ACOP Warm-Up: Day 4, Level 22-23 Updates (12,000/24,000/4,000a blinds)

October 27, 2013

4:35pm: Break time
The remaining seven players are heading on a 10-minute break.

Make sure to join us in a new blog post once play resumes.

4:25pm: Croc shoves
Tom Alner opened to 48,000 from early position and Billy Argyros made the call from the big blind to see a 5♥Q♠K♦ flop fall.

Argyros checked and Alner continued for 42,000 only to have Arygros check-raise all in for 219,000. Alner folded and “The Croc” captured the pot as Alner slipped to 690,000 in chips.

4:20pm: Alner puts out the three-bet
Roger Spets opened to 50,000 from under the gun only to have Tom Alner three-bet the button to 124,000.

After some consideration, Spets tossed in his hand and Alner was pushed the pot.

4:10pm: Yang climbing
Jian Yang opened to 54,000 from under the gun and Tom Alner made the call from the big blind.

Yang continued for 50,000 on the 10♣4♦10♠ flop and Alner quickly folded. With that pot, Yang moves up to 2,260,000 in chips.

4:00pm: Croc lucky to be alive
From the cutoff, Billy Argyros moved all in for 165,000 and Tom Alner made the call from the small blind.

Argyros: A♣4♦
Alner: A♥A♦

With Argyros in horrible shape, the 7♦2♠Q♦ flop gave him outs to a backdoor straight, but when the 4♣ landed on the turn, Argyros would need one of the last fours in the deck.

“It’s not over yet!” stated Argyros.

And with that the dealer smacked the 4♠ on the river giving him trips to crack Alner’s pocket aces and send him down to 580,000 in chips as Argyros moves over 350,000.

3:55pm: Saehoon Lee eliminated in 8th place (HK$208,000)
From early position Saehoon Lee moved all in for 136,000 and Tom Alner made the call from the big blind.

Lee: A♠J♠
Alner: Q♦8♦

The flop of Q♣2♠10♥ put Alner in the lead but gave Lee outs to an ace or king. The turn of the 8♥ saw Lee actually gain an out as he now needed any king or nine, but the river fell the 4♦ sending the Korean to the rail in 8th place.

Saehoon Lee – 8th place

3:50pm: Yeu spikes straight on Argyros
The action folded round to Billy Argyros in the small blind and he limped in as Wei Hsiang Yeu checked.

Both players checked the 7♣8♠3♦ flop as the 6♠ landed on the turn and Yeu bet out 40,000. Argyros called, and when the 4♦ landed on the river, he was faced with a 60,000-chip bet.

Argyros would eventually make the call, but then muck at the sight of Yeu’s 5♥3♠ for a straight as the Australian slipped to 170,000 in chips.

3:40pm: Eights for Foran
From the small blind Roger Spets raised to 57,000 only to have David Foran three-bet to 134,000.

After careful consideration, Spets folded and Foran flashed him his 8♠8♣ while moving to 510,000 in chips.

3:35pm: Level up, blinds 12,000/24,000, ante 4,000

3:35pm: Alner doubles
From the button Tom Alner moved all in for 284,000 and Saehoon Lee called from the big blind.

Alner: 10♦10♥
Lee: K♠J♠

The flop of 6♠3♦6♥ kept Alner in the lead and when the 10♠ landed on the turn he would be guaranteed the double as the meaningless 2♦ on the river saw Lee slip to 370,000 in chips.

Tom Alner in action

3:30pm: Argyros finds double
From the button, Billy Argyros moved all in for 117,000 and Wei Hsiang Yeu called from the small blind.

Argyros: Q♥9♣
Yeu: K♣5♦

The board ran out Q♣8♣2♥8♥7♣ and Argyros snagged a much-needed double.

3:20pm: Foran survives
David Foran opened to 47,000 from under the gun and both Jian Yang and Roger Spets called from the cutoff and big blind. Foran then moved all in for 162,000 on the 5♠6♥4♥ flop and Yang made the call as Spets announced he was folding a pair.

Foran: A♦8♦
Yang: 9♦7♠

The turn and river landed the K♠ and 2♠ and Foran survived and moved his stack to 470,000 in chips.

3:15pm: Spets doubles
Roger Spets opened to 40,000 only to have Jian Yang three-bet to 210,000 from the small blind. Spets shoved for 404,000 and Yang called.

Yang: 8♠8♥
Spets: A♣A♥

The board ran out 10♣2♥4♠6♣6♥ to see Spets double through to 830,000 while Yang tumbled to 2,180,000 in chips.

