APPT Cebu: Pig out

April 25, 2012

If you read Heath Chick’s post welcoming blog readers to our live coverage of the APPT Season 5 Cebu Main Event, you know that most people who have attended this event in 2010 or 2009 love Cebu. (And if you haven’t read Heath’s post, click the link.) Cebu boasts friendly people, beautiful weather, lovely beaches, and food and drink for miles and beyond.

Those are the perks of attending these events. For players and staff alike, when we travel to PokerStars tournaments around the globe (I’m part of a small group of writers have attended events on every major PokerStars tour and a few of the minor ones as well) we work hard but we drink even harder and we eat very, very well. Just a few months ago in Sao Paulo, I consumed heart on a stick at a churrascaria in Sao Paulo, Brazil with colleagues Brad Willis, Sergio Prado and Reinaldo Venegas. In Seoul, I wrote about an adventure we had looking for Korean BBQ that turned into a cross-cultural moment with a group of drunk Korean bankers and a spicy peasant stew called gamjatang.

Here at APPT Cebu it’s all about the swine.


Oink, oink.

That, my friends, is a whole roast suckling pig that is being served to players and staff directly in the tournament room during Day 1a play today. And let me tell you, having already consumed two plates worth, it is fantastic.

Serving players food during the tournament day is a trend that started back in Seoul. With food options limited around the tournament venue, the staff arranged to have lunch brought into the venue. In Seoul, pizza and chicken sandwiches were served every day. The whole roast suckling pig was the next logical step (obviously).

Roast suckling pig is considered the national dish of the Philippines. The pig is constantly rotated over charcoal for two hours. When it’s ready, a few cooks wielding sharp cleavers expertly hack the piggy up into chewable bits for the consumption and enjoyment of people who look salty, fatty pork products. And if you don’t like salty, fatty pork products, you’re either a commie or your nickname is Kid Poker.

There’s more to come, of course. Typically the APPT staff host a beach party at the Shangri-La resort that serves as the host resort for the qualifiers. That may be on tap for tomorrow night. And then on Saturday we’ll head into Cebu city proper for a night of drinks and dancing at Voodoo Club.

All in a week’s hard work in the Queen City of the South, Cebu.


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