ACOP Warm-Up: Day 4, Level 24-25 Updates (20,000/40,000/5,000a blinds)

October 27, 2013

6:45pm: Break time
The remaining four players are heading on a 10-minute break.

Make sure to join us in a new blog post once play resumes.

6:40pm: Fours for Jian
Wei Hsiang Yeu entered the pot with a raise to 100,000 only to have Jian Yang three-bet to 240,000 next to act on the button. Once the action folded back to Yeu, he called before both players checked down the 2♦Q♦10♥J♠6♦ board.

Yeu tabled his A♥8♥, but it would be Yang’s 4♦4♣ that would see him capture the pot.

6:35pm: Yeu captures chip lead
From the small blind Wei Hsiang Yeu raised to 120,000 and Jian Yang called from the big.

Yeu then checked the K♥5♠K♠ flop before Yang bet out 100,000 only to have Yeu check-raise to 225,000. Yang quickly called, and when the 6♣ landed on the turn, Yeu led for 300,000 to put Yang into the tank.

Taking over six minutes, Yang would eventually fold and slip to 2,250,000 as Yeu launched into the chip lead to sit with 2,390,000.

6:25pm: Foran flashes ace
David Foran opened to 100,000 from the button only to have Wei Hsiang Yeu three-bet the big blind to 250,000.

After a few moments of deliberation, Foran flashed the A♣ and folded.

6:20pm: Foran’s turn to get lucky
From the small blind Jian Yang raised to 80,000 and David Foran defended his big blind.

On a flop of K♥4♠8♠ Yang led for 290,000 and Foran moved all in for 702,000. Yang instantly called.

Yang: K♠5♣
Foran: Q♠8♣

With Foran in need of that Crocky luck, the dealer would drop the 8♦ on the turn to see Foran take the lead. The river landed the J♥ and Foran climbed to 1,600,000 as Yang dived down to 2,650,000.

6:10pm: Croc doubles again
From the small blind Billy Argyros moved all in for 341,000, and after several minutes in the tank, Wei Hsiang Yeu called.

Argyros: Q♣6♦
Yeu: K♣4♠

The board ran out 9♦Q♦2♦5♦10♦ to see Argyros survive again after making a flush as Yeu slips to 1,820,000.

6:05pm: How many lives does a Croc have?
From the button Billy “The Croc” Argyros moved all in for 188,000 and Jian Yang called from the big blind.

Argyros: 7♠6♠
Yang: A♦J♣

The A♥8♥4♣ flop saw Yang’s rail cheer as Argyros stated, “just a five please!”

The turn was no help as it brought the 8♠, but with Argyros’ rail cheering hard for a five and pressed right up against the final table, the dealer delivered the 5♥ to ensure Argyros’ survival.

6:00pm: Deuce for Foran
David Foran raised the button to 100,000 and Wei Hsiang Yeu called from the big blind.

The J♠8♠6♠ flop was checked through before Yeu bet 100,000 when the turn landed the 2♦. Foran folded his 2♥ face up and the pot was pushed to Yeu.

5:55pm: Chop it up
Wei Hsiang Yeu opened to 80,000 from the cutoff and Jian Yang called from the button.

The dealer dropped a J♥5♠5♦ flop and Yeu continued for 100,000 with Yang calling before both players checked down the 2♦ and 2♠.

Yeu tabled his A♣K♠ and Yang his A♦6♦ to see the pot chopped up.

5:50pm: Updated chip counts
Jian Yang – 3,450,000
Wei Hsiang Yeu – 1,950,000
David Foran – 950,000
Billy Argyros – 260,000

5:45pm: Level up, blinds 20,000/40,000, ante 5,000

5:45pm: Roger Spets eliminated in 5th place (HK$434,000)
From the small blind Roger Spets moved all in for 446,000 and David Foran called from the big.

Spets: K♦10♥
Foran: J♦J♠

The board ran out J♣3♠K♠7♠5♥ to see Spets bite the dust in 5th place as Foran climbs to 900,000 in chips.

Roger Spets – 5th place

5:40pm: Yibo Zhou eliminated in 6th place (HK$358,000)
Yibo Zhou opened to 65,000 from under the gun and David Foran made the call from the cutoff before Jian Yang moved all in from the big blind. Zhou tossed in a chip indicating a call for his last 450,000 as Foran struggled before finding a fold – later saying he had A-Q.

Zhou: 9♣9♥
Yang: J♠J♥

The board ran out 2♦A♣10♦5♥J♦ to see Zhou eliminated in 6th place for HK$358,000 while Yang soars to 3.4 million.

Yibo Zhou – 6th place

5:35pm: Foran shoves on Zhou
Yibo Zhou limped the button only to have David Foran raise to 135,000. Zhou instantly called before the Q♣8♥8♦4♦Q♥ board was checked down to the river.

Foran moved all in for 286,000 and Zhou folded, but not before saying, “if it was any other card I would have called!”

5:25pm: Tom Alner eliminated in 7th place (HK$283,000)
The action folded round to Wei Hsiang Yeu in the small blind and he raised to 65,000. Tom Alner made the call in the big blind and was then greeted by a 100,000-chip bet on the 9♥3♠5♠ flop.

Alner responded by moving all in for 425,000, and after 30 seconds of contemplation, Yeu made the call.

Alner: K♠2♠
Yeu: 8♠7♠

With Alner leading, the 6♣ on the turn would give Yeu a straight and leave Alner drawing to only a spade.

Unfortunately for the Macau Poker Cup: Red Dragon Champion, the river landed the J♦ and Alner was eliminated in 7th place as Yeu moved to 1,980,000 in chips.

Tom Alner – 7th place

5:20pm: Foran shoves
From the button, David Foran opened to 64,000 and Wei Hsiang Yeu called in the big blind.

The flop fell J♦8♣4♠ and an all-in bet from Foran was enough for him to win the pot.

5:10pm: Spets ships
Tom Alner opened to 60,000 only to have Roger Spets move all in for 431,000.

After nearly two minutes of decision-making, Alner would release his hand.

5:05pm: Yang pressures Foran
David Foran opened to 68,000 and Jian Yang called from the big blind before both players checked the 7♣4♣6♠ flop.

The turn of the 10♦ saw Yang lead for 60,000 with Foran calling as the 7♦ on the river was greeted by a 200,000-chip bet by Yang – the first use of the new orange 25,000-denomination chips.

After a few moments deliberating, Foran folded and slipped to 320,000 while Yang climbed to 2,550,000 in chips.

4:55pm: Top two for Billy
Billy Argyros opened to 70,000 from the hi-jack and Yibo Zhou called from the big blind.

The flop fell A♠7♠J♥ and following a Zhou check, Argyros bet out 90,000.

Zhou went into the tank for nearly two minutes before folding as Argyros collected the pot and flashed his A♦J♦ for top two pair.

4:50pm: Chipping up
Although the blue 1,000-denomination chips aren’t needed anymore, APPT President Danny McDonagh always like to leave some chips on the table so it doesn’t look like a barren wasteland.

However McDonagh has opted to color some of the chips up, so now in play are the orange 25,000-denomination chips.

4:45pm: Play underway
The cards are back in the air, and here are the updated chip counts.

Jian Yang – 2,230,000
Wei Hsiang Yeu – 1,660,000
Yibo Zhou – 820,000
Roger Spets – 580,000
Tom Alner – 550,000
David Foran – 385,000
Billy Argyros – 340,000



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