2017 ACOP Super High Roller: Final table live updates

October 23, 2017

Click to read about Dietrich Fast’s Super High Roller victory

6:45pm: All over! Dietrich Fast is our new Super High Roller Champion
Level 22 – Blinds 3 million/6 million (ante 500,000)

In what turned out to be the final hand of the the 2017 ACOP Super High Roller, Dietrich Fast limped from the small blind, before Steve O’Dwyer made it 20 million from the big. Fast chose to keep his position and called.

It was a 9♦A♠8♥ flop and O’Dwyer continued small for 13 million. This appeared to be a little too small for Fast, who chose to raise it up to 40 million and O’Dwyer, who wasn’t put off, called.

Next came the 3♣ turn and, perhaps surprisingly, both players checked. However it turned out to be less of a surprise just a few moments later..

Following the J♣ river, O’Dwyer tank-jammed around 130 million more and Fast couldn’t call any quicker. When the cards were turned over, both players had two pair but Fast’s was the best hand of the two:

Fast A♦8♣
O’Dwyer 9♠3♦

That secured Fast him the title, the trophy and of course, the prize money of HK$16.69 million.

Congratulations to our new champ Dietrich Fast. A full wrap will follow imminently. -LY

6:25pm: O’Dwyer doubles
Level 22 – Blinds: 3 million/6 million (ante 500,000)

Dietrich Fast tried a triple-barrel bluff but he couldn’t oust Steve O’Dwyer on the river, who made a good call all-in to double up.

Fast called off the button and O’Dwyer checked. The board ran out 3♦2♥K♣Q♥10♦ with Fast betting 6 million, 22 million and all-in (effective) for 64.5 million on each street when the action was checked to him. Fast opened 5♥4♥ on the river when O’Dwyer called but lost out to Q♣7♣.

That put O’Dwyer up to 190,000 and Fast down to 452 million. Game on! –MC

6:15pm: Heads up
Level 22 – Blinds 3 million/6 million (ante 500,000)

Here’s how they are stacked:

Dietrich Fast: 529 million
Steve O’Dwyer: 102.4 million


Fast v O’Dwyer heads-up

6:05pm: Disappointment for Adams leaves Fast and O’Dwyer heads up
Level 22 – Blinds 3 million/6 million (ante 500,000)

All of a sudden, we’re down to two. But despite being all-in numerous times over the past hour, it’s not Steve O’Dwyer on the rail. In fact, it’s Timothy Adams. Here’s why.

The action came to Dietrich Fast in the small blind and he took a moment to decide before setting Adams all-in. Adams briefly looked down at his cards before making the call with 8♣8♦ and he was the slight favourite in a flip with Fast’s Q♦9♠.

The flop came 2♥6♣4♥ and Adams had held so far. The 7♣ did nothing to help Fast and Adams needed only to fade the river for a welcome double.


Tim Adams takes his leave

It wasn’t to be, the 9♦ gave Fast the best of it and Adams had to watch as his remaining 130 million was shipped to the German.

We are now heads up. Chip counts to follow. -LY

6pm: Steve O’Ninelives
Level 22 – Blinds: 3 million/6 million (ante 500,000)

The look on Steve O’Dwyer’s face at the end of a hand between himself and Dietrich Fast says more than we could ever explain here. He chopped it to stay alive and won the next two pots to get up to 65 million.

He had one foot out the door after he three-bet all-in from the big blind over a Fast raise and was called, finding himself dominated.

O’Dwyer: A♦3♠
Fast: A♠J♥

The board ran K♠Q♥J♦5♠10♦. Fast paired his kicker but O’Dwyer found a chop with that ten on the river. –MC

5:45pm: Down then back up again for O’Dwyer
Level 22 – Blinds 3 million/6 million (ante 500,000)

The action is coming in thick and fast now.

Dietrich Fast made it 12.5 million on the button and only Steve O’Dwyer called from his big blind.

