ANZPT6 Sydney Day 2: An endangered species

March 22, 2014

After you’ve been doing this gig for a few years you think you’ve seen it all. But you haven’t. Poker never stops surprising.

Into the third level of the day at the ANZPT Sydney Main Event and we’ve just seen a very rare situation. It’s so rare, that its species would be classed as endangered. It’s that weird looking, wild African bird that has fourteen different colours, looks a little weathered and is just as likely to fall off the branch as fly away. It’s a little bit beautiful and a little bit ugly at the same time.


Today, we saw the rare one-outer, triple elimination (unum exterius triplici remotione).

As a poker reporter, we love sighting this rare species. Karam Bahi also thought it was pretty good.

Bahi was sitting with Q♠Q♦ and with 35,000 already in the middle, only had to commit another 6,000 or so to get involved in a rather crazy four-way all in.

Bahi was hesistant, and that’s probably understandable when three other players were already all in. Suddenly queens didn’t look as great as they did two minutes earlier. Regardless, he was priced in to call and found himself up against A♠A♦, A♥Q♥ and J♦J♠.

Some quick math told us Bahi had just one more lady hiding in the deck.

The dealer burned a card and revealed a rather epic flop of K♥10♣Q♣. Bahi had flopped a miracle set but the hand wasn’t over yet, as incredibly all four players still had hope to win the pot. The guy with jacks wasn’t disappointed as he improved from two outs to five with the case ace or four nines good for a straight to scoop. The guy with aces wasn’t so pleased as he had gone from potentially quadrupling up to now needing a jack to make a straight to stay alive. Meanwhile the short-stacked player with ace-queen was actually pretty happy. He’d gone from virtually no hope to now hold the same straight draw.

The turn was the 4♠ to change nothing, while the 4♣ river completed the board. Bahi had himself a full house and three players had their ANZPT Sydney dreams dashed. There it was, the unum exterius triplici remotione.


Bahi was left to rake in an enormous sea of chips as his stack reached somewhere in the vicinity of 200,000.

While that is now good for a top five chip stack, Bahi is still well behind runaway chip leader Jazz Mathers. In a recent pot, Mathers made a full house with pocket sevens on a board of J♣6♠7♠J♥4♦ against Eugene Zanozin’s unlucky A♥J♦. It was enough to see Zanozin eliminated as Mathers climbed to a commanding 430,000 chips.

There are currently 85 players remaining in the ANZPT Sydney Main Event with the goal to play eight levels this evening before we call it a day, by which stage we should be well inside the money.

Heath “TassieDevil” Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.


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