It was so difficult in fact that he timed down most of the clock while rubbing his head before giving up, meaning the action was back on Li.

Li decided that 25 million was too expensive and folded. Newey and Bleiker quickly turned their cards over:

Paul Newey 10♠9♠
Felix Bleiker A♦J♦

The flop helped Newey. It came 2♥10♥6♣ and the hand was locked up with the second ten 10♣ on the turn, which made the 5♠ river redundant.

Newey quadrupled to 4 million, around 7 big blinds and had to put one of those in on the big blind the very next hand. Meanwhile Bleiker added a couple of million to his stack taking him to around 27 million.-LY

7pm: Fast setting the pace
Level 12 – Blinds: 300,000/600,000 (ante 50,000)

There’s no stopping Dietrich Fast. Even Fedor Holz couldn’t manage to stem the flow of chips to the chip leader.

They just played a interesting pot together, in which Fast raised to 1.3 million from the cutoff, Holz then three-bet to 3.9 million from the button and Fast called.

The two Germans were the top stacks at their table, with Holz the effective stack with around 35 million. So, this pot had the potential to become very big indeed.

The dealer fanned a K♦5♦J♥ flop and Fast check-called a bet of 4.9 million. The 2♦4♦ turn and river checked through and Fast’s A♠10♦ was the winner. “I had a good hand,” said Holz to the other players at the table as he mucked.

That pot takes Fast to over 70 million, while Holz slips to 30 million. –NW

6:55pm: Seidel stacks Jin
Level 12 – Blinds: 300,000/600,000 (ante 50,000)

Yinfeng Jin is out, and she busted in unfortunate circumstances.

She got her final six big blinds in the middle holiding pocket kings and found herself up against Erik Seidel’s A♣Q♥. An ace on the flop gave Seidel the lead and there was no help for Jin on the turn or river and she exits the tournament.

Seidel is up to 14.2 million. –NW

6:50pm: Fielding calls
Level 13 – Blinds: 300,000/600,000 (ante 50,000)

There was a lot of calling in this hand, of more than one variety. It began with a phone call coming into Yinfeng Jin and she took it, even though she had already posted her big blind.

The dealer made a couple of half-hearted attempts to alert her to the fact that she wasn’t supposed to be taking calls with a live hand, but to no avail. It meant that when JC Alvarado opened his button, Jin was still on the call and still had cards.

She hung up the phone call, double checked the action with the dealer, then called (in a poker sense).

This was, in reality, a bit of a rule breach but nobody seemed to mind too much and certainly nobody called the floor. Despite the buy in, the Super High Roller tournaments are often as relaxed as a home game.

Anyway, the flop fell 10♠6♣J♠ and both Jin and Alvarado checked.

The turn was the 4♥ and Jin checked again. Alvarado bet 500,000. Jin called.

But then there was another call. Whoever had been speaking to Jin moments ago (or maybe someone else) phoned her up again, which meant her phone began ringing from the table to her right.

It rang and rang. Jin did not pick up. But then Zhou Tong came over from the neighbouring table, and touched Jin on the shoulder, alerting her to her phone. It was an innocent mistake from Tong, who hadn’t realised Jin was in a hand. She shooed him away.

Back to the hand, the J♦ came on the river and Jin checked. Alvarado now bet 1.6 million.

Jin called, Alvarado turned over Q♥10♣ and Jin mucked. That left her with only 3.3 million left. — HS

6.48pm: Nearly time for food
Level 13 – Blinds: 300,000/600,000 (ante 50,000)

They’re into Level 13 now, the last before a 60-minute dinner break. — HS

6:45pm: Two in a row for Mateos
Level 12 – Blinds: 200,000/400,000 (ante 50,000)

Shan Huang is getting a touch frustrated and its Adrian Mateos who’s got him a riled up. The Spaniard has done nothing wrong, he’s just bullied Huang off a couple of pots in quick succession.

In the first Huang opened to 850,000 and Mateos three-bet to 2.6 million. Huang didn’t think for too long before releasing his cards. One hand later Mateos repeated the trick. Again Huang made it 850,000 to play, but this time Mateos moved all-in.

It was 11.375 million total to Huang and he picked up a blue 10 million chip plaque and a green 1 million chip plaque and separated them from his stack. He had the calling chips – well plaques – at the ready but eventually he angrily mucked and the pot went to Mateos.

After those skirmishes Huang is down to 32.75 million. –NW

6:43pm: Clash of the monsters
Level 12 – Blinds: 200,000/400,000 (ante 50,000)

By the time the team reached the table, the cards were dealt and chips were being counted.

Unfortunately for Christoph Vogelsang, he was on the wrong side of the cooler this time, running queens into Christian Christner’s aces.

Christoph Vogelsang Q♦Q♠
Christian Christner A♠A♣

The flop came: J♠A♥7♠K♠J♥

Christner’s aces held this time and he has won a hefty pot of around 35 million, well above average stack. Meanwhile Vogelsang has some work to do to repair the damage to his stack, which now sits around 14.5 million. – LY

6:40pm: Fast streaks clear of the field
Level 12 – Blinds: 200,000/400,000 (ante 50,000)

Dietrich Fast has moved clear at the top of the counts with 62.5 million after he won a big pot off defending champion, Yuan Li.

Around 24 million was already in the middle before Li bet 8.8million with a board reading 7♥5♠2♣4♦. Fast called and both players checked the K♣ river. Li opened A♦Q♦ for a bluff, losing out to Fast’s J♥J♦. Li dropped to 16.5 million. –MC


Dietrich Fast: Flying

6:35pm: Watson’s value check
Level 12 – Blinds: 200,000/400,000 (ante 50,000)

When you figure you’ve by far the best hand it’s not always a case of trying to play for stacks, but about figuring out what that max value is and how you can go about extracting it. These Super High Rollers, not surprisingly, are very adept at that, and Mike Watson just executed a perfect two-streets-of-value-extraction against Christoph Vogelsang.

We’ll reveal Watson’s hand now – it was 9♥9♦. He raised to 900,000 from the cutoff and Vogelsang defended from the small blind. The 2♥6♦9♠ flop was gin for Watson, but he didn’t bet it, instead he checked behind and the Q♣ fell on the turn. Again Vogelsang checked and this time Watson did go for value, he bet 1.3 million (just over half pot) and Vogelsang stuck around.

