ANZPT Perth Final Table: Levels 20-21 (blinds 10,000-20,000, ante 2,000)

May 06, 2012

4:30pm: Ten-minute break

4:29pm: John Shin eliminated in 7th place

On the second-last hand of the level, Mat Carlsson was in the tank and John Shin and Didier Guerin looked to walk away from the table to take their break a little early. Shin looked at the clock, and knowing that he couldn’t afford to miss any hands with his short stack, he chirped, “There might be one more hand.”

He was right, and unfortunately it would be the last of his tournament.

Didier Guerin opened to 40,000 before John Shin moved all in from the cutoff for around 140,000. David Lloyd was on the button and he also announced himself all in to isolate himself against the short stack. Guerin folded and the cards were tabled.

Shin: K♠J♥
Lloyd: J♠J♦

The board ran out Q♦5♣4♥8♠10♥ to leave Lloyd’s pair in front and eliminate Shin in 7th place for $11,160 in prize money.


John Shin eliminated in 7th place

4:15pm: Straight to the top

A huge pot has just gone the way of Anthony Marenko to leave John Shin hurting.

Marenko opened from early position and Shin made the call in the blinds to take a flop of 10♥4♣K♥. Shin check-called for 60,000, before the Q♣ was the money card on the turn. Shin checked, Marenko bet 180,000 before Shin announced himself all in. Marenko snap-called with J♥9♦ for the straight as Shin threw his head back in dismay as he revealed K♠Q♥ for two pair.

The river was the 4♥ and Markenko doubles up to 1.35 million with Shin slipping to just 170,000 in change.

4:00pm: Two pair for Marenko

Anthony Marenko was introduced this morning as being the tallest player on the final table. Well he’s hoping to grow a chip stack to match that height after winning a nice pot recently against John Shin.

After the flop was checked, Marenko bet 75,000 on the turn on the J♠K♦Q♥2♥ board. Shin called but the 9♣ slowed each player as they checked it down.

Marenko showed Q♦J♦ for two pair to take it down. He’s up to 570,000 with Shin at 850,000.

3:40pm: Ace-high monsterpotten for Aston

ANZPT Sydney third place finisher, Anthony Aston is now into the chip lead after surviving a couple of sizeable bullets from David Lloyd.

Lloyd check-raised the flop, barrelled 220,000 on the turn before checking the river on a board of 9♣4♣2♥10♦7♦. Aston had called him down and quickly tapped the table behind on the river.

Lloyd showed A♣8♣ for a busted flush draw as Aston had made a nice read with A♥K♦ to win the pot with ace-king-high. Aston is up to 1.35 million with Lloyd now short on 350,000.

3:30pm: Level up, blinds 10,000-20,000, ante 2,000

3:25pm: Paul Satzke eliminated in 8th place

Didier Guerin opened to 36,000 before Paul Satzke moved all in for 119,000. Play folded back to Guerin who painfully splashed out calling chips.

Guerin: 8♦4♦
Satzke: 3♥3♦

We could see why Guerin was hesitant after he opened his cards, but he would’ve been pretty happy to be racing.

The flop was 2♦J♣6♦ to give Guerin a flush draw, but it was the 4♠ on the turn which gave Guerin the lead. The river was the 5♦ to give Satzke a straight but five diamonds gave Guerin the flush for the win.

Satzke collects $8,835 for 8th place finish here in Perth.


Paul Satzke eliminated in 8th place

3:20pm: Chips for Aston

Mat Carlsson opened with an under-the-gun raise and Anthony Aston was the lone caller in position to see a flop of Q♠6♣6♠.

Carlsson led out for 66,000 and Aston called before both checked the J♥ turn. The river was the 7♦ and Carlsson checked again to Aston who bet a tasty 56,000. Carlsson took the bait and mucked when Aston showed Q♦J♦ for two pair.

Aston is now up to 900,000 and looking dangerous as Carlsson slips to 880,000.