They saw the flop fall: 3♠8♠8♣

O’Dwyer checked the paired board, Fast continued small for 8.5 million, which O’Dwyer raised up to 26 million.

It was a Q♣ turn and both players elected to check, bringing the 5♣ river card. O’Dwyer committed the vast majority of his chips when he bet around 60 million, leaving a nominal 12.6 million behind. It was snap called by Fast.

O’Dwyer: Q♥3♣
Fast: 8♥10♥

Fast had the trips from the start and O’Dwyer was really left in trouble.

No surprise that O’Dwyer was all-in the very next hand on the button, with his two big blinds. Fast tried to isolate for 30 million but Tim Adams wasn’t about to get out of the way just yet, coming along for the ride.

So we had O’Dwyer all-in hoping to win the 39 million main pot, and a 35 million side pot going into the flop.

That was: 2♣2♦J♦

O’Dwyer couldn’t look and pulled his hood down over his face, meanwhile Fast and Adams both checked.


Steve O’Dwyer: Can’t watch as he’s all-in again

Fast led the 10♠ turn and Adams folded. When the hands were turned over, Fast had successfully bluffed for the side pot with 5♠7♠ and O’Dwyer had two overs and a flush draw 9♦8♦ going into the river.

And it was a 10♦ to give O’Dwyer a flush, taking him up to 39 million.

O’Dwyer wasn’t done there as he doubled up two hands later. He moved all-in for 32.3 million from the small blind holding K♣7♠ and was called by Fast. The German opened 5♦5♣ but couldn’t hold as the board ran 9♠7♦2♦3♠Q♥ to pair O’Dwyer’s seven. Will we ever see this go to heads up? -LY

5:30pm: Three for the big prize
Level 21 – Blinds: 3 million/6 million (ante 500,000)

They’re into Level 21 with three players left. In the next level, we’ll be seeing an ante worth 1 million. But before we get all Jerry Yang, here’s how they stack up:

Here’s how they stack up:

Name Country Chips
Dietrich Fast Germany 287,400,000
Timothy Adams Canada 220,600,000
Steve O’Dwyer Ireland 124,100,000

5:25pm: Adams applies pressure
Level 21 – Blinds 2 million/4 million (ante 500,000)

We’re blind versus blind and Tim Adams opened to 12 million on Steve O’Dwyer, which he called, taking them to the flop.

It came: 4♠J♠2♦

Both players checked, so we moved on to the Q♣ turn. This time, Adams made it a large 35 million to call. O’Dwyer wasn’t ready to give up just yet and he made the call.

It was a 5♣ river and after using the full clock, Adams moved all in, covering O’Dwyer’s 125 million remaining chips. O’Dwyer didn’t seem to like it very much and opted to fold this time. -LY

5:10pm: Adams takes a chunk out of O’Dwyer’s stack
Level 20 – Blinds: 2 million/4 million (ante 500,000)

“How can you ever lose in China when you get it all-in for 88.8 million?” said Steve O’Dwyer. The man has a point and a smile after doubling through Timothy Adams.

Adams moved all-in from the small blind and O’Dywer made a very quick call from the big blind.

Adams: A♣6♠
O’Dwyer: A♦Q♦

The board ran 2♦10♠7♦4♠5♠ to see O’Dwyer’s hand hold up. Adams has dropped to third with around 172 million after doubling up both opponents. — MC

4:55pm: Fast seizes chip lead after perfect river
Level 20: – Blinds 1.5 million/3 million (ante 500,000)

Here’s a massive double up to report, with Dietrich Fast overtaking Tim Adams at the top of the chip counts thanks to yet another cooler. This was a slow burner, with Fast hitting the perfect river card to earn him the maximum.

It all began so innocently, with a raise to 8 million from Adams. There was nothing unusual about that. He’s been doing it pretty much every time.

Fast called in the big blind and the pair looked at a flop of 9♥J♣3♣. Fast checked, Adams bet 15 million, and Fast called.