The J♣ river completed the backdoor straight draw but it didn’t stop Watson from betting again. He doubled his turn bet and fired out 2.6 million, a bet that Vogelsang called. Watson turned his hand over and Vogelsang mucked. Some cute play from Watson means he’s up to 18.6 million and Vogelsang is down to 32 million. –NW

6:30pm: Koon lays in wait for Kho
Level 12 – Blinds: 200,000/400,000 (ante 50,000)

It’s been quite a ride, but Zhou Tong is now down to the 8 million chips he started with yesterday after trying to exact revenge on Fedor Holz but finding Jason Koon ready to punish him.

Holz opened to 900,000 from UTG+1 and Tong three-bet one seat along, putting 2.5 over the line. Action folded to Koon in the small blind and he four-bet to 8.1 million.


Tough times for Tong

Holz folded swiftly, but for a moment it looked as though Tong may be preparing to call. But he didn’t. Instead, he showed Holz what he had as he passed and Koon said he wanted to see.

Tong showed 6♠7♠, which probably represented a smart fold. — HS

6:25pm: Rush to the door gathers Moss
Level 12 – Blinds: 200,000/400,000 (ante 50,000)

What must be a huge cash game has got under way here at PokerStars LIVE! Macau, in which Sergio Aido, Justin Bonomo, Mikita Badziakouski and Ben Lamb are presently seated. There must be a chance that Matt Moss will join them as the high-stakes cash-game regular has just busted the Super High Roller tournament.

Moss jammed his small stack out of the small blind, but Dominik Nitsche called behind him in the big with A♣10♥. The board didn’t have either an ace or a ten on it, nor any straight cards, but Nitsche took it with ace high.

This is a roundabout way of admitting that I didn’t see what Moss had. — HS

6:20pm: Holz gets revenge on Tong by Fedoring him
Level 12 – Blinds: 200,000/400,000 (ante 50,000)

It’s hard to keep Fedor Holz down for too long. He stopped the recent rot by getting lucky to double through overnight chip leader, Zhou Tong.

Holz raised to 800,000 off the button and called after Tong three-bet to 2.7million from the small blind. The flop fell 9♣J♣5♦ and Tong continued for 10 million.

Holz looked at his opponent and said “Okay” twice before moving in for 13.55 million. Tong called the extra and opened A♠A♣. Holz was in bad shape with 10♥J♥ but found a way out of it as the board ran out 7♦8♦ to make him a straight.

Tong dropped to around 10 million. –MC

6:15pm: Action continues after break
Level 12 – Blinds: 200,000/400,000 (ante 50,000)

As Level 12 got under way, Dan Smith opened on the cutoff for a min raise of 800,000 only to have Daniel Dvoress claim his position by flatting on the button.

The two alone saw the flop of Q♣3♦Q♥

It was a paired board and Smith checked it to Dvoress who didn’t need much encouragement to take the aggressive line. He matched Smith’s pre-flop open with a bet of 900,000. Smith wasn’t about to give up just yet though and came along for the ride.

It was a very bricky 2♣ turn and again Smith elected to check to Dvoress, who thought for about half the clock before making a much larger bet of 3.5 million.

Smith decided it was too pricey this time and Dvoress took it down. -LY

6:10pm: Li’s turn to hammer Holz
Level 12 – Blinds: 200,000/400,000 (ante 50,000)

There are three Asian players on Fedor Holz’s table and, one by one, they have each taken turns in bullying the poor best-player-in-the-world.

After Zhou Tong and Quan Zhou both beat Holz out of pots (see 5:55pm and 6pm, respectively) Yuan Li just had a stab. This one went: raise to 900,000 from Li on the button, three-bet to 3.4 million from Holz in the big blind, shove for the 16 million left in Holz’s stack. (Li had comfortably more.)

Holz folded, preserving what he had. Li is also now closing in on 40 million. — HS

6:05pm: Mike must be mad, dog
Level 12 – Blinds: 200,000/400,000 (ante 50,000)

It’s been a bad ten minutes for Mike Watson. He got squeezed off two hands pre flop, then had to fold on the river in versus Bryn Kenney to drop to 13.65 million. Oh, and he used up two time bank chips as well.

The big hand against Kenney saw him open to 900,000 from UTG+1. Kenney called from the small blind to see a J♦6♣10♣ flop where he check-raised Watson’s 1.2 million c-bet up to 4.075 million.

Watson called and did so for another 4.65 million on the Q♥ turn. The A♣ came on the river and Kenney set Watson all-in.

The Canadian used two time-bank chips before admitting defeat with a fold. Kenney rose to around 43 million. –MC

6pm: Zhou halts Holz
Level 12 – Blinds: 200,000/400,000 (ante 50,000)

Quan Zhou, the man who heroically burst the WSOP Main Event bubble this summer with such style, is proving once again how fearless he can be. He just went at it with Fedor Holz and got the German wunderkind to lay down a big hand.

It began with a raise to 900,000 from Holz in the hijack, then a three-bet to 2.1 million from Zhou on the button. Holz called.

They both checked the flop of 10♠6♠A♦ and then Holz led for 1.1 million after the 10♦ turn. Zhou called.

The K♣ completed the board and Holz checked. Zhou moved all-in for 4.075 million.

Holz seemed pained. So much so that he showed the A♠Q♠ as he folded. Zhou flahsed only one card: J♥.

Zhou now has 12.5 million and Holz has 20 million. — HS

5:55pm: Don’t mess with Tong
Level 12 – Blinds: 200,000/400,000 (ante 50,000)

If Fedor Holz was betting for information, he swiftly received the answer in a hand he played against Zhou Tong. It was a three-bet pre-flop pot with Holz raising to 800,000 and then calling, after Tong had upped the ante to 2.3 million.

On the 5♣8♣A♥ flop Holz checked, Tong c-bet 3.2 million and Holz check-raised to 6.5 million in total. It didn’t take Tong too long to plonk his stack of approximately 23 million over the line.

