APPT Melbourne Day 3: Levels 16-17 (blinds 4,000-8,000, ante 500)

July 31, 2011

5:45pm: Level up, blinds 5,000-10,000, ante 1,000

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5:40pm: Parshenkov perishes

After being dented in the previous hand, Anatoly Parshenkov moved all in for his last 132,500 following an opening raise to 17,000 by Phil Willcocks.

“Sold!” said Willcocks as he matched the bet and opened K♣Q♦ but Parshenkov was ahead with his A♦6♥.

However that all changed when the board ran out 3♠Q♠4♠Q♥9♥ to give Willcocks trip queens to take the pot. Willcocks is at 1.9 million with Parshenkov eliminated in 19th place.

5:35pm: Parshenkov pays off Jones

Russian PokerStars Qualifier Anatoly Parshenkov has been crippled to 133,000 after doubling up Australia’s Will Jones with only minutes to go in the level.

The action folded to Parshenkov who raised to 25,000 from middle position before Jones re-raised from the hijack, making it 59,500 to go. After the others got out of the way, Parshenkov shipped the rest of his stack into the middle and Jones called all-in for 201,000 total.

Jones: A♠A♥
Parshenkov: K♣J♣

Jones held his lead after the flop came down 5♥9♦8♠, but Parshenkov got a piece of it with the K♥ on the turn. Needing either a repeat king or jack, the river was the 9♣, but Jones’ two pair was best and he’s now up to 472,000 in chips.

5:25pm: Craib AWOL

As the PokerStars Blog team went to check out the latest action on table 32, Fabian Craib was getting up out of his seat. As he began to walk away from the table, he announced, “I gotta go boys, there’s something I gotta do,” which naturally drew a few puzzled looks between his tablemates. 

We’ve been informed by the floor staff that Craib had advised them that he was due to take a leave of absence at this time, and will be away from the casino for at least two hours.

However, we’ve been unable to find out the reason behind it, but we can say that he has 170,000 in chips left, which by our calculations, will make it very close as to whether or not his stack will survive the day. Good luck sir!

5:25pm: Carle fried

Leo Boxell opened with a raise to 18,000 before Michael Frydman bumped it up to 43,000 on the button. Action was then with Mitch Carle in the small blind and he cold four-bet to 88,000. Boxell got out of the way as Frydman thought for a while before announcing himself all in. Carle snap-called and tabled Q♣Q♦ as Frydman was racing with his A♦K♠.

The flop of 6♥4♣10♥ was good to Carle but the A♠ on the turn was perfect for Frydman. The river blanked the 7♦ and after a countdown of chips Frydman narrowly covered his opponent to send Carle to the cashier to collect $12,200 for his 20th place finish.


Another deep APPT run for Mitch Carle

5:15pm: Toothpick splintered by Zheng

Leo “The Mechanic” Boxell is now the only player in contention to take the lead in the PokerStars ANZ Player of the Year race after Antonis “Toothpick Tony” Kambouroglou was eliminated in 21st place at the hands of New Zealand PokerStars Qualifier Jackson Zheng.

The action folded around to Kambouroglou who raised to 30,000 before the flop from middle position before Zheng moved all-in from the big blind. Kambouroglou called all-in for about 165,000, but his 6♥6♦ were dominated by Zheng’s Q♠Q♥.

Both players made two pair on the board of J♠5♠10♦A♦10♥, but Zheng’s ladies were best and he’s now up to 712,000 in chips after that hand.

5:10pm: Lau lost

Marcus Lau is heading to the rail in 22nd place. His last stand came when his last chips were in preflop with A♣9♥ but he found himself dominated by the A♠K♥ of Michael Frydman. The board ran out without a nine to save himself and Lau was sent to the rail.

5:05pm: Two more on the rail

Following the redraw we’ve lost a couple more players in quick succession to reduce our field to 22.

First to go was the short-stacked Keiran Harris who pushed his last 25,000 chips in preflop with [3][6] but couldn’t improve against Anatoly Parshenkov’s [a][q].

He was soon followed by Ricky Kroesen who won’t be happy after his A♠A♥ were cracked by the Q♥Q♠ of Jackson Zheng. All the chips were in preflop with Zheng spiking a set on the board of J♠9♠Q♦K♣8♦. Kroesen is out as Zheng moves up to 543,000.

