APPT Cebu: Lights out for Amourette

April 30, 2012

When we kicked off play at the APPT Cebu Main Event final table this afternoon, all eyes were on the short-stacked Antoine Amourette. He was coming into today with just 50,000 in chips, or a little over four big blinds, after a crippling blow late last night when his pocket queens were cracked by Jacky Wang’s pocket jacks in devastating fashion.

Amourette joked about leaving a good tip if he could draw the button to start the day. Well, obviously nobody listed as he sat down in the big blind when play commenced.


“Just to let you know guys, I’m all in,” laughed Amourette before the first cards had even been dealt.

However the under-the-gun raise from Sameer Rattonsey spooked Amourette enough to look at his cards – perhaps his first mistake of the entire tournament. He didn’t like what he saw and was forced to fold.

He then proceed to fold the next five hands, before he found an ace to stick his last 18,000 in the middle. With two callers, ace-high managed to somehow be enough for a triple up as Amourette found himself in profit for the orbit.

After a few more folds and the blinds passed by once again, Amourette looked down at K♣K♥ on the 15th hand of the day and must’ve thought that this was his opportunity to genuinely get himself out of the danger zone. He was all in for his last 38,000 against Sameer Rattonsey’s A♥K♠, but an ace found its way onto the flop to dash any hopes of a remarkable comeback story.

Amourette was unable to make an impression on the final table, and will be a little disappointed to make another deep run at the APPT without getting closer to the pointy end of proceedings. But it was still a wonderful few days in Cebu that will see him pocket PHP494,000 for his efforts.


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