The turn brought the J♥. Fast checked, Adams bet 42 million and Fast, after using a time-bank chip, called again.


Dietrich Fast seizes lead

The river was the 10♦ and Adams checked how much Fast had behind. The answer was about 83 million. Adams set his opponent in and, after double-checking his cards, Fast called for his tournament life.

Fast exposed his K♠Q♦, a rivered straight. Adams’s J♠K♦ represented a flopped pair, turned trips and rivered second-best hand.

Fast now has 309 million, Adams has 254 million and Steve O’Dwyer, who sat this one out, has 70 million. — HS

4:40pm: O’Dwyer down to around 80 million
Level 21 – Blinds 2 million/4 million (ante 500,000)

We’ve been three handed for about half an hour and it has been tough 30 minutes for Steve O’Dwyer who is now the short stack at the table, having lost three small pots on the bounce.

After he limped the button and Dietrich Fast made up the small blind, Tim Adams checked his option and the trio went to the flop:


Both Fast and Adams checked and O’Dwyer bet the minimum 4 million. Fast folded and Adams raised it to 12.5 million. O’Dwyer didn’t hesitate before folding.

Next hand it was Fast’s turn to limp the button and O’Dwyer checked his big blind. The flop came 9♥2♦7♥ and Fast bet 8 million, which O’Dwyer called. Both players checked the 6♣ turn and when 8♥ river came, O’Dwyer again checked to fast who pushed 20 million over the line. O’Dwyer couldn’t justify the call.

Finally after a 9 million open from O’Dwyer on the button, Adams three bet to just over 30 million and O’Dwyer folded sharpish. He is sitting on about 80 million, or 20 big blinds. -LY

4:35pm: Adams takes a chunk out of O’Dwyer’s stack
Level 20 – Blinds: 1.5 million/3 million (ante 500,000)

Steve O’Dwyer has dropped back down to 123 million after he paid Timothy Adams off on the river. The latter moved up to 380 million, a sizeable lead over his opponents.

The hand started with an O’Dwyer button raise to 10 million and an Adams big blind defend. The flop spread 8♥J♣9♦ and Adams check-called 8 million.

The 4♣ turn was checked through to the 8♣ river where O’Dwyer called a 37 million bet only to muck upon seeing his opponent’s 6♣8♠ for trips. –MC


Timothy Adams: In the zone

4:20pm: And we’re down to three players
Level 21 – Blinds 2 million/4 million (ante 500,000)

We’re back off an unscheduled break and just two hands in, we have an all-in situation.

Daniel Dvoress had 20 big blinds in front of him and was in the small blind. With Steve O’Dwyer and Dietrich Fast both out of the way, he moved all-in. After Tim Adams asked for a count, he called the 81 million and the cards were turned over:

Adams A♣10♠
Dvoress K♠J♣


Daniel Dvoress’ life on the line

Both players hit a pair on the flop of A♦9♣K♥, but it was Adams who remained ahead.

Neither the 8♣ turn or the 9♥ improved Dvoress’ hand and it was a fourth place finish for him and a monster stack for Adams who has 327 million. The two Canadians are good friends, so one assumes Dvoress will be happier to see his chips with Adams than anyone else.


Daniel Dvoress and Timothy Adams: Friends and adversaries

Average stack is just over 50 big blinds but Adams has 80 odd in front. -LY

4:10pm: Unscheduled break
Level 21 – Blinds: 2 million/4 million (ante 500,000)

The final has moved into a new level and the players have asked for a short break. They’re not talking numbers as we suspected, they’re just high rollers and can have a break if they want. –MC

4:05pm: Baby flush works for Fast
Level 20 – Blinds: 1.5 million/3 million (ante 500,000)

Dietrich Fast won a battle of the blinds versus Steve O’Dwyer to move up to 112,000.