Holz folded even faster, he’s down to 23 million and Tong is up to 34 million. –NW

5:40pm: Break time over
Level 12 – Blinds: 200,000/400,000 (ante 50,000)

Players have returned to their seats and we’ll play another two levels before a dinner break. There are 31 still in contention and the plan is to play to a final tonight. Here’s the top 10 stacks:

Name Country Chips
Christoph Vogelsang Germany 40,000,000
Yuan Li China 37,000,000
Dietrich Fast Germany 36,500,000
JC Alvarado Mexico 33,100,000
Fedor Holz Germany 33,000,000
Bryn Kenney USA 32,450,000
Jason Koon USA 31,500,000
Dominik Nitsche Germany 31,000,000
Daniel Dvoress Canada 30,500,000
Shuo Li China 29,000,000


Christoph Vogelsang: There’s a chip leader under there

Full stacks are on the chip-count page.

5:20pm: Break time

That’s the end of Level 11 and the second break of the day. Players are taking a 15-minute breather and we’ll count their chips. — HS

5:20pm: Dvoress pushes Li out
Level 11 – Blinds: 150,000/300,000 (ante 50,000)

It was one of those hands that ate into the break slightly, but it was worth sticking around, especially for Daniel Dvoress. The Canadian heads for his truncated interval knowing he’ll return to 30.5 million.

Dan Smith started action with a raise to 650,000 under the gun. Dvoress three-bet to 2.1 million from the hijack and then Shuo Li four-bet to 4.2 million.

Smith, with 11.5 million behind, folded. But Dvoress stuck around to the 7♥9♠9♥ flop. Dvoress checked, but he was plotting something. We know this because after Li bet 5 million, Dvoress (taking a time-bank chip) jammed for around 18 million.

Li reluctantly flicked his cards away. He still has about 19 million, but has now yielded the table chip lead. — HS

5:15pm: No laughing matter
Level 11 – Blinds: 150,000/300,000 (ante 50,000)

Steve O’Dwyer opened to 700,000 from the cutoff but must have known that wasn’t getting through unchallenged. Kitson Kho called on the button and then Shan Huang defended his small blind with a three-bet to 2.7 million.

O’Dwyer called, but Kho folded.

The flop fell 8♣3♣K♦ and Huang led for 3.3 million, prompting a swift fold from O’Dwyer.

Huang then launched into a usual post-pot chit-chat, and although it was out of earshot, it was clearly bloody funny. O’Dwyer and JC Alvarado were properly chuckling at Huang’s antics. He is absolutely terrific fun at the tables.


Steve O’Dwyer: Entertained

Huang also has 33 million to play with, which is no laughing matter. O’Dwyer has around 16 million, but Alvarado’s 38 million is top. — HS

5:10pm: Koon takes out Andress with bigger straight
Level 11- Blinds: 150,000/300,000 (ante 50,000)

The short-stacked John Andress made a straight in a three-way pot but, unfortunately for him, Jason Koon was lying in wait with a bigger straight, and took him out.

The turn was out and the board read 8♦7♦6♥10♣. Yuan Li led for 450,000 from the small blind before Andress raised to 1.3 million from the next seat. Koon was on the button and flat called, which was enough to scare off Li.

The A♠ completed the board and Andress check-called all-in for 7.5million. Koon opened J♣9♦ for the nut straight and moved up to 29.5 million. –MC

5pm: Vogelsang’s swingy day continues
Level 11 – Blinds: 150,000/0,000 (ante 40,000)

In the past two levels Christoph Vogelsang has fortuitously won a big pot to assume the chip lead (see 4:12pm post) and been very unlucky in a big pot to lose the chip lead (see 4:33pm post). Now, he’s just bounced back to the top of the chip charts after winning a sizeable pot against Timothy Adams.

It was Adams who was first into the pot, he opened to 725,000 from the button. Vogelsang three-bet to 3.4 million from the big blind and Adams called. The 8♠9♦Q♠ flop looked ‘actiony’ but Vogelsang gave up the betting lead. He checked to Adams who bet 2.4 million. Call from Vogelsang.

The 5♥ hit the turn and Vogelsang continued to take a passive line as he check-called a further 5.6 million. Both players checked the 6♣ river and Vogelsang’s A♣Q♣ was the best hand. He’s up to 42 million and, despite that dent, Adams still has a healthy stack of 22 million. –NW

4:55pm: Watson bet/folds, then wins it back
Level 11- Blinds: 150,000/300,000 (ante 50,000)

Michael Watson opened from under the gun, but then folded to a three-bet from Nick Petrangelo on the button. On the next hand, Dominik Nitsche opened the cutoff to 750,000 and Watson three-bet his big blind to 2.5 million. Nitsche folded. That’s a two-hand push for Watson. — HS

4:55pm: Down to 33
Level 11- Blinds: 150,000/300,000 (ante 50,000)

We’re down to the last 33, with Luc Greenwood, Raine Kempe and Grayson Ramage among a sudden rush to the door. — HS

4:50pm: Seidel settles for a double up
Level 11- Blinds: 150,000/300,000 (ante 50,000)

Erik Seidel has finally found some traction after he won a flip to double up through Shan Huang. All the chips went in preflop, Seidel the man in danger with 6.2 million.

Huang: A♠Q♦
Seidel: 6♣6♥

The board ran 6♦A♠2♠5♥10♥. “Ooh, very nice hand!” said a gracious Huang to Seidel after the latter flopped a winning set. He dropped back to 26.6 million. –MC

4:45pm: Christner doubles through Sontheimer
Level 11 – Blinds: 150,000/300,000 (ante 50,000)

There had already been a lot of action by the turn, when the blogging team turned up to see Steffen Sontheimer and Christian Christner going at it.

It was Christner who jammed it all in-on the turn, with the board showing 9♣6♥9♥5♣, and Sontheimer who made the call.

Unfortunately he was behind to Christner’s K♦K♣ but he still had plenty of outs to give Christner a sweat. Sontheimer’s A♣10♣ had a two-way draw and an over-card.

With only the river to go…

The 7♦ was a brick and Christner finds himself in a much better spot with around 14.5 million chips.

