ACOP Platinum Series III blows up with Yongjun Ma win

February 27, 2014

The PokerStars LIVE Macau poker room predicted a record year for 2014 and if the first two special events are any indication, that prediction looks as safe as the sun rising tomorrow.

After posting a record 995-player field for MPC20, PokerStars LIVE Macau set a personal best for the ACOP Platinum Series.

The first two installments of the Platinum Series has seen steady growth in the HK $5,500 Main Event – going from 169 to 187 runners. But this past weekend, the Asia Championship of Poker’s spinoff series blew up with 301 players for a prize pool of more than HK $1.3 million – passing the 7-figure mark for the first time and completely obliterating the HK $500,000 guarantee.

Former Red Dragon winners Patrick Lee and Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin made deep runs. Lee and Lin finished 14th and 29th respectively.

However, it was China’s Yongjun Ma who would make a fortunate comeback to take the ACOP Platinum Series III title.

Main Event winner Yongjun Ma.JPG

Yongjun Ma

When heads up play began, Ma started out with a 2.5-to-1 chip deficit against fellow countryman Jixue Yin.

Yin looked like he was headed to the winners circle when his pocket queens were all-in against Ma’s pocket threes but Ma hit his miracle 3 to double up and take the chip lead.

It didn’t take long for all the chips to get into the middle again.

Ma: 4♦6♠
Yin: 9♠7♠

Yin looked primed for a double up himself, but it wasn’t to be as the board ran Q♠A♥5♥6♥Q♦ giving Ma a pair of sixes to seal the victory.


1. Yongjun Ma (China) — HK $305,500
2. Jixue Yin (China) — HK $210,400
3. Chunsan Fan (China) — HK $124,900
4. Yen Han Chen (Chinese Taipei) — HK $98,400
5. Yun Jiang (China) — HK $78,100
6. Saehoon Lee (Korea) — HK $64,500
7. Anders Pedersen (Norway) — HK $50,900
8. Katsuhiro Muto (Japan) — HK $37,300
9. Seungworl No (Korea) — HK $30,500

For complete results of the ACOP Platinum Series III please click here.

The next special event at PokerStars LIVE Macau is the 2014 Macau Millions which takes place from March 7-16. The Main Event has an affordable HK $2,200 buy-in and comes with a HK $2 million prize pool guarantee.

The Last Macau Millions drew an Asia-record 1,329 entries and organizers expect to surpass that mark in just a few short weeks.

To find out more about the Macau Millions please visit


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