O’Dwyer completed from the small blind and Fast checked before a A♥2♥3♣ flop fell. O’Dwyer led for 3 million and called after Fast raised to 7.5 million. The J♥ turn was checked through and O’Dwyer led for 6 million on the 7♥ river. Fast called and opened 7♠3♥ for a baby flush, beating out O’Dwyer’s Q♠4♣. The latter dropped to 195 million. –MC

3:55pm: It’s the end for Bleiker
Level 20 – Blinds: 1.5 million/3 million (ante 500,000)

After losing with a pair of aces to Steve O’Dwyer’s AQ suited, Felix Bleiker needed a near miracle to get back in the game. He got his last 12 million or so in on the button and Daniel Dvoress was priced in to call any two cards. It was Bleiker who was ahead for the second time in a row but Dvoress’ cards were both live.

Bleiker A♣8♦
Dvoress Q♣2♦

The flop came Q♥A♠9♣ and Dvoress picked up a pair in the window, but it was quickly superseded by Bleiker’s top pair aces.

The 2♥ turn brought Dvoress his two pair and now Bleiker needed an ace, an eight or a nine to save him. The 6♥ brick did nothing to help and he was off to the rail having busted in 5th place for HKD$4.734 million. Dvoress now has 93 million chips. -LY

3:45pm: O’Dwyer with the outdraw, surges to 200 million
Level 20: – Blinds 1.5 million/3 million (ante 500,000)

Want to know how Steve O’Dwyer wins so many major tournaments? Well, hands like this help…

O’Dwyer has just doubled his stack to around the 200 million mark and he won’t mind me saying that this was gross. It was also a cooler, so he did nothing wrong. It’s just that he was a massive underdog in the coup and came out on top.


Steve O’Dwyer: Bad news…

Action folded to O’Dwyer in the small blind and he opted to complete, with Felix Bleiker to his left in the big blind. Bleiker took his option to raise and made it 11 million.

O’Dwyer then jammed for what we quickly established was 97 million total. Bleiker called in the blink of an eye and here’s why:

O’Dwyer: A♣Q♣
Bleiker: A♥A♠

This money was always going in, but what happened next only happens about one time in eight.

The flop fell 10♥K♠7♥. The turn was the 8♦ and the river was the J♦. O’Dwyer hit his middle-pin straight draw and won a monster.


…and then good news

Bleiker was left with only 11 million, while O’Dwyer is now only marginally behind Timothy Adams. — HS

3:40pm: More for O’Dwyer
Level 20 – Blinds: 1.5 million/3 million (ante 500,000)

It’s been a good level for O’Dywer so far. He got his lucky double and won another pot to move up to 96 million.

Daniel Dvoress limped on the button, picking up Timothy Adams and O’Dwyer in the blinds. The flop fanned 8♥10♣2♥ and O’Dwyer led for 8.5 million. Only Dvoress called before the A♣ turn was checked through. The 8♣ completed the board and Dvoress folded to O’Dwyer’s 24 million bet to drop to 86 million. –MC

3:35pm: Double for O’Dwyer
Level 20 – Blinds: 1.5 million/3 million (ante 500,000)

Steve O’Dwyer was sat on around 38 million and set it all-in when folded to him on the cutoff. Dietrich Fast made the call and both players put their cards on their backs:

Fast A♥8♠
O’Dwyer Q♣J♣

With Fast the slight favourite pre, the flop was dealt 7♥Q♥2♦ and O’Dwyer went into the lead. Neither the 4♥ turn or the 10♠ river gave Fast the redraw he needed and O’Dwyer doubled to 79 million to stay in it. Fast is now holding around 93 million. -LY

3:25pm: Superlative call from Adams
Level 20: – Blinds 1.5 million/3 million (ante 500,000)

Steve O’Dwyer’s slight resurgence was halted in a pot against Timothy Adams. How about this for a call?

These two players were in the blinds and action folded to Adams. He completed from the small blind and O’Dwyer checked his option.

Both then checked the flop of 8♦10♦7♥ and Adams bet 6 million after the A♦ turned. O’Dwyer called.

