APPT Melbourne Day 4: Levels 21 & 22 (blinds 12,000-24,000, ante 3,000)

August 01, 2011

7:25pm: Play resumes, blinds 15,000-30,000 (ante 3,000)

6:25pm: One-hour dinner break

With the players now off to get themselves fed and watered, it’s given us the perfect opportunity to get you official chip counts.

Will Jones (Australia) 2,053,000
Leo Boxell (Australia) 1,942,000
Phil Willcocks (New Zealand) 1,705,000
Steve Bouya (Australia) 1,149,000
Van Marcus (Australia) 853,000

Play will resume at approximately 7:25pm local time. See you soon!

6:20pm: All smiles in the Apple Isle

Phil Willcocks has refused to rein in his aggression, but the New Zealander’s just paid off Melbourne’s Steve Bouya and Hobart’s Will Jones in a couple of big pots leading up to the dinner break.

Earlier, the action folded to Willcocks who raised to 50,000 from the button before Bouya called from the small blind to go heads-up to a 4♥Q♦6♥ flop. Bouya check-called Willcocks’ bet of 60,000, then both players checked the turn of the 8♥ before Bouya opened for 105,000 on the river of the 4♣. Willcocks mucked his hand.

Two hands later, Willcocks came in with another raise of 50,000 from under the gun, but this time it was Jones that called from the big blind. Both players checked their option on the flop of J♥3♦9♦, then Jones bet 50,000 on the turn of the 3♥ and Willcocks called before folding to Jones’ bet of 123,000 when the dealer produced the river 9♠.

Willcocks is down to 1.65 million, while Bouya moves up to just over 1.1 million. However, the Tasmanian contingent of the PokerStars Blog team is all smiles, as Jones is now the chip leader with 2.1 million!

6:10pm: Michael Frydman eliminated in 6th place (AU$58,000)

The APPT Melbourne Main Event is down to just five players after the elimination of Sydney’s Michael Frydman.

Down to just 534,000 in chips, Frydman open-shoved his stack from under the gun with 9♠9♥, only to see Leo Boxell wake up with 10♥10♦ from the cutoff. Both players made two pair on the board of 7♦2♦2♠8♦6♦, but it still brought Frydman’s run in this tournament to an end, with Boxell now up to just over two million in chips.

With six previous final table appearances here in Melbourne since 2001, we hope we’ll be seeing more of Frydman in and around the circuit now that he’s banked AU$58,000 for his sixth place finish.

6:00pm: Jones in the zone

Will Jones has been picking his spots carefully at this final table, but he’s just taken down a big pot of Steve Bouya to increase his stack to more than 1.9 million in chips.

Jones opened the pot preflop for 50,000 from middle position and the action folded to Phil Willcocks, who called from the cutoff, as did Bouya from the small blind to go three-handed to a flop of 7♦3♥3♣. Bouya checked and Jones bet 65,000, but Willcocks folded before Bouya check-raised to 225,000.

Jones called, then Bouya led out for 300,000 on the turn of the 2♣. Again, Jones called, then both players checked down the river 8♥ before Bouya tabled 4♥4♣ for two pair. However, Jones revealed 7♣6♣ for the bigger two pair to scoop the pot!

Bouya is down, but certainly not out, as he still holds 1.1 million in chips.

5:45pm: Willcocks back in business

New Zealand’s Phil Willcocks is now back up to 1.9 million in chips, recuperating all that he lost earlier through Michael Frydman and Leo Boxell.

In the 95th hand of the final table, the action folded around to Willcocks who raised to 55,000 from the cutoff before the flop; Frydman re-raised from the button, making it 100,000 to go and both Steve Bouya and Leo Boxell folded from the small and big blinds respectively before Willcocks called, with both players then checking the flop of 6♠7♥J♣.

However, Willcocks then opened for 100,000 on the turn of the 10♥, which was enough to see Frydman lay his hand down. In the very next hand, Willcocks came in with the opening raise worth 95,000 and Boxell called from the small blind before check-calling Willcock’s bet of 30,000 after the flop of A♠7♣K♥.

Boxell then check-called again after Willcocks bet 100,000 on the turn of the 8♣ and then led out for 100,000 after the 2♥ came down on the river, only to tank-fold after Willcocks fired out a raise worth 300,000. Boxell is now down to 1.65 million in chips, but Frydman’s beginning to look a little shaky out there, holding just 550,000.