3:10pm: Yeu picks off Foran’s bluff
David Foran opened the cutoff to 40,000 and Wei Hsiang Yeu called from the small blind to see a 8♠7♥10♠ flop.

Both players checked and when the J♥ landed on the turn, Foran bet out 64,000 with Yeu check-calling as the 2♣ completed the board on the river.

Yeu checked and Foran slid out two stacks of chips amounting to a bet of 124,000. Yeu contemplated his decision for nearly two minutes before calling.

“Ace-high!” announced Foran before mucking once Yeu tabled his K♣10♣ for second pair to win the pot and move to 1,625,000 while Foran slipped to 221,000 in chips.

3:05pm: Respect the hat
“Must be respect for the hat, not the stack!” laughed Danny McDonagh.

McDonagh was referencing to the fact that the action folded round to David Foran in the small blind and he folded to give Billy Argyros – who is wearing his standard final table crocodile hat – a walk.

3:00pm: Win for Alner
From the hi-jack Tom Alner opened with a raise to 40,000 and only Yibo Zhou made the call to see a 5♠Q♠J♠ flop fall.

Zhou checked and Alner continued for 32,000 which forced Zhou’s cards into the muck.

2:55pm: No action for Yang
The action folded round to Jian Yang in the small blind and he slid out a stack of yellow 5,000-denomination chips amounting to a raise of 110,000.

With the action on Saehoon Lee in the big, he went into the tank before eventually folding K♦J♠ face up.

2:50pm: Paul Cheng eliminated in 9th place (HK$170,000)
From the cutoff, Paul Cheng moved all in for 49,000 and both Wei Hsiang Yeu and Tom Alner called from the small and big blind respectively.

The A♠A♣4♣10♥J♦ board was checked down to see Cheng reveal his K♠10♠, but it would be Yeu’s J♠7♠ that would see him take the pot and send Cheng to the rail in 9th place.

Paul Cheng – 9th place

2:40pm: Lee draws first blood
Jian Yang opened to 50,000 from the hi-jack and Saehoon Lee made the call next to act.

The 4♥Q♥9♣ flop was checked through to see the 2♦ on the turn and a delayed continuation-bet of 60,000 follow from Yang. Lee made the call, and when the Q♦ landed on the river Yang check-folded to a 170,000-chip bet from Lee.

2:35pm: Final table underway
APPT President Danny McDonagh has introduced all the players at the final table and the photos have been taken to put the tournament underway.

The clock has been wound back to level 22 and the button is in seat 7.


Final Table Awaits
The final day of the 2013 Asia Championship of Poker (ACOP) HK$25,000 Warm-Up is here at PokerStars Live at the City of Dreams in Macau with nine players hoping that they can have two hands on the trophy by day’s end.

One player that already has one hand on that trophy is Chinese player Jian Yang who hovered around the chip leaders for the latter few levels of play yesterday before sky-rocketing to the top courtesy of a huge call he made against Norway PokerStars Qualifer Inge Forsmo with K♦Q♥ against A♣K♣ when Forsmo moved all in for 631,000 into a pot of roughly 1 million on a board of Q♠8♠J♣6♠6♣. Although Yang spent 15 minutes in the tank, it was well worth his time as he made the correction and saw his stack ballon to having nearly 40% of the final table chips.

Jian Yang contemplating Inge Forsmo’s all in

Final Table Line-Up
Seat 1: Billy “The Croc” Argyros (Australia) – 162,000
Seat 2: Wei Hsiang Yeu (Malaysia) – 1,257,000
Seat 3: Tom Alner (UK) – 374,000
Seat 4: Jian Yang (China) – 2,614,000
Seat 5: Saehoon Lee (Korea) – 668,500
Seat 6: Yibo Zhou (China) – 619,000
Seat 7: Roger Spets (Sweden) – 432,000
Seat 8: David Foran (Ireland) – 501,000
Seat 9: Paul Cheng (Hong Kong) – 94,000

Although Yang holds a monster chip lead over the rest of his final table combatants, the other eight will be looking to make their run at capturing the title. Macau regular and Day 2 chip leader Tom Alner may be one of the short stacks, but with a long resume of poker results including a Macau Poker Cup: Red Dragon win back in August, he’ll be definitely one to watch. Billy “The Croc” Argyros has had a resurgence since coming to Macau earlier this year and this is his sixth cash in this very room. Throw in his APPT Melbourne event victory for AU$134,500, and Argyros is definitely in fine form.

The final table is set to begin at 2:30pm local time with the PokerStars Blog providing continuous live updates as we play down to just one – the 2013 ACOP Warm-Up Champion and recipient of the HK$1,700,000 first prize!


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