3:10pm: Check three times, then raise

We’ve seen another interesting hand at this final table, although it took until the river for the fireworks to erupt. Four players saw a board of 3♦3♣A♦7♥K♥ and after action had checked to this point, we weren’t expecting to see much action.

Didier Guerin was the preflop raiser and he took a stab for 75,000. Mat Carlsson folded and John Shin called in the small blind. Action was then on David Lloyd in the big blind and he made a surprising check-raise to 200,000 after tapping the table three times prior. Guerin couldn’t figure it out and paid to see as Shin shrugged and folded.

Lloyd showed 3♥9♥ for trips which was good as Guerin mucked. Lloyd is back up to 750,000 with Guerin dropping to 500,000.

2:55pm: Lucas Mierzwa eliminated in 9th place

Anthony Aston and Lucas Mierzwa went to war preflop in a battle of button versus small blind. Aston held A♣Q♠ on the button but Mierzwa had him dominated with A♥K♣ in the small blind.

Both players had similar stacks, so it was all or nothing right here. Unfortunately for Mierzwa, he got unlucky as the board ran out 9♥J♣Q♣7♠8♣ to see Aston pair his kicker.

Aston is up to 600,000 as Mierzwa collects $6,510 for 9th place.


Lucas Mierzwa eliminated in 9th place

2:50pm: Shin overpowers Satzke

Wow, Josh Shin has come out of the gates with all guns blazing. It’s great to see someone take control of the table so early, and it’s paying off after he’s collected a nice pot from Paul Satzke.

Satzke opened to 45,000 and picked up calls from Shin and David Lloyd in position to see a flop of 7♣7♠J♦.

Satzke led out for 60,000 but Shin popped it to 130,000 to force Lloyd out of the way. Satzke verbalized a reraise to 230,000, but before the chips could be brought into the middle, Shin was all in. Satzke only had another 145,000 more behind, but he still couldn’t find a call as he folded his cards. With that, Shin is back to the top with a stack of 1.1 million as Satzke is now in a world of hurt as the short stack.

2:45pm: Shin gives some back

Picking up the action on the turn on a board of J♠8♥J♦K♥, John Shin fired 52,000 fromt he small blind. Mat Carlsson made the call and the river landed the 7♥. Keeping up the aggression, Shin bet another 66,000 but Carlsson took a moment before looking him up.

Shin tabled A♦5♥ for ace-high as Carlsson was good with his A♣8♠. This puts Carlsson into the lead with about 1.05 million with Shin slipping to 750,000.

2:35pm: Shin doesn’t waste any time

The players didn’t waste any time in getting busy as four of them paid 40,000 apiece on the first hand of the day. John Shin was the preflop aggressor and he led out for 62,000 from under the gun on a flop of 10♠7♦10♦. David Lloyd was the only caller as the 4♥ hit the turn.

Shin reached for chips before tapping the table as Lloyd bet 75,000. Shin check-raised to 155,000 which forced a fold from Lloyd.

An interesting start as Shin gets to 900,000 with Lloyd dropping to 435,000.

2:30pm: We’re underway!

The microphone has been handed to Burswood poker room manager Deb Wyatt who has given the final instructions to shuffle up and deal.

The clock has been wound back to the start of Level 20 with the blinds at 8,000-16,000 with a 2,000 ante, so should give the short stacks a little more play.


2:15pm: Please hold, your call is important to us

The players are unbagging their chips and then have to satisfy the usual media and photography obligations that come with being on a major final table, including having their biographies announced to the audience on the rail. The price of fame!

So there is a slight delay but we should be underway in a few minutes.

2:10pm: The biggest sporting events come to Perth

Move over V8 Supercars and step aside Australian Rules Football (go Roos!). There’s a bigger event in the city of Perth today and its happening right here in the Burswood poker room. It’s the final table of the ANZPT Perth Main Event and we’re about to crown a new champion of Australian poker.

It should be an exciting day on the felt with some aggressive young players and a nice dose of locals which should give the rail plenty to cheer about.

Stay tuned to the PokerStars blog for our live coverage throughout the day!



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