APPT Melbourne: Bang, bang, bang!

September 03, 2012

We’re not even an hour into today’s final table and already we’re down to five players following the rapid eliminations of Nigel Andrews, Kristian Lunardi and James Bills.

Andrews entered today very short-stacked and managed one double up to find a glimpse of hope but that was as far as he could go. Andrews three-bet shoved with 7♣7♦ but Kristian Lunardi woke up with his second big pair of the final table as he called with K♦K♣. The board ran out Q♣J♥10♣Q♥10♥ to see Andrews head to the cashier.


“You played great with that short stack,” said Tom Grigg as Andrews shook hands around the table, and he was right. Andrews battled hard and will be well pleased with $36,240 for 8th place.

It seemed like it was going to be Kristian Lunardi’s day after he rebuilt his stack and was starting to look dangerous, but it all came unstuck moments later.

Wayne Bentley raised the button to 60,000 before Lunardi three-bet to 165,000 from the small blind. Bentley shoved all in and Lunardi quickly called with A♥Q♥ to be racing with Bentley’s 7♦7♥. The flop was a bare 10♥3♣9♣ but Lunardi picked up a ton of outs with the 4♥ turn card. But it wasn’t to be as the 4♠ completed the board, leaving Lunardi to pocket $45,300 for 7th place.


Bentley’s hot run didn’t end there as he has just disposed of James Bills in 6th place.

Bills was the short stack and moved all in from under the gun holding A♣J♣ as Bentley made the call in the big blind with K♠Q♥. The board was again kind to the Englishman as it ran out K♥K♦6♠2♦3♣ to deliver trips and the end of the road for Bills. He collects $57,375 for a great run here in Melbourne.


As we catch our breath, the five remaining players are now lead by Wayne Bentley with 2.4 million. Tom Grigg is staying out of danger, but he’ll be looking to ramp up the aggression short-handed, while the others are happily enjoying the pay jumps.


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