Day t2 hasn’t been as kind to Sontheimer and he is now playing with around 7 million. -LY

4:35pm: Steicke comes unstuck
Level 11 – Blinds: 150,000/0,000 (ante 40,000)

It was a short stay in the tournament for David Steicke. The Australian businessman bought in right before late registration closed but is out before he really had time to get his feet under the table.

In his exit hand, Nick Petrangelo raised to 600,000, Felix Bleiker flat called and Steicke moved all-in for 6.5 million. Dominik Nitsche, who was in the big blind, looked interested and he then re-raised all-in.

That was enough to force the other two players out and the cards could be revealed.


David Steicke: World of hurt

Steicke had made his move with A♥Q♥ and was in a world of hurt against Nitsche’s pocket aces. The 4♣J♠5♥2♦10♦ board meant Nitsche had the hand locked up before the river. He is up to 18.9 million. –NW

4:33pm: Kenney gets lucky to double in big pot
Level 10- Blinds: 120,000/240,000 (ante 40,000)

Christoph Vogelsang was very unlucky not to take a huge chip lead in this Super High Roller event after Bryn Kenney rivered a three-outer against him in an enormous pot.

Vogelsang opened to 550,000 from the cutoff before Kenney three-bet to 1.725 from the next seat. Vogelsang came back with a four-bet to 4.4million and called after Kenney jammed for 17.145 million.

Vogelsang: A♣K♥
Kenney: A♦Q♦

The board ran 5♠4♠8♥10♥Q♥ and Kenney blew a silent breath of relief as Vogelsang dropped back down to around 21 million. –MC

4:30pm: Ramage loses to Kempe, provides table excitement
Level 11 – Blinds: 150,000/300,000 (ante 50,000)

Players on Table 2 today get the added bonus of a running commentary on the action from Shan Huang. If Huang is not in a pot (and that, in itself, is a rarity), he often likes picking up the metaphorical announcer’s mic and talking through it.

Huang watched Grayson Ramage and Rainer Kempe get it all in pre-flop, with Ramage’s A♦J♣ leading Kempe’s A♠7♦. Kempe was also the man under threat as Ramage had Kempe’s 5.075 million stack covered.

But the flop drew a “Whooooa!” from Huang when it fell 4♦7♠4♠ and the rest of the board was greeted like a fireworks display. The turn was Q♦ (“Oooh!”) and the river was 7♥ (“Aaaah!”).


Shan Huang: Announcer

Huang added: “That was so unfair on you.” Ramage took his medicine and saw his stack slip to 8.5 million. Kempe has 11 million now. — HS

4:25pm: We say goodbye to Badziakouski
Level 10 – Blinds: 120,000/240,000 (ante 40,000)

On the last hand of Level 10, we arrived at the table to see Mikita Badziakouski announce he was all-in. Shuo Li had made a small raise and he now wanted a count before making his decision. Badziakouski told him it was 4,880,000.

When Li made the call, both players turned over their hands and we were off to the races…

Mikita Badziakouski 7♦7♣
Shuo Li K♥J♦

There was a jack on the flop making Li the massive odds on favourite. With no seven on the later streets, we say goodbye to Badziakouski.


Shuo Li: Moving close to 40 million

Meanwhile Li has a huge stack. This could take a while…precise chip count to follow. Yep, it’s close to 40 million. -LY

4:20pm: Chidwick departs with salad
Level 10 – Blinds: 120,000/240,000 (ante 40,000)

Stephen Chidwick’s wife Marine arrived to the tournament floor carrying about three bags of food. She had been to a nearby salad bar and bought a healthy option to at least eight of the players in this tournament. She went around the tables delivering the boxes of ruffage one by one.

The last was for her husband. But he may be needing something with more sustenance than a salad as he was knocked out in uniquely sickening circumstances. He lost to a two-outer as his wife stood forlornly behind him with his lunch.

I didn’t see how the hand played out, but Yuan Li’s 9♥9♣ was good for a turned set on the board of 7♦6♠J♠9♠3♥. Chidwick’s 6♥7♠ had flopped two pair. One suspects a chunk went in after the flop and the rest through turn and river.

Li let out a celebratory yelp and built his stack to around 30 million. Chidwick turned, greeted his wife and the pair of them headed away.

Jason Koon, munching on a recently-delivered salad, was sympathetic (but was probably secretly glad he’d got his food before that coup had taken place). — HS

4:12pm: Vogelsang takes two out and takes the chip lead
Level 10 – Blinds: 120,000/240,000 (ante 40,000)

Fortunes can turn on a single card and if Christoph Vogelsang goes deep in this tournament it’s a fair bet that he’ll remember this hand. It began with Stanley Choi shoving all-in for 2.8 million – about 12 big blinds – from early position.

The action folded to Vogelsang in the small blind and he re-raised to what looked 7 million. It was enough to set Dmitry Yurasov all-in and the Russian player called all-in to create a three-way showdown.

Choi: 5♠5♥
Vogelsang: A♠J♥
Yurasov: Q♣Q♦

The 10♦Q♥6♦ flop meant Yurasov flopped top set and it left Choi needing runner-runner. The 3♠ turn left him drawing dead, but Vogelsang still had outs. Incredibly the dealer produced the K♦ on the river.

Yurasov struck the table in anger as Vogelsang’s broadway straight meant he scored a double knockout. That coup means he’s up to 39.7 million, which is good for the chip lead. –NW

4:10pm: Schillhabel to Bonomo to Haxton
Level 10- Blinds: 120,000/240,000 (ante 40,000)

The title of this post shows the journey of chips to Isaac Haxton who sits on 25.3 million. Steffen Schillhabel and Justin Bonomo are on the rail as a result.

We missed how Bonomo took out Schillhabel but we witnessed him being taken out by good friend, Isaac Haxton. The latter opened to 575,000 from UTG+1 before Bonomo three-bet to 1.7 million from the cutoff. Haxton used both remaining time bank chips before four-betting to 3.5 million and he called after Bonomo snap-jammed for 10.7 million.