5:00pm: Final three tables

Table 29
Seat 1: Will Jones
Seat 2: Phil Willcocks
Seat 3: Kyle Cheong
Seat 4: Luke Edwards
Seat 5: Eddie Mascardi
Seat 6: Keiran Harris
Seat 7: Michael Guzzardi
Seat 8: Anatoly Parshenkov

Table 31
Seat 1: Antonis Kambouroglou
Seat 2: James Obst
Seat 3: Ricky Kroesen
Seat 4: Aharon Shabtay
Seat 5: Phares Bouya
Seat 6: Jackson Zheng
Seat 7: Van Marcus
Seat 8: Julius Colman

Table 32
Seat 1: Marcus Lau
Seat 2: Michael Frydman
Seat 3: Mitch Carle
Seat 4: Ivan Zalac
Seat 5: Fabian Craib
Seat 6: Aaron Lim
Seat 7: Leo Boxell
Seat 8: Steven Calder

4:50pm: No more Norah

Norah Greer is now off to the cage to pick up $8,600 for her 25th place finish after having been eliminated at the hands of fellow Queenslander Mitch Carle, who’s up to 336,000 in chips.

The action folded around to Greer who open-shoved for 103,000 from the hijack holding K♦Q♦, but found herself flipping for her tournament life against Carle, who called from the big blind with 7♥7♣.

Even Greer was in awe after the dealer spread the flop of K♥7♠Q♣, which despite giving her top two pair, still kept Carle in the lead with bottom set! A sweaty 10♦ appeared on the turn to give Greer some home with the Broadway draw, but the river A♦ completed the board to seal her fate.

This is the second time this year that Greer has finished up in a PokerStars event as the last woman standing, adding to her ninth place finish in the ANZPT Gold Coast event – a stellar effort! The clock has been paused while the remaining 24 players redraw for the final three tables.

While you wait, check out Team PokerStars Pro Chris Moneymaker’s tour of Melbourne, Crown Casino and the APPT.

4:45pm: Boxell bounces back

Leo Boxell is the immovable object. No matter what these young Internet kids throw at him, Boxell just won’t be dislodged from his chair.

In a big preflop race, Boxell has dented the hopes of PokerStars Team Online player Keiran Harris in a big double up.

It was a blind on blind affair, with Harris opening to 16,500 before Boxell moved all in over the top from the big blind. Harris deliberated before making the call with A♥Q♦ to find himself racing with Boxell’s 6♣6♠.

The board bricked out 5♦J♥2♣J♣7♥ to give Boxell a big double up to around 450,000 with Harris now on life support with just 30,000 in change.

4:35pm: Au revoir, Anunu

We’re now down to 25 players after Australian PokerStars Qualifier Mishel Anunu was eliminated at the hands of New Zealand’s Jackson Zheng, who is now up to 410,000 in chips.

The action folded around to Zheng who raised to 16,000 from the button before the flop; fellow Kiwi Phil Willcocks folded his small blind and Anunu called from the big blind, making it heads-up to the flop of J♦8♠4♥.

Anunu check-called Zheng’s bet of 12,000 after the flop and check-called again after Zheng fired out 45,000 after the turn of the 3♦. Anunu then checked his option once more after the dealer produced the river of the 5♣, which prompted Zheng to ask, “Have you got me covered? How much do you have?”

 Anunu counted down his chips.

“About 125,000,” was the reply.

”Okay, I’m all in,” Zheng said, putting in the amount and leaving another 35,000 behind.

After two minutes in the tank, Anunu called, showing down 10♣8♦, but Zheng revealed J♠3♠ for two pair. Anunu picked up $8,600 for his 26th finish.

4:30pm: Guzzardi peels one

Scott Peel is next to go after his steal attempt backfired. Peel shoved his last 50,000 or so chips from late position with a modest 6♣3♥ but Michael Guzzardi was in the big blind with A♥Q♠ and made the call.

Both players paired up on the Q♦5♠6♠ flop, but the 2♥ turn and Q♣ river left Guzzardi in front to eliminate Peel from the tournament. He’ll collect AU$8,600 for his efforts.

4:20pm: Play resumes, blinds 4,000-8,000, ante 500

4:05pm: Fifteen-minute break

4:05pm: Another double for Calder

In one of the last hands before the break, Australian PokerStars Qualifier Steven Calder has doubled through Antonis “Toothpick Tony” Kambouroglou to move up to 142,000 in chips.