5:30pm: Where did all the flops go?

The last six players in the APPT Melbourne Main Event have been putting on a great display of pre-flop raising here at this final table, but the strain is clearly showing on the faces of the railbirds, who are itching to see some flops.

We’ve seen a couple of big ones though – earlier, the action folded to Will Jones who raised to 50,000 from middle position; he found two callers in the form of Phil Willcocks frm the cutoff and Leo Boxell in the big blind, making it three-handed to a flop of J♦J♠8♦.

All three players checked the flop, as well as the turn of the 4♣, but on the river of the 10♠, the action checked to Willcocks who bet 100,000. Boxell was the only caller and Willcocks showed A♠10♥ for two pair. Boxell also tabled A♦10♦. Chop it!

From there, the players traded a few more blinds and antes before Boxell came in with a raise of 62,000 from the small blind. Van Marcus called from the big blind and then raised to 150,000 after Boxell led out for 50,000 on the flop of 6♦K♠A♠. Boxell called, but then check-folded the turn of the 8♣ after Marcus moved all-in.

With that, Marcus is back up to 880,000 while Boxell is down to 1.8 million.

5:15pm: Eddie Mascardi eliminated in 7th place (AU$45,800)

Eddie Mascardi, the last PokerStars Qualifier in the field, has just been eliminated in seventh place in the very first hand after the break by fellow Aussie Will Jones, who now sits behind a stack worth 1.35 million.

The action folded around to Jones who raised to 50,000 from middle position before the flop; Mascardi promptly shoved the last of his stack into the middle with A♥8♦, but Jones snap-called, rolling up A♠A♣.

Eddie Mascardi’s first live final table appearance has earned him a seventh-place finish (AU$45,800)

The board of 7♥K♥2♦3♠K♣ improved Jones to two pair and Mascardi’s now off to the cage to sign off on an AU $45,800 payday. A solid effort from the Brisbanite amateur, who adds this result to his previous APPT in-the-money finish when he cashed in 17th place in the 2010 edition of the APPT Auckland Main Event.’s Nicki Pickering caught up with Mascardi during the break – check out the video below:

5:10pm: Play resumes, blinds 12,000-24,000 (ante 3,000)

5:00pm: 10-minute break

Here’s the latest wagering disc distributions for you:

Leo Boxell (Australia) 1,870,000

Steve Bouya (Australia) 1,600,000
Phil Willcocks (New Zealand) 1,400,000
Will Jones (Australia) 860,000

Van Marcus (Australia) 730,000

Michael Frydman (Australia) 615,000

Eddie Mascardi (Australia) PokerStars Qualifier 600,000

4:55pm: Willcocks recuperates

New Zealand’s Phil Willcocks has been relentless in his pursuit for his first APPT title, but after taking a huge hit to his stack, he’s managed to get it back up to 1.2 million in chips.

The action folded to Willcocks who raised to 40,000 from middle position before the flop; he found one caller in the form of Leo Boxell, thus it was heads-up to a flop that read 7♣8♠9♦. From there, Boxell check-called Willcocks’ bet of 55,000, then both players checked down the turn and river of 7♥, 9♥.

Willcocks’ Q♦10♥ was no good against Boxell’s K♣J♦ and he slipped to just 850,000 in chips. Van Marcus then stole a few small pots with some aggressive pre-flop raising and three-betting, but soon after, the action folded around to Will Jones who raised to 40,000 from the button. Willcocks called from the small blind and Michael Frydman folded the big blind before Willcocks opened for 60,000 after the 6♠10♠8♥ flop.

Jones called, then the action repeated both on the turn on the 9♥ after Willcock’s bet of 100,000 and the river 8♣, where Willcocks fired out another 200,000 before showing down Q♦J♦ for nut straight. Jones flashed [7][6], but to the victor go the spoils.

Jones is now down to 850,000, but Boxell’s now extended his lead, holding 1.95 million in chips!

4:40pm: Jones joins the party

Tasmania’s Will Jones has come out swinging in the most recent action here at the APPT Melbourne final table and is now up to 1.3 million in chips.

Earlier, Jones called Steve Bouya’s raise of 47,000 from the big blind before check-calling Bouya’s bet of 60,000 after the flop of 5♦6♦6♠ before both players checked the turn of the 7♦ and the river Q♣. Bouya tabled A♠K♠, but Jones had flopped two pair with his A♥5♥ to take down the pot.