Haxton: K♥K♣
Bonomo: J♥J♣

The board ran Q♥5♥A♣6♦8♠ to see Haxton’s kings hold. –MC

4:05pm: Peters gets tricky on the flop
Level 10 – Blinds: 120,000/240,000 (ante 40,000)

With the action folded round to Steffen Sontheimer on the button, he made it 600,000 to play. David Peters looked at his cards and decided to raise it up, to 1.8 million. Sontheimer wasn’t going anywhere and called to see the flop.


A very juicy board gave Peters some pause for thought. He deferred to Sontheimer, who proceeded to bet in position for a slightly smaller sizing of 1.4 million. It didn’t take Peters long to announce he was all-in for his remaining 7 million chips and Sontheimer couldn’t get away quick enough. It gave Peters’ stack a much needed boost to just over what he started with. -LY

4pm: Smith survives
Level 10 – Blinds: 120,000/240,000 (ante 40,000)

On a 2♣Q♥2♦ flop Dan Smith (big blind) came out firing. He bet 675,000 and Dominik Nitsche (UTG+1) called, which took the two of them to the 2♠ turn card. The curiosity quotient of this hand went up as Smith checked, Nitsche bet 550,000, Smith check-raised to 1.2 million and Nitsche called.

At this point Smith only had 1.955 million behind and he bet all of it on the 5♠ river. Nitsche laughed to himself and asked for a count. He needed to use a time-bank chip to make his decision and it was to fold.

Smith collected some much needed ammunition and is back up to 7 million, Nitsche is down to 13.5 million. –NW

3:55pm: Seidel survives all-in
Level 10- Blinds: 120,000/240,000 (ante 40,000)

Erik Seidel was the 22nd and last re-entry today, and just found himself all-in versus Bryn Kenney.

The old-school legend opened to 525,000 from middle position and was called in two spots, including new-school legend Kenney on the button.

All three players checked the 3♥A♦7♦ flop before Seidel led for 900,000 on the turn.

Only Kenney called to see the 3♣ completed the board and a raising war broke out that saw both players all-in.

Seidel opened A♣5♣ and chopped with Kenney who had the same full house with A♥9♥. –MC

3:50pm: Massive prize pool!
Level 10 – Blinds: 120,000/240,000 (ante 40,000)

Tournament officials have announced the full size of this prize pool, and the top-placed prize.

Eleven players will get a share of the HK$60,690,960 prize pool, with a min-cash worth HK$1,517,000 and the winner getting HK$16.690 million. To translate into USD:

Total prize pool: $7,776,323
Min-cash: $194,372
Winner: $2,138,487

3:45pm: Lucas Greenwood moves all in
Level 10 – Blinds: 120,000/240,000 (ante 40,000)

Lucas Greenwood’s stack has taken some damage at the start of our second day. Looking to improve his situation, he found himself on the big blind, facing an open from Nick Petrangelo on the button.

With the small blind out of the way, Greenwood considered his options and elected to jam his stack of around 3 million. Petrangelo didn’t like the price and promptly folded, after asking for a count.

Greenwood added a not-too-shabby third to his stack, taking him to just over 4 million. -LY

3:40pm: A Fast wander
Level 10- Blinds: 120,000/240,000 (ante 40,000)

David Steicke, who we’ve already mentioned was the last fresh entry, is a proud Wolverhampton Wanderers FC fan and is wearing the club’s jersey and cap today. He battled in pot with Dietrich Fast just now and the German, a keen football fan himself, was just as interested in Steicke’s club as he was his chips.

Fast opened to 550,000 from under the gun and Steicke called from the big blind. The flop fanned 4♦A♥10♣ and Steicke check-called a 400,000 c-bet. The football talk continued but the hand ended on the 5♣ turn as Fast’s 1.25 million bet forced a check-fold from Steicke. –MC

3:30pm: Sontheimer at the double
Level 10 – Blinds: 120,000/240,000 (ante 40,000)

We missed the pre-flop action, but it was heads-up between Mikita Badziakouski (button) and Steffen Sontheimer (big blind) on a 10♣9♦7♣ flop. Badziakouski bet, Sontheimer check-raised to 2.8 million and Badziakouski made the call.

On the 7♥ turn Sontheimer shoved for 5.885 million and, after getting a count, Badziakouski called. Sontheimer was first to show, he held 8♦6♠ for a flopped straight and Badziakouski was drawing thin with A♦10♠.

The 3♥ river kept Sontheimer in front, he’s up to 18.5 million, Badziakouski is down to 8.9 million. –NW

3:25pm: Registration shut, it’s a freezeout from here
Level 10 – Blinds: 120,000/240,000 (ante 40,000)

That’s it. Registration is now closed. There are 43 players remaining from the 57 who started, but let’s not forget the 22 re-entries they also made. That’s right: there were a total 79 entries to this tournament.

Right at the last, Adrian Mateos, Erik Seidel and Steve O’Dwyer fired another bullet, while David Steicke appeared and bought in for the first time at the last gasp. The chip-count page shows the full, updated counts.

We’ll have prize pool information soon. It’s going to be a record. — HS

3:11pm: Huge cooler sends Petrangelo soaring
Level 9 – Blinds: 100,000/200,000 (ante 30,000)

On the final hand of Level 9, Nick Petrangelo won an enormous pot to possibly take the tournament chip lead and send Bjorn Li looking either for a re-entry or for a bucket to puke into. It was flush-over-flush, with Petrangelo’s K♥10♥ bettering Li’s 7♥8♥ on a 4♦5♥A♥2♥7♣ runout.

They got heaps in on all streets, ending with Li’s 7 million-ish shove on the end, which Petrangelo obviously called. Their stacks were incredibly even going into the hand, at around 17 million apiece. But Petrangelo had marginally more, so stacks up about 35 million at this stage.

The level has drawn to a close and we’ll gather full chip counts for the remaining 43 players (and any who decide to re-enter at the very last gasp). — HS

3:11pm: Tong takes a hit
Level 9 – Blinds: 100,000/200,000 (ante 20,000)

The amount of three betting preflop has increased, which has led to several small pots being won either pre or on the flop. That is until Zhou Tong and Stephen Chidwick faced a squeeze from Yuan Li.

