APPT Queenstown Day 1c: Levels 1-2 (blinds 75-150)

August 24, 2011

2:30pm: Fifteen-minute break

2:28pm: Karib runs into aces

Joshua Jurcic’s hot run continues while the pain for Karib Karib has come to an end with his elimination from the tournament.

Jurcic opened with a raise to 500 from the hijack position before Karib Karib three-bet to 2,000 in the big blind. Jurcic made a quick call before the flop fell J♠9♣Q♠.

Karib moved all in for his last few thousand but Jurcic quickly called and opened A♣A♥ as Karib was in deep trouble with his A♠Q♦.

“Beautiful hand,” sighed Karib as the turn 6♥ and river 6♣ didn’t help him. Karib is out as Jurcic stretches his chip lead to 47,000 chips.


A brief stay in Queenstown for Karib Karib

2:25pm: Dodds picked off by Greer

There’s been action-a’plenty on offer over on table five, with Aussies Joel Dodds and Norah Greer locking horns in a recent hand as we approach the first break of the day.

On a board that read 6♦6♥4♦Q♣, Dodds bet out 1,325 into Greer, who flat-called before the dealer turned up the 2♠ for the river. Dodds fired out another 3,800, but Greer quickly called. Dodds could only muster up 7♠5♠ for a busted straight draw, much to Greer’s delight, who rolled over 8♥8♣ for two pair.

Dodds is down to 16,600, while Greer is just over the starting stack with 20,600.

2:20pm: Boxell scores big in discount Sale

Australia New Zealand Player of the Year leader and APPT Melbourne champion Leo Boxell didn’t have the best of starts this afternoon, but he’s now back up to 21,000 after crippling New Zealand’s Alicia Sale.

The action folded around to Sale who limped in from the hijack. Boxell called from the button and Norah Greer completed her small blind before Octavian Voegele checked his big blind for a four-way pot into a flop of 8♥2♦4♣.

Greer checked to Voegele who continuation-bet 300. Sale, Boxell and Greer all called before Greer and Vogele checked to Sale on the turn of the 9♣. Sale bet 600, but Boxell raised to 2,400, forcing Greer and Voegele out of the way.

Sale called and then she check-called Boxell’s bet of 2,000 on the river of the 6♣, only to muck after Boxell showed down A♣3♣ for the nut flush. Sale is now in strife, sitting on a stack of just 4,100.

2:15pm: Where’s Tony?

One man that is a surprise non-starter in today’s field is two-time ANZ Player of the Year Tony Hachem. Already spotted around town, we assumed Tony would be taking his seat in today’s field. However we believe Tony wasn’t feeling 100%, so with Joe already eliminated yesterday, we assume he’s decided to spend some time with his brother around Queenstown instead.

While Tony is a drawcard, we do still have several other previous champions in today’s field including ANZPT Adelaide champion Octavian Voegele, last year’s ANZPT Queenstown champion Julian Cohen and the most recent champion, APPT Melbourne winner Leo Boxell.

2:10pm: Reimana relinquishes to Rewi

It’s been a case of friendly fire over on table two, with Kiwis Emerson Rewi and Voctor Reimana going toe-to-toe as the action continues in Day 1c of the APPT Queenstown Snowfest Main Event.

From under the gun, Charles Caris raised to 450 and the action folded around to defending Queenstown champion Julian Cohen who called from the cutoff. Rewi called from the button, as did Reimana from the small blind, making it four-handed into the flop of 6♣2♥5♦.

The action then checked around to Rewi who bet 500; Reimana was the only caller, but then both players checked down the turn of the 10♦ and the river 10♠ before Rewi tabled 8♠8♥ for two pair.

Reimana tapped the table and threw his hand into the muck. He’s now down to 17,400, while Reimana is up to 26,000.

2:05pm: Voegele wins it multi-way

With three limpers in the pot before him, Octavian Voegele ruined the party with a raise to 800 from the hijack position. It didn’t work as well as Voegele had hoped as all three limpers made the call to see a flop of 7♦9♥7♣.

Brian Biggs checked to Leo Boxell who bet out 1,200. Norah Greer made the call, while Voegele and Biggs also stuck around to see the 3♥ hit the turn.

Action checked to Voegele who move 2,500 into the middle. Biggs made the call, as Boxell and Greer stepped aside before the 3♠ landed on the river. Biggs decided to lead out on this occasion as he tossed out 5,500 into the pot. Voegele wasn’t thrilled as he sighed and verbalized a call.

It was the right call as Biggs quickly tossed his cards into the muck as Voegele showed down 10♥10♠ to collect the pot and move up to 32,000.


Octavian Voegele will be feeling a littler better after collecting a healthy pot

1:50pm: Nice call Mr. Caris

For the second time today we’ve seen a big river call and no cards tabled, as Charles Caris happily accepted a nice pot.

The board read 4♥A♥10♥A♦8♦ as Kyle James fired out a bet of 2,525 to send Caris into the tank. After a few moments of deliberation he made the call and James conceded his cards into the muck. Caris flashed the 10♠.

There’s a reason why Caris is in the top 20 in the ANZ Player of the Year, as his solid call netted him the pot to move up to 23,000.


Charles Caris in action at the APPT Queenstown Snowfest

1:35pm: Overlay city

It’s also been announced that we have six no-shows today – a variety of people who satellited in but couldn’t make it to Queenstown. The chips have been withdrawn from play but the money will stay in the prize pool. Hello overlay!