The action folded to Luke Edwards who raised from middle position before Kambouroglou came in with a re-raise from the hijack position holding 10♦10♣. Calder then four-bet shoved from the button, forcing Edwards out of the way before Kambourgolou called, only to find himself crushed by Calder’s K♠K♣.

Neither hand improved on the board of 5♣J♥A♣4♦9♦ and Kambouroglou slipped to 289,500.


Toothpick Tony in action at the APPT Melbourne

4:00pm: Kroesen survives

Ricky Kroesen has been pretty quiet today as he was content to sneak into the money and lock up those valuable POTY points. However his tournament just found some life with a double up through Phil Willcocks.

Kroesen’s last 64,000 were all in preflop with K♦J♦ but he trailed the A♠6♦ of Willcocks. That is, until the flop fell 10♣Q♦9♥ to give Kroesen the nut straight and leave Willcocks needing a miracle. It didn’t arrive on the 7♦ turn and 7♥ river and Kroesen doubles up to around 140,000.

3:55pm: From hero to zero – Koray Turker is eliminated

Incredibly, Koray Turker is the first man to head to the cashier. He and Phil Willcocks were easily first and second in chips, but now only one man stands atop of the mountain as Willcocks has sent Turker crashing and burning to the rail in the most dramatic fashion.

Some would say it was a matter of time.

Willcocks opened from the button to 14,000 and Turker defended his big blind with a call. The flop landed 7♦3♣5♣ and Turker led out for 21,000. Willcocks raised to 65,000 but Turker wasn’t done just there as he re-raised to 165,000. Willcocks made the call.
The turn brought the 3♠ and Turker slid out a bet of 194,000. Willcocks thought for a few moments and made the call as a massive pot was already in the middle before the 2♣ was dealt.

Turker decided his only move was to go all in for somewhere in the vicinity of 600,000 but Willcocks quickly called with K♣10♣ for the rivered flush as Turker’s Q♦4♥ busted straight draw had been picked off.

Turker is out as Willcocks is now up to nearly two million in chips and almost quadruple his nearest rival.


3:50pm: Double, double, boil and bubble …

It’s been a good 15 minutes since the bubble burst, and there are still quite a few short stacks in the field, but we still haven’t had an elimination yet as two of them have just doubled up on the feature table!

Earlier, the action folded around to Scott Peel who moved all-in for his last 20,000 from the hijack position with Q♦5♠, but found himself behind in a big way against the A♠3♦ of Michael Guzzardi. Peel fell even further behind after Guzzardi picked up the Broadway draw on the flop of 10♠K♥J♦ and kept the lead after the 7♣ came down on the turn.

However, Peel spiked the 5♣ on the river and scored the much-need double to move up to 56,000 in chips, while Guzzardi moved down to 450,000.

Soon after, Australian PokerStars Qualifier Eddie Mascardi got the last of his money into the middle before the flop with A♠9♥ and found himself ahead of fellow Aussie Fabian Craib, who called with K♥Q♥. Despite Craib improving to two pair after the flop and turn of 5♣Q♠9♣5♦, Mascardi “Greensteined” it with the river A♥ to stay alive!

Craib was reduced to 90,500 while Mascardi increased his stack to 110,000, but we are pleased to report that Phil Willcocks is now officially the first player to crack the magical one-million chip mark!

3:35pm: Koray Turker: sickness personified

Australian PokerStars Qualifier Ivan Zalac has just been the latest player to have copped a massive hit to his stack from New Zealand’s Koray Turker, and as a result is down to just 215,000 in chips.

The action folded to Turker who raised to 11,500 from the button before the flop; Zalac flat-called from the small blind, then led out for 16,000 after the flop of A♥7♣9♦. Koray quickly called, then both players checked the turn of the Q♠ before Zalac splashed out a bet of 55,000 on the river of the 7♦.

Again, Turker didn’t hesitate to call and Zalac sheepishly rolled up 8♥4♥, which still lost out to Turker’s K♥6♥!

”Just king high?” Ricky Kroesen asked.

”Jeez, must be nice to have value,” said Jackson Zheng.