A few hands later, Jones came in with a raise to 43,000 from the hijack position and Michael Frydman called from the button, only to fold after Jones pushed out a bet worth 49,000 after the flop of Q♣6♠9♣.

Both Bouya and Frydman’s stacks took a hit as a result, with Bouya now down to 1.7 million, but Frydman will have a bit of work to do, as he’s on just 790,000.

4:30pm: More pain for Willcocks

New Zealand’s Phil Willcocks has just given away chips to both Leo Boxell and Steve Bouya and as such, he’s now down to 1.05 million as play continues seven-handed at the APPT Melbourne final table.

Earlier, the action folded to Willcocks who raised to 40,000 from the hijack position before the flop; Boxell was the only caller from the small blind, but then they both checked all the way down the board of K♥10♥6♠K♠Q♥. Willcocks clearly didn’t like what he saw, because he insta-mucked without showdown. Easy game.

A few hands later, Van Marcus opened the betting with a raise of 50,000 from the cutoff before Willcocks called from the button. Bouya also called from the big blind and all three players checked the flop of 8♦6♣4♥ before Bouya opened for 65,000 after the turn of the 9♥.

Marcus folded, Willcocks raised to 150,000 and Bouya called, making it heads-up to the river of the 2♦, where Bouya check-called Willcocks’ bet of 225,000. Willcocks could only muster up J♦10♦ for nothing but air, but Bouya was best with bottom set, tabling 2♠2♣. Bouya’s now up 1.65 million in chips.

4:15pm: Slow jam

With only seven players remaining in the inaugural APPT Melbourne Main Event, the action on the felt has slowed somewhat, with only one flop seen in the last 15 minutes, but plenty of the old preflop-raise-no-callers routine.

That one flop went the way of Leo Boxell. After raising to 60,000 from under the gun before the flop, the action folded to Steve Bouya who called from the big blind, but then he check-folded after Boxell led out for 125,000 after the flop of J♦3♣Q♣. Ever the honest Injun, Boxell flashed A♣Q♠ before raking in the pot.

However, Michael Frydman was the beneficiary from a particularly strange pot that played out just after Jackson Zheng’s elimination. Bouya raised from under the gun to 45,000 and Boxell called from early position before Van Marcus also called from the cutoff. Will Jones called from the button, as did Willcocks from the small blind, but Frydman quickly shoved for 613,000 from the big blind.

All the others got out the way just as fast and Frydman jokingly pumped his fist in celebration, much the amusement of all present. Frydman is now up to more than 850,000 in chips as a result.

4:00pm: Jackson Zheng eliminated in 8th place (AU$36,700)

Phil Willcocks is now the last Kiwi remaining in the 2011 APPT Melbourne Main Event after taking out his compatriot Jackson Zheng in eighth place.

From under the gun, Willcocks raised to 40,000 and the action folded around to Zheng who shoved his last 181,000 into the middle from the cutoff with K♣Q♥. The others got out of the way and Willcocks called, showing down 4♦4♣ and improved to two pair after the dealer spread the flop of J♣J♠8♥.

Jackson Zheng’s run in this event has ended with an eighth-place finish (AU $36,700)

The 9♥ on the turn gave Zheng a few more outs with the gut-shot straight draw, but the New Zealander ended up “beached as” after the 5♦ bricked out on the river. Zheng’s now heading back to the Land of the Long White Cloud AU$36,700 richer, with Willcocks now up to 1.35 million in chips.

3:50pm: A fool and his money …?

Leo Boxell has now taken the overall chip lead in the APPT Melbourne Main Event after taking a big pot off Steve Bouya in one of the first hands after the break.

From under the gun, Boxell made it 55,000 to go and the action folded to Michael Frydman, who flat-called from the small blind. Bouya also called from the big blind, so it was three-way action to the flop that read Q♣3♠9♥.

Both Frydman and Bouya checked to Boxell who bet 100,000; Frydman folded, but Bouya called before check-calling Boxell’s bet of another 100,000 after the turn of the 7♠. Bouya then fired out 250,000 on the river of the 9♦, but when Boxell called, Bouya quick-mucked his hand.

“You can’t bluff an idiot!” Boxell joked before padding his stack with his newly-acquired chips. Boxell is now leading the way with 1.7 million, while Bouya was reduced to 1.25 million and change.


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