The 9♥ made this board a good deal wetter, and Adams checked again. O’Dwyer bet 14 million.

Adams looked O’Dwyer up and down, using a time-bank chip to make sure he got his read right. Then he called and, yes, he was indeed good.

O’Dwyer was stealing with K♦2♠, which meant Adams’s 10♠2♣ was a winner. — HS

3:15pm: Kenney given false hope before busting
Level 20 – Blinds 1.5 million/3 million (ante 500,000)

Why give a person hope, then take to away? Then come back and kick a man when he’s down. Bryn Kenney was offered such hope, but it was short lived, and he busted in sixth for HK$3.702 million.

Timothy Adams opened to 6 million and made a quick call after Kenney moved all-in for 27 million from the big blind.

Kenney: A♦K♥
Adams: 9♠9♦

The board ran A♦8♣J♥9♥A♠ to make Adams a full house. One feels for Kenney after flopping a pair only to fall behind on the turn.

That win puts Adams up to 210 million. –MC

3:05pm: O’Dwyer looks to build
Level 20 – Blinds: 1.5 million/3 million (ante 500,000)

We’re back from the break and blinds are up. Steve O’Dwyer and Bryn Kenney are the shortest stacks and both will be looking to make a move. It was O’Dwyer who took a stand first. He started by going all in under the gun for around 44 million and stealing the blinds.

Next hand he was on the big blind and, having increased his stack to about 54 million, he faced an under the gun raise by Bleiker who made it 6 million. O’Dwyer shoved and got that one through too, giving him another 10 million or so chips. It took his total to 54 million.

Finally, two hands later, he moved all in on the button when it folded unopened to him and he has pulled up around 20 million chips to 63 million, almost a 50 percent increase on his stack. Nice work Steve. -LY

2:50pm: Level ends with a bang as Fast doubles through Kenney
Level 19 – Blinds: 1.2 million/2.4 million (ante 300,000)

There were seven minutes left in the level when the dealer dealt what would turn out to be the last hand before the break. It played out slowly, but ended with a bang as Dietrich Fast doubled through Bryn Kenney. It was sweet revenge for Fast after the hand before.

Fast opted to call from the button–not sure that’s been done at the final table so far–and Kenney raised from the small blind, making it 11.2 million to play. Daniel Dvoress folded his big blind, but Fast called.

They both checked the 10♦J♥7♣ flop, then Kenney led 11.7 million after the 10♥ turn paired the board. Fast called.

The 5♦ completed the board and Kenney jammed, covering the effective stack of 47.2 million in front of Fast.

Fast didn’t insta-call, but he did end up committing everything. His K♠10♠ wasn’t the nuts, but it was now better than Kenney’s Q♣Q♥, which were flicked into the muck in disgust.

That’s the break, and tournament staff will give us a full, accurate chip count for the six remaining players. — HS

2:45pm: Kenney gets lucky to double
Level 19 – Blinds 1.2 million/2.4 million (ante 400,000)

Bryn Kenney has doubled to 103 million after he got lucky versus Dietrich Fast.

The latter opened to 5.2 million from under the guns and called after Kenney three-bet all-in for 49 million from the next seat.

Fast: K♦K♠
Kenney: J♠J♥

The board ran 8♠J♣4♠Q♣A♦ to make Kenney a set. Fast dropped back down to 68 million. –MC

2:35pm: Koon busts to Fast, wins HK$2.913 million for seventh
Level 19 – Blinds: 1.2 million/2.4 million (ante 300,000)

Immediately after losing a big pot to Daniel Dvoress (report to come), Dietrich Fast was back in action. This time he won, and knocked out Jason Koon at the same time.

Fast opened from the cutoff to 5.2 million and Koon shipped his last 23 million from the button. The blinds got out of the way and it came back to Fast. He seemed to have a borderline decision, but eventually called from his 90 million stack.

They were off to the races.