After Tong opened 430,000 in the hijack and Chidwick called the button, Li, the defending champion, made it 2.1 million from his big blind. Tong called but Chidwick decided it was too expensive and folded, leaving us heads up going into the flop:


Li continued his aggression, with a 1.8 million bet on the flop and Tong called. But the action was briefly held up: there was no one on the table who could change up Tong’s 10 million blue plaque.


Yuan Li: Defending champ returning strong

We soon got back under way and the dealer placed K♣ on the turn and both players slowed right down, with a check apiece.

On the 9♣ river Li made a final bet of 3.7 million and Tong snap folded. Although he took a hit on that hand, he will still be well above average stack. – LY

3:10pm: Ramage doubles through Peters
Level 9 – Blinds: 100,000/200,000 (ante 30,000)

From the hijack Grayson Ramage opened to 500,000. David Peters then three-bet to 1.35 million from the button, Ramage shoved for 4.96 million and Peters called.

Ramage: 10♣10♦
Peters: K♣Q♦

A A♣2♣4♥2♠8♦ board kept Ramage in front and he survived. –NW

2:3=55pm: Quads for Dvoress
Level 9- Blinds: 100,000/200,000 (ante 30,000)

“I should’ve shoved preflop!” said Li Shou after he paid a Daniel Dvoress river bet and was shown quads.

Around 10 million lay in the middle of the table by the time the board rested as K♠8♣9♣8♠2♣. Dvoress was in the small blind and led for 3.7 million. Shou used up two time bank chips before flicking in the call to be shown 8♥8♦. He dropped to 13.5 million while Dvoress moved into profit on the day with 26 million. –MC

2:50pm: Holz versus O’Dwyer
Level 9 – Blinds: 100,000/200,000 (ante 30,000)

Back in April, Steve O’Dwyer got the better of Fedor Holz in the PokerStars Championship Macau Super High Roller. A short time ago Holz was moved to the same table as O’Dwyer and we didn’t have to wait long for a sizeable pot between the two.

There were only six players at the table during the hand in question and it began with a raise from O’Dwyer. He made it 450,000 from under the gun. Holz, who was to O’Dwyer’s immediate left, three-bet to 1.2 million and O’Dwyer called.

The dealer fanned a 10♦J♦5♣ flop, O’Dwyer checked and Holz took 25 seconds to act before betting 1 million. O’Dwyer only needed five seconds to decide on a call. The 10♠ turn paired the board and O’Dwyer check-called a further 2.4 million.


Fedor Holz: Building back

The 9♥ completed the board and O’Dwyer again checked the action over to Holz. The young German, for once, wasn’t sure what to do and he used a time-bank chip.

Halfway through his extra time he rapped the table to signify a check. O’Dwyer showed 8♠8♥ but Holz had him beat with A♣A♠.

That pot takes Holz up to 21 million and drops O’Dwyer down to 6.7 million. –NW

2:45pm: Chidwick and Schillhabel to re-enter
Level 9- Blinds: 100,000/200,000 (ante 30,000)

Stephen Chidwick and Stefan Schillhabel both hit the rail but we’ll be seeing them again after they stated their intentions to re-enter.

We missed Chidwick’s exit but Schillhabel busted to fellow German, Dietrich Fast. He opened to 1.1million off the button and called all-in after Fast moved in form the small blind.

Fast: K♠Q♠
Schillhabel: 9♥9♠

The board ran 7♦K♥7♣K♦5♦ to make Fast a full house. He moved up to 26.3 million. –MC

2:40pm: Koon v Holz
Level 9 – Blinds: 100,000/200,000 (ante 30,000)

Fedor Holz has been on a bit of a downswing today and has seen his overnight stack approximately cut in half. He just arrested the general decline in a small pot against Jason Koon, but Holz has “only” 13 million now, 10 million fewer than what he started with.

This hand began with a button raise from Holz to 475,000 and a call from Koon in the big blind. They both then checked the Q♥5♠9♣ flop. Koon bet 400,000 after the 9♠ turn, which Holz called, and they saw the 5♣ appear on the river.

Koon bet 1.6 million and Holz called. That meant Koon was forced to turn over his 6♦8♦ air-ball and Holz’s Q♣10♦ won the day.

Koon still has 12.6 million, which is significant increase on his overnight stack of absolutely nothing. (He re-entered for 8 million at the start of play.) — HS

2:35pm: Loeser loses and buys back in
Level 9 – Blinds: 100,000/200,000 (ante 30,000)

Manig Loeser was down to around 2.5 million and moved those chips in pre-flop with pocket threes. He picked up a call from Kitson Kho, who had him dominated with pocket eights. It’s a lucky hand in this part of the world but Kho needed no luck at all as he held on the 4♦2♦K♣4♣Q♠ run out.

With that Loeser departed, but he was soon back in as he re-bought. A reminder that late-registration closes at the start of the next level, approximately 50 minutes from now. –NW

2:30pm: Preflop confusion holds up the action
Level 8 – Blinds: 80,000/160,000 (ante 20,000)

After the hole cards were dealt, John Juanda instantly folded his hand mistakenly thinking he was under the gun, only to find out he was actually on the big blind. The floor was called and and the decision given that he should take his cards back as they had not gone into the muck. He did so, while politely asking the dealer to prompt him in future if he failed to post his blind. The dealer assented.

With the confusion out of the way, the action came unopened to Bjorn Li in the cutoff who made a raise to 375,000. It folded around to Isaac Haxton who three bet to 1.2 million from his small blind.

Juanda passed on the big blind and Li asked for a rough count of Haxton’s stack, which was around 7 million total. Opting instead to call, we finally saw a flop: 9♦5♠J♦

Haxton continued for another 1.2 million and Li took a few moments before deciding that fold was the best option. – LY

2:25pm: Top pair good for Nitsche
Level 9 – Blinds: 100,000/200,000 (ante 30,000)

Dominik Nitsche is up to almost 11 million after top pair was good on showdown in a hand versus Timothy Adams, who dropped to 24.6 million.

The latter opened from the cutoff and Nitsche peeled from the big blind to see a Q♦4♣10♠ flop appear. Adams continued for 400,000 and Nitsche check-called.

