APPT Melbourne: Stacks of chips

September 03, 2012

It’s often a good indicator to see who has the most small denomination chips at a poker table. It will usually mean that player is the most aggressive as they are winning the most pots and picking up a lot of blinds and antes.

If the railbirds who arrived to the final table of the APPT Melbourne were unsure of what had been happening so far today, a quick glance at the texture of our three player’s chip stacks would’ve been a pretty good clue.


Keith Walker has his chips neatly stacked in groups of ten – half the size of the twenty-chip standard stack. He got himself up to about three million a short time ago, but has slowly leaked chips to now be left with about five half stacks of chocolate 25k chips worth 1.5 million in total. His yellow 1k chips have been mostly anted and blinded away under the relentless pressure of his opponents.

Sam Razavi is faring a little better. A few moments ago he had just two and a half stacks of chocolate chips, maintaining his position with a series of all-in shoves, mostly over the top of the opens from Tom Grigg. They had brought folds on every occasion, but the one time that Grigg found a hand and called with ace-king, Razavi was able to produce pocket nines. The board ran out jack-high and Razavi was back in the game with a stack of about 2.6 million.


Meanwhile the most impressive chip structure belongs to Australian Tom Grigg. He virtually owns all of the yellow 1k chips in play, indicating the enormous pressure he’s been putting on the other two over the course of the last hour or two. He’s raised every button and pretty much every small blind, and he was getting away with it until Razavi started to fight back recently with his short stack. Grigg’s stack comprises of over twenty stacks of yellows, worth two million alone, with another two stacks of chocolates for a total of three million. Despite doubling up Razavi, he still holds the chip lead, and while the pots are kept small you get the feeling that he’s in control of the situation. He’ll just keep wearing his opponents down until he can land a fatal blow.


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