So we believe that puts the current count for today’s entries at 43 with registration still open.

1:30pm: Level up, blinds 75-150

1:20pm: Voegele suffering

“So how many more levels do we have to play?” sighed an under-the-weather Octavian Voegele.

“Six,” came the reply.

Not one to miss out on a big night on the town, it appears Voegele is now suffering the morning after the night before, after enjoying himself a little too much at last night’s Player’s Welcome Party. Despite claiming to have drunk plenty of water, it hasn’t seemed to have helped so he’s now drinking what appears to be a hot lemon drink.

“New Zealand’s best hangover cure apparently!” chucked Voegele.

1:15pm: Dodds straight into the action

A late arrival into today’s field was Australian circuit regular Joel Dodds, and he’s quickly got to work on Table 5. Opening the action with an under-the-gun raise to 300, Dodds found calls from the hijack and Norah Greer on the button to see a flop of K♦4♦10♦.

Dodds came out swinging with a bet of 525. The hijack player folded but Greer made the call as the J♥ hit the turn. Dodds fired again, this time for 850 and again Greer made the call.

The river fell the 7♣ and checks were good for both players with Greer first to open her J♣Q♣. However second pair wasn’t enough as Dodds tabled K♠Q♠ for top pair. Dodds chips up to 23,000.

1:05pm: All-in alliteration for Karib’s obliteration

From UTG +1, Brian Briggs raised to 300 and the action folded to Joshua Jurcic who called from the hijack, as did Karib Karib from the big blind to go three-handed to a flop of J♠7♣Q♣.

Karib checked to Briggs who opened for 650 and Jurcic called, but Karib check-raised, making it 3,700 to go. Briggs folded, Jurcic shoved and Karib beat him into the pot, tabling J♥7♥ for bottom two pair, but Jurcic pumped his fist in celebration as he quickly rolled up Q♠Q♥ for top set!

The 2♦ on the turn confirmed the win for Jurcic, with the river K♦ merely a formality. With that, Jurcic is our early chip leader with 41,000, while Karib is down to just 7,400.


Joshua Jurcic is the early chip leader on day 1c

1:00pm: Big call by Huntly

It felt like we were standing at the table for an eternity, and we only witnessed half of the hand, but the end result was that Dennis Huntly pulled in a healthy pot with a big river call.

Catching the action from the turn, the board read Q♦10♣J♦6♦ when Huntly checked it over to Elliot Nicholls who bet 2,550. Sitting motionless, Huntly took a very long time before tossing out calling chips as the Q♥ completed the board.

Huntly checked and Nicholls decided to fire again for 5,250. Again Huntly took several minutes to react, and eventually mustered up a call. It was the right decision, as Nicholls didn’t even show, preferring to toss his bluff straight into the muck.

Huntly raked in the pot and his cards were also left a mystery. He’s up to 27,000.

12:50pm: Getting down to business

The action we’ve witnessed here in the Summit Room over the last couple of days has been frantic, to say the least, and already the players are putting the pedal to the metal here on Day 1c.

Over on table one, the action folded to Dennis Huntly who raised to 350 before the flop. Xia Dong Xia called from the button, only to see Elliot Nicholls re-raise to 1,450 from the small blind. Jeremy McDonald called from the big blind, Huntly folded and Xia called, making it three-handed to the flop of 5♣Q♣Q♠.

With such a scary-looking board, the action slowed down, with Nicholls checking his option before McDonald came out with a continuation-bet worth 1,600. That was enough for Xia and Nicholls to muck their hands.

12:40pm: Good things come in small packages

It’s a slightly smaller field here this afternoon with four tables in operation and currently 35 players registered. That should mean that by the end of the day we’ll be down to a small enough field to avoid having split Day 2 fields which was originally planned.

Some of the notables in today’s lineup include Karib Karib, Joel Dodds, Octavian Voegele, Charles Caris, Dennis Huntly, Norah Greer, defending ANZPT Queenstown champion Julian Cohen and the man they are all chasing in this year’s Player of the Year race, and recently announced Australian Hall of Fame inductee, Leapin’ Leo Boxell.

12:30pm: Last chance in Queenstown

The third and final batch of hopefuls have entered the fray here at the SKYCITY Queenstown Casino for Day 1c of the APPT Queenstown Snowfest Main Event. Some might question their choice of start day after the tomfoolery of last night’s Welcome Party here at the Wild Thyme bar.


Before play kicked off we had a special presentation for one player in today’s field, New Zealand’s Alicia Sale who was victorious in one of the side events earlier in the week. Besides scooping the lion’s share of the prize pool, Sale also picked up a PokerStars snowboard as added value!


Alicia Sale collects her snowboard for winning one of the side events earlier in the week

We should also mention that yesterday was a busy day for Team PokerStars Online player Dale Philip. After playing all day in the Main Event and accumulating one of the biggest stacks, he then jumped into the Pot Limit Omaha side event and took it down. Nice work Dale, and the snowboard is on its way!

As the players have taken their seats, SKYCITY Queenstown Casino Shift Manager Andrew Gray welcomed the players and uttered the immortal words to “Shuffle up and deal!”

We have four tables in operation with play once again scheduled to last six levels until we bag and tag.


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