The German called another 2 million on the 7♥ turn before the 2♥ river was checked through. Nitsche opened Q♥6♦ and raked in the pot as Adams mucked. –MC

2:20pm: Kenney doubles into contention
Level 9 – Blinds: 100,000/200,000 (ante 30,000)

Bryn Kenney is now up to around 15 million and has leap-frogged his neighbour JC Alvarado after a battle of the blinds. This represents a bit of a cooler given the table positions, with Alvarado having every right to think his flopped top pair would be ahead. It wasn’t.

I only saw the very end of the hand, the bit where the dealer was counting out Kenney’s stack and demanding Alvarado match it. The K♣K♦ were in front of Kenney; the Q♠6♠ sat on the table before Alvarado.

The board of Q♦9♦2♥8♣J♥ hadn’t connected with Kenney, but Alvarado probably wished the same could be said of him.

Kenney had 7.26 million in his stack at that point, so doubled it. Alvarado still has 13 million. — HS

2:15pm: Huang leads, Bryn is in
Level 9 – Blinds: 100,000/200,000 (ante 30,000)

Bryn Kenney is the latest Super High Roller champion to enter – or rather re-enter – this event. He took his seat at the same table as JC Alvarado and Shan Huang. The latter looks to to be the current chip leader. He’s got a stack of 35 million. –NW

2:15pm: Koon back in and on track
Level 8 – Blinds: 80,000/160,000 (ante 20,000)

Former track athlete Jason Koon got off to a great start yesterday but ran a flush into a full house belonging to Fedor Holz to be one of the first to bust. He declined to re-enter yesterday but is back in the field today and off to a good start again.

He’s up to around 13 million after he backed into a flush versus Steve O’Dwyer, who dropped to around 12 million.

The two had made it to the river of an A♦9♣5♠Q♠2♠ board with a pile of chips in the middle and O’Dwyer (BB) check-called a 2.55 million bet from Koon (HJ).

The latter opened K♠3♠ for said flush and O’
Dwyer mucked. –MC

2.12pm: Always chopping
Level 8 – Blinds: 80,000/160,000 (ante 20,000)

“All-in pre-flop, the same result,” said Mikita Badziakouski to Grayson Ramage after they chopped a pot, and he was right. The hand began with a raise to 360,000 from Badziakouski, who was in middle position. Ramage three-bet to 1.1 million from the cutoff and Badziakouski stuck around.

On the Q♦Q♠7♣ flop Badziakouski check-called a bet of 600,000 and then called a further 1.4 million on the 8♠ turn. The 8♥ river double paired the board and both players checked.

Badziakouski showed A♥7♦ and Ramage opened A♠2♠. A chopped pot then, but an unlucky river for Badziakouski, who was ahead until that point. –NW

2:10pm: when the big stack is also the small
Level 8 – Blinds: 80,000/160,000 (ante 20,000)

Tournament staff brought a 10 million-chip plaque into play late yesterday but only three players in the field had one in their bag overnight. It meant that although Zhou Tong had the biggest stack returning today in the effective, poker sense, his was also among the tiniest piles. Steve O’Dwyer also had a blue plaque, which looked like this in his pile:


Steve O’Dwyer’s stack

2:05pm: Sammartino departs
Level 8 – Blinds: 80,000/160,000 (ante 20,000)

Dario Sammartino made a big fold to Sam Greenwood a little while ago, but it didn’t help him massively. He has now lost the last of his chips to David Peters, although he may yet re-enter. There’s about an hour of registration left. — HS

2pm: Greenwood lays the trap
Level 8 – Blinds: 80,000/160,000 (ante 20,000)

At the start of Day 2 there was only one Greenwood in the field. Then there were none. And now there are two. This hand involved Lucas Greenwood, who re-entered today, alongside brother Sam who is also on his second bullet.

Luc Greenwood raised to 400,000 on the button and Stefan Schillhabel called out of the small blind.

The K♥A♣A♠ flop checked through and Schillhabel bet 375,000 on the 6♥ turn. Call from Greenwood. The 7♠ completed the board and Schillhabel again fired out a small bet, 450,000 to be exact.

There was no call from Greenwood this time though, he slid forward a bet a 2.4 million and Schillhabel mucked his cards. –NW

1:55pm: Chidwick makes Smith believe
Level 8 – Blinds: 80,000/160,000 (ante 20,000)

Stephen Chidwick opened to 350,000 from UTG+1 and Mustapha Kanit called on the button. Dan Smith cut out a careful three-bet to 1.25 million from the small blind.

That put the decision back on Chidwick, the original raiser, and he jammed for around 7.8 million. Kanit couldn’t fold quickly enough and Smith followed, although he did at least ask to know how much he was being asked to call. — HS

1:50pm: Jin pushes the flop
Level 8 – Blinds: 80,000/160,000 (ante 20,000)

As players are easing into Day 2, JC Alvarado and Yinfeng Jin had both attempted to take down a small pot on the flop.

The action began with a 350,000 open from Alvarado from under the gun and Jin called behind on the hijack. Manig Loeser also decided to see a flop from his big blind.

It came: Q♦5♦4♠

The board was pretty dry yet that didn’t stop Jin reraising Alvarado’s 600,000 continuation bet to 1.6 million. After Loeser had got out of the way, Alvarado made a comfortable fold, leaving Jin to scoop the pot. — LY

1:45pm: Greenwood not bullet proof
Level 8- Blinds: 80,000/160,000 (ante 20,000)

Sam Greenwood, in for a second bullet today, built up a bit (see below) but has dropped back to around starting stack after he folded to Ye Zhang’s aggression. Zhang rose to 14.4 million as a result.

Zhang opened to 350,000 from the hijack and Greenwood called from the small blind. Zhang bet 350,000, 800,000 and 2.1 million on a board than ran A♥8♥5♠8♣A♠. Greenwood check-called the first two bets but made a quick check-fold on the river. — MC

1:40pm: Sammartino clinging on
Level 8 – Blinds: 80,000/160,000 (ante 20,000)

Sam Greenwood was one of today’s re-entries having lost his overnight short stack early on. And he was quickly into battle, costing Dario Sammartino three of his time-bank chips, but not the rest of his stack.

There was about 5 million in the pot and a board dealt all the way to the river. It read: Q♥6♦A♠K♥2♥. Sammartino, in the small-blind seat, checked and Greenwood, one seat to his left, moved all-in for 5.5 million.