Even Zalac was gob-smacked and asked how he was able to call his bet. “I felt like you were trying to get me there,” Turker replied. “I have to do what I can to get more chips.”

And Turker has plenty of them – in fact, he’s now up to 890,000. Boom!

3:30pm: Bubble bursts on Garrett

The bubble has burst without too much fanfare or excitement as Jeff Garrett was the man who left our final 29 players empty-handed.

Garrett was all in from under the gun for his last 7,500 and found three callers. The flop landed 4♠3♦J♣ and Anatoly Parshenkov tossed out 15,000 from the small blind into a dry side pot. The other two live players stepped aside as Parshenkov opened 5♣5♥. It wasn’t top pair, but it was enough for the lead against Garrett’s A♠2♥.

The turn was the 10♣ and river the J♠ to eliminate Garrett from the tournament as everyone else is now relieved to be $8,600 wealthier.

3:25pm: Guzzardi gets Greer again

Norah Greer is now down to 142,000 in chips after losing another big pot against Michael Guzzardi as hand-for-hand play continues here in the APPT Melbourne Main Event.

We picked up the action three-handed on a flop that read 10♦7♥5♠. Michael Guzzardi chekced out of the small blind to Mitch Carle, who opened for 19,000 from the UTG position. Greer raised to 40,000 from the button, but Guzzardi check-called, forcing Carle out of the way before Guzzardi and Greer checked down the turn of the 4♦.

However, Guzzardi fired out 60,000 after the dealer produced the K♣ on the river, and after some deliberation, Greer laid her hand down. Guzzardi is now on a healthy 473,000 in chips.

3:20pm: ANZ Player of the Year update

While we sit on the bubble with hand-for-hand play in full affect, we should mention the current situation in the ANZ Player of the Year race.

A min-cash has huge significance for Ricky Kroesen and Leo Boxell as that will be enough to jump them into the top three in the POTY race. However it won’t be enough for the lead. To grab the lead Boxell will need to finish at least 24th and Kroesen will have to make it to 18th to move ahead of current leader Jesse McKenzie.

Toothpick Tony is the only other player still in contention for the lead, but he’ll need to win the tournament, and hope Boxell and Kroesen fall, while Luke Edwards can sneak into the top three with a victory here in Melbourne.

With AU$80,000 in sponsorship prizes up for grabs, it’s certainly on the players’ minds as they keep one eye on each other’s progress.

3:10pm: Carle on a downward spiral

Mitch Carle has been on a downswing of late over on the feature table and has just surrendered more of his chips to Michael Guzzardi, who’s now holding a stack worth 387,000.

The action folded to Carle who raised to 12,000 from middle position before Guzzardi called from the small blind. Eddie Mascardi tank-folded from the big blind, so off they went heads-up to the flop of 5♦J♠8♦.

Guzzardi check-called Carle’s bet of 16,500 after the flop, then both players checked the turn of the 2♣ before Guzzardi led out for 35,000 after the river 6♠. Carle went into the tank for almost three minutes before making the call, but mucked after Guzzardi showed down [A][J].

Carle is now down to 246,000 in chips after that hand.

3:05pm: Hachem bubbles the bubble

Dual ANZ Player of the Year titleholder Tony Hachem has just been sent to the rail in 30th place at the hands of fellow Melburnian Leo Boxell, who now has 233,000 in chips.

The action folded to Hachem in middle position who open-shoved for around 50,000 before Boxell moved all-in over the top for about 150,000. The others quicky got out of the way and the cards were tabled:

Boxell: A♥A♦
Hachem: A♠J♣

The board ran out K♣3♦K♠9♣7♦, and just like that, the last Hachem brother in the field was eliminated and we are now at hand-for-hand play!

2:55pm: Double for Anunu

Mishel Anunu has found a timely double up of his short stack in a battle of the blinds against Koray Turker. Anunu held K♣J♦ as Turker made the call with A♣Q♦. The flop of 10♠3♣10♦ missed both but Anunu paired up on the J♥ turn to take the lead. He still had a sweat as Turker had overcards and a straight draw, but he missed when the 4♣ fell on the river.

Anunu doubles to 250,000.

2:50pm: Level up, blinds 3,000-6,000 ante 500

It seems the deadlock cannot be broken as 30 players still remain in contention for the APPT Melbourne title. It’s been a while since we had an elimination, with the short stacks hanging on for dear life.



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