Koon: 5♦5♣
Fast: Q♠J♥


Jason Koon: Out in seventh

One of Fast’s over-cards hit on the flop, which fell: K♣6♠J♣. The K♠ was the turn card and the 3♣ the river. That was the end of that for Koon, who picks up HK$2.913 million (roughly US$375,000) for seventh.

Koon hopped straight on the interest list for a cash game that appears to be starting with Shan Huang. Other players waiting for action: Isaac Haxton, Christoph Vogelsang, Adrian Mateos, Sergio Aido. — HS

2:30pm: Dvoress gathers more momentum
Level 19 – Blinds 1.2 million/2.4 million (ante 400,000)

Having had some good success over the last couple of hands, Daniel Dvoress continued his assault with an under the gun raise to 5.4 million. Felix Bleiker asks for a count but then folds on the cutoff but it’s Dietrich Fast who wants to get involved, calling from the button.

The flop brought down 8♠3♥10♦ and Dvoress decided not to continue and checked to Fast who made it 5.2m to see another card.

After a call from Dvoress we were on to the 9♦ turn. Dvoress checked to Fast once again and Fast took the free card.

The river was a K♦ and after thinking for about 20 seconds, Dvoress lead for 24 million. It was a tough one for Fast who used one of his four remaining time bank chips up before finally making the call. Dvoress turned over K♣K♠ for top set and Fast immediately sent his hand into the muck.

Dvoress is near the top of the field, with 120 million, while Fast is slightly under average stack with 90 million. -LY

2:25pm: Dvoress rebuilding
Level 19 – Blinds 1.2 million/2.4 million (ante 400,000)

Daniel Dvoress was the long-time chip leader yesterday and could play with more carefree abandon. He’s back in the pack today and has the chip leader (Timothy Adams) to his immediate left, so has to be more careful.

He won two small pots in a row just now to see his stack rise to 77 million.

He opened to 4.8 million two pots in a row, from the hijack and UTG+1, getting calls from Dietrich Fast and Jason Koon who defended their respective big blinds. Dvoress c-bet both flops and his opponents check-folded both times. –MC

2:15pm: Bleiker bounces back
Level 19 – Blinds: 1.2 million/2.4 million (ante 400,000)

“It will be interesting to see how this meta affects future hands.” So wrote my colleague Lisa Yiasemides in the previous hand report, detailing three pre-flop raises from Felix Bleiker. We found out almost immediately.


Bleiker surging

On the next hand after the salvo described below, Bleiker raised pre-flop again, making it 5.5 million to play. This time Bryn Kenney called on the button, and the two saw a flop of J♦4♣4♥. It went check, check.

The turn was the J♥ and Bleiker checked it. Kenney bet 6.3 million and Bleiker called.

The river was the A♠ and now things got heated. Bleiker bet 6.9 million, but then Kenney raised it to 25.9 million. Bleiker looked pained and burnt through two time-bank chips as he tried to figure out what was up.

Eventually Bleiker called and got instant gratification. Kenney mucked, shipping the chips to Bleiker without the need for a showdown.

Kenney drops to 58 million after that bluff-gone-wrong. Bleiker hits his high point of 134 million. — HS

2pm: Bleiker, Bleiker, Bleiker
Level 19 – Blinds 1.2 million/2.4 million (ante 400,000)

Here’s a series of hands featuring Felix Bleiker, not all of which were to his liking.

In the first, Bryn Kenney got the action started with a 5.2m under-the-gun raise. When Bleiker called the button, it didn’t take Dietrich Fast long to announce he was all-in.

It was an easy fold for Kenney but Bleiker found it a much tougher spot. Both players have a stack of around 100 million so it would signal the end end for one of them if Bleiker called.

However after using up one of his time-bank chips, he elected to find a better spot.

The very next hand, Bleiker opened his cutoff to 5.5 million and again found himself facing a race from Fast. This time Fast had position on him and had made it 17 million on the button. Bleiker tank folded a little quicker this time and Fast picked up another nice pot.