Sammartino only had 2.6 million back, so his was the effective stack. He used one time-bank chip. Then another. Then he tossed in a third. Eventually that was followed by his cards hitting the muck too, and Greenwood took it without the need for a showdown. — HS

1:35pm: Schillhabel trying to pull a Fast one?
Level 8 – Blinds: 80,000/160,000 (ante 20,000)

Dietrich Fast added another 2 million to his already burgeoning stack after he won a battle against Stefan Schillhabel.

Fast opened to 400,000 from first position and Schillhabel defended his big blind to see a K♦K♥5♥ flop. Fast continued for 250,000 and called after he was check-raised to 735,000.

Schillhabel took a time bank before he led for 1.25 million on the 9♣ turn and Fast called once more.

The J♥ completed the board and Schillhabel check-folded after Fast set him in for his remaining 2.38 million. Fast moved up to around 25 million. –MC

1:30pm: Li doubles through Dvoress
Level 8 – Blinds: 80,000/160,000 (ante 20,000)

A complete board of 5♦J♥9♣Q♣8♠ was on the felt and Shuo Li had shoved all-in for 5.47 million. The decision was on Daniel Dvoress and the Canadian elected to make the call. Li rolled over 10♠8♣ for a turned straight and Dvoress couldn’t beat it.

He mucked his cards and there was then some debate as to if he had to show his hand. As it was an all-in and call his cards had to be turned over and his K♥J♦ were exposed. Li is up to 16 million, Dvoress is down to 17.7 million. –NW

1:25pm: Look both ways
Level 8 – Blinds: 80,000/160,000 (ante 20,000)

If Rainer Kempe looks to his right this afternoon he sees JC Alvarado, Manig Loeser and Fedor Holz. If he looks to his left, he sees Yinfeng Jin, Kitson Kho and Shan Huang. This is proper Super High Roller tournament poker in Macau, where there’s nowhere safe to turn.

One thing is certain, he’s not going to be able to pinch many blinds. In a recent hand, Kempe raised to 360,000 from the cutoff and Huang defended his big blind. Huang checked the 5♣A♣8♥ flop, but yielded to a 250,000 continuation bet from Kempe. — HS

1:20pm: Two big pairs, one winner
Level 8 – Blinds: 80,000/160,000 (ante 20,000)

How the chips went into the middle is unknown, but Nick Petrangelo – who held pocket queens – and Ike Haxton – who had pocket jacks – played a big all-in pot. The board came 6♠7♥5♥6♥4♥ and Petrangelo’s pair held. Both players started the day with just over 8.5 million and Petrangelo just had Haxton covered. As a result, he’s up to 17 million. Haxton, wasn’t out for long though, he’s bought back in. –NW

1:10pm: Two hands, three eliminations
Level 8 – Blinds: 80,000/160,000 (ante 20,000)

The first two hands at Table 2 saw the tournament’s two shortest stacks, Erik Seidel and Tobias Ziegler, hit the rail. Sam Greenwood was the third shortest stack coming back today and he also busted from a nearby table.

Seidel called all-in from the big blind on the very first hand after Matt Moss set him in from the small blind. Seidel burst out laughing when Moss told him he had kings and opened K♥K♠. Seidel sheepishly tabled 5♥2♦ and failed to find a miracle on a board that ran 7♣8♦7♠9♠10♠.


Erik Seidel: Seeing the funny side

Zeigler moved all-in from under the gun the very next hand and John Juanda made the call from the big blind.

Zeigler: Q♠7♠
Juanda: A♦Q♦

The board ran 8♥3♥10♥4♣8♠.

After that lively start to the day, Isaac Haxton was also knocked out. Haxton quickly re-entered. That’s his third bullet and brings our number of entries up to 71. (It seems others have re-entered too on a fast and furious start.) –MC

1:08pm: Quick play
Level 8 – Blinds: 80,000/160,000 (ante 20,000)

As far as we know, this is Yinfeng Jin’s first Super High Roller event, at least under the PokerStars branding. It may also be the first event she has played with a shot clock. But I can tell you this: it’s largely unnecessary for her. She plays at an unflinching pace.

Just recently, on one of the first hands of the day, Jin opened from late position, making it 375,000 to go. Manig Loeser was the only caller, in the big blind, and the pair looked at a flop of K♠2♥8♥.

Loeser checked quickly, but barely had that checking finger dabbed the felt than Jin was firing out 400,000. Loeser let this one go. — HS

1:05pm: Players seated, ready to play
Level 8 – Blinds: 80,000/160,000 (ante 20,000)

With ten minutes to go until the resumption in play, nobody was here. But now, on the stroke of two minutes past the hour, everyone has arrived and they’re starting again.


Shuffle up and deal

Registration remains open until the start of Level 10. That’s just after the first break of the day. There will be a dinner break at around 7.30pm local time, which is the end of Level 13. Tables are breaking high to low.

With that, let’s play! — HS

12:30pm: Day 2 of the Super High Roller
Level 8: 80,000/160,000 (ante 20,000)

Welcome to Day 2 of the 2017 Asia Championship of Poker Super High Roller. Despite the eye-watering entry fee of HK$800,000 (a little over US$100,000), this event is officially the largest PokerStars Super High Roller of 2017. In all, 56 players entered yesterday, of whom 10 re-entered. What’s more, late-registration is open for the first two levels of play today so the field size will be boosted by some late entries and re-entries.


It’s Tong at the top

It’s unlikely that Zhou Tong will need to fire again – although you never know with poker – as he’s the player who’ll be unbagging the most chips at the start of play. Flopped quads helped him turn a starting stack of 8 million into 25.85 million on Day 1. While the name at the top might be unfamiliar, the chasing pack reads like the table draw from hell. Timothy Adams, Daniel Dvoress and Fedor Holz are just a handful of big blinds behind Tong.

Action starts at 1pm local time and the plan will be to play to the final table.

PokerStars Blog reporting team on the HK$800,000 Super High Roller: Marc Convey, Howard Swains, Nick Wright and Lisa Yiasemides. Photography by Kenneth Lim Photography.


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