APPT Queenstown Day 3: Levels 13-14 (blinds 1,500-3,000, ante 300)

August 27, 2011

6:05pm: Ten-minute break

5:55pm: Schreiner clips Swannack

Marcel Schreiner opened with an raise under the gun and Cole Swannack made the call to see a flop of 4♣J♦A♥. Schreiner check-called the flop and again check-called for 28,600 on the 4♥ turn before both players checked down the 8♠ river.

Swannack gave up with his 10♦9♦ with Schreiner taking it down with his K♣K♥. Swannack is down to 142,000 with Schreiner now in a commanding position with 530,000.

5:50pm: Prokhorov goes pop

A slightly prolonged bubble has just been burst with Russian PokerStars qualifier Artur Prokhorov the unfortunate victim.

Prokhorov struggled with a short stack for most of the day but he couldn’t find the double up required to stay alive. His opponent was Hugh Cohen who opened with a raise to 6,500 from the cutoff. Prokhorov made a stand for his last 10,400 in the big blind with A♥5♣ and Cohen made the call with J♣7♣.

Cohen took the lead on the K♦7♦4♥ flop and it was all over when another 7♠ appeared on the turn. The river was the 5♣ as Prokhorov received a nice round of applause as our bubble boy, with the remaining fifteen players all relieved to now be in the money!


The unfortunate bubble boy is Russian PokerStars qualifier Artur Prokhorov

5:45pm: Caris survives

Charles Caris has survived an all in for his tournament as the bubble continues here at the APPT in Queenstown.

Caris moved all in from under the gun for his last 27,900 and Ben Paurini was quick to make the call in middle position as the rest of the table stepped aside.

Caris opened Q♠Q♥ as Paurini was trailing with his J♠J♣.

The board ran out A♦K♣9♥3♦5♥ to give Caris the double up to 61,000 with Paurini slipping back to 95,000.


Charles Caris survives the bubble with a big double up

5:30pm: Pot Knox

Carl Knox opened with a raise to 7,000 from the cutoff before Hugh Cohen three-bet to 19,000 from the big blind. Knox made the call and the two saw a flop of 5♥A♦K♠.

Cohen led out for 13,100 and Knox called before both players slowed down with a check on the 2♣ turn. The river was the 6♥ and Cohen checked it over to Knox who threw out 23,000 into the pot. It was enough to force a fold from Cohen to give Knox a handy pot. He’s up to 179,000 with Cohen back to 193,500.

5:15pm: Laidlaw king on the bubble

We’ve just seen a big bubble double for Daniel Laidlaw as Ben Paurini’s aggression saw him caught speeding. It started with a raise to 6,000 from Jonathan Karamalikis from the cutoff with Paurini calling on the button. Laidlaw squeezed out a raise to 21,000 from the big blind which forced a fold from Karamalikis but Paurini called to see a flop of 2♦7♣10♣.

Laidlaw led out for 23,000 and Paurini made the call in position as the 3♦ hit the turn. Laidlaw checked it over and Paurini announced himself all in. Only problem was that Laidlaw snap-called with K♠K♦ to leave Paurini needing an ace from space with his A♣Q♥.

The dealer burned and revealed the 8♥ to double up Laidlaw to around 280,000, with Paurini down to 105,000.


Daniel Laidlaw is pretty happy on the inside with that double up

5:05pm: Five-bet shove by Zheng

Often on the bubble, we have two different tales to tell. The short stacks are nitting it up, playing a game of cat and mouse to survive and reach the money. While at the other end of proceedings, the big stacks will often step it up to another gear as they take advantage of the dead money with some ultra-aggressive play.

The following hand is definitely the latter as a few of the bigger stacks tangled. Marcel Schreiner opened it up to 6,000 from the cutoff before Jackson Zheng three-bet to 13,700 on the button. Action then folded to Jonathan Karamalikis who cold four-bet it to 23,000 in the big blind. That was enough to force a fold from Schreiner but Zheng decided to move all in over the top. It worked a charm as Karamalikis snap-folded.

5:00pm: Level up, blinds 1,500-3,000, ante 300

4:58pm: Marcel muscles Laidlaw

Daniel Laidlaw opened from the cutoff position with a raise to 5,200 before Marcel Schreiner three-bