APPT Cebu: The end for Duffman

April 30, 2012

Well, that was tough going. Michael Kanaan was eliminated in 4th place at around 5pm local time. It’s now just ticked past 8pm, but finally we have our final two combatants decided. It will be Nick Wong versus Hoang Anh Do for the APPT Cebu title after the gallant fight of Alistair Duff came to an end in 3rd place.


After the trio exchanged big pots and wild swings for several hours, the crippling blow came for Duff when he three-bet shoved all in with A♠10♠. Pretty standard for a three-handed game, but unfortunately his timing couldn’t have been worse as Hoang Anh Do snap-called with A♦A♥. The flop of 5♥8♦6♠ didn’t change much, however Duff had a lifeline when the 9♥ hit the turn. A seven and it would be all over for Do, but the 3♣ fell to leave Duff crippled.

As has been the trend throughout this final table, the short stack refused to die as Duff found a triple up moments later when king-high somehow survived at showdown. That would be as far as the comeback would go for Duff.

When Nick Wong raised the button to 140,000, Duff again three-bet shoved all in. It looked like close to 500,000, but before we could grab a count, Wong had made the call, the cards were on their backs and the dealer ran out the board at lightning speed. When the smoke cleared we saw that Duff’s Q♠7♠ was unable to better Wong’s A♦7♦ on the board of 2♠K♦9♣J♠A♥.

A superb run by the stoic Aussie as he collects PHP2,086,000 for his time in Cebu.
And with that we are finally heads up for the title. Hoang Anh Do holds close to a three-to-one chip advantage, but Nick Wong does have plenty of big game experience. It should be an exciting conclusion to the APPT Cebu Main Event.


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