Not to be put off, Bleiker opened the hijack for another 5.5 million and got the steal through this time. It will be interesting to see how this meta affects future hands. -LY

1:55pm: All-ins only in this level
Level 19 – Blinds 1.2 million/2.4 million (ante 400,000)

The tournament has ticked over into level 19 and the first two hands saw all-in moves but no calls.

Jason Koon is now the short stack and he open-shoved for around 25 million from the cutoff and took the blinds and antes.

The very next hand, the action folded around to chip leader Timothy Adams in the small blind. He looked at Steve O’Dwyer’s stack in the big blind (53 million) and set him all-in. O’Dwyer looked at his holding and folded. –MC

1:50pm: Kenney resists call to abandon ship
Level 18 – Blinds: 1 million/2 million (ante 300,000)

After picking up his payout money, Shan Huang appeared on the rail to make a tempting offer to Bryn Kenney.

“You play cash game, Bryn?” Huang said.
“Sure,” Kenney said, before Huang added a caveat. “Now,” Huang said.

Kenney chuckled, glancing down as his stack of chips. Rumour has it that the cash game scene here is potentially even more lucrative than this tournament, but Kenney decided to take his chances and see out the Super High Roller instead. — HS

1:50pm: O’Dwyer makes a move on Koon
Level 18 – Blinds 1 million/2 million (ante 300,000)

Bryn Kenney has opened the last three hands and hasn’t seen much resistance from his fellow final table players, taking down one pot on the flop and successfully stealing the blinds twice.

Steve O’Dwyer and Jason Koon are the table shorties and O’Dwyer used this to his advantage when he shoved all-in from the cutoff on Koon’s big blind. He got it through. — LY

1:45pm: Bleiker overtakes Kenney
Level 18 – Blinds 1 million/2 million (ante 300,000)

Felix Bleiker has overtaken Bryn Kenney after four-bet shoving on the American.

He opened to 4.6 million from middle position before Kenney three-bet to 11.2 million out of the small blind. Bleiker used up a time bank before he made his move all-in. Fold.

Bleiker – 110.4 million
Kenney – 105 million

1:35pm: Take then give
Level 18 – Blinds: 1 million/2 million (ante 300,000)

Jason Koon opened to 4 million from under the gun and Felix Bleiker called in the small blind. This would be the start of a two-hand salvo from Bleiker. One he won, the other he didn’t.

After that spoiler, here are the details.

The first flop came 4♥7♣5♠ and Bleiker checked to face a bet of 4.5 million from Koon. Bleiker called. They then both checked the K♠ turn and 4♣ river and Bleiker showed 6♥6♦. It was good.

On the next hand, Timothy Adams raised to 4.5 million from the hijack and Bleiker called on the button. There was no betting on the flop of 10♠Q♣3♠ nor the 3♥ turn. Then Adams’s bet of 4.5 million on the A♦ river got Bleiker out of it. — HS

1:30pm: Huang busts in a funny hand, takes home $2.276 million for eighth
Level 18 – Blinds 1 million/2 million (ante 300,000)

Then there were seven. Shan Huang, the shortest stack, was taken out by today’s executioner, Bryn Kenney.


A fist-bump for Kenney before Huang leaves

Kenney opened to 4.5 million from middle position and watched as Huang used up a time bank chip while considering what to do with his 13.6 million. He three-bet to 13.5 million, leaving himself 100,000 back.

“Maybe you just call and we go check-check!” said a laughing Huang.

Kenney was laughing along with him and obliged with a call. The board ran out 10♣7♠2♥4♠7♣ with both players checking until the river where Kenney set Huang all-in.


Shan Huang: Applauds his own exit

By that point, Kenney’s A♠4♣ was two pair. Huang called with K♣J♦ and hit the rail. He still takes more than two million from his three days’ fun. –MC

1:25pm: Huang is holding on
Level 18 – Blinds: 1 million/2 million (ante 300,000)

We are now eight handed and there were a couple of small pots.

Tim Adams opened under the gun and was called behind by Jason Koon and Daniel Dvoress. Adams won the pot with a continuation bet on a low paired flop 5♥4♣4♠.

Then Jason Koon made a 4 million raise from the hijack and took it down pre.

It looks like most players are hoping for at least one more ladder… Shan Huang needs to get it in and for a moment it looked like this might be the moment.

After Bryn Kenney made it 4.5 million from the hijack, Huang looked like he was seriously considering a jam. He thought about it for about 15 seconds before saying “I wait.” The action folded round to Steve O’Dwyer who decided he had good enough to three bet jam and Kenney folded quickly. — LY

1:15pm: Newey’s dream ends in ninth for $1.73 million
Level 18 – Blinds 1 million/2 million (ante 300,000)

Two hands. That’s all Paul Newey lasted today. He found a great spot to get his stack in but ran into a bigger hand behind him to bust.

The action folded around to him on the button and he immediately moved his short stack in after peeking at his hole cards. Bryn Kenney was in the small blind and successfully isolated Newey with a shove of his own.

Kenney: A♠9♥
Newey: K♣Q♠


Cheerio to Mr Back-to-Back Paul Newey

The board ran 3♠8♣2♥2♠5♣ to miss both players. Just eight remain. –MC

1:10pm: Fast first
Level 18 – Blinds: 1 million/2 million (ante 300,000)

Much to his obvious displeasure, Shan Huang, under the gun first hand of the day, did not find cards with which he was prepared to speculate. He made a reluctant, garrulous fold. However there was still action with Felix Bleiker opening from the hijack to 4.7 million, Dietrich Fast calling from the cutoff and Bryn Kenney defending the big blind.

After a flop of 7♠2♥8♥ both Kenney and Bleiker checked allowing Fast’s bet of 6.5 million to win the day. — HS

1:05pm: Shuffle up and deal
Level 18 – Blinds: 1 million/2 million (ante 300,000)

Tournament director Rex introduced all nine finalists to a rail that’s already two deep, and play has gotten underway. –MC

12:50pm: Locking up a profit at last
Level 18 – Blinds 1 million/2 million (ante 300,000)

Now we’re down to a final table, everyone is guaranteed at least HK$1.73 million. For three players in particular, the money jump between 10th, which paid HK$1.517 million, and ninth was significant. It means even they are guaranteed a profit.

To explain: all of Bryn Kenney, Jason Koon and Steve O’Dwyer re-entered this tournament at the start of Day 2 having been eliminated late on Day 1. They have each bought in for HK$1.6 million.

With nearly $17 million up top, there’s still every chance to turn that vast investment into a very significant profit. — HS

12:50pm: Welcome to the final day
Level 18 – Blinds 1 million/2 million (ante 300,000)

There are still 42 minutes remaining of level 18. We’re expecting the action to be fast and exciting today. Here’s how the final nine enter the day:

Seat 1. Timothy Adams, Canada – 146.9 million
Seat 2. Steve O’Dwyer, Ireland – 50.4 million
Seat 3. Felix Bleiker, Switzerland – 86.7 million
Seat 4. Dietrich Fast, Germany – 97.3 million
Seat 5. Jason Koon, USA – 39 million
Seat 6. Paul Newey, UK – 12.1 million
Seat 7. Bryn Kenney, USA – 104 million
Seat 8. Shan Huang, China – 18.8 million
Seat 9. Daniel Dvoress, Canada – 75.1 million


Standing (l-r): Daniel Dvoress, Steve O’Dwyer, Paul Newey, Dietrich Fast, Jason Koon, Felix Bleiker, Timothy Adams. Sitting (l-r): Bryn Kenney, Shan Huang.

PokerStars Blog reporting team on the HK$800,000 Super High Roller: Marc Convey, Howard Swains and Lisa Yiasemides. Photography by Kenneth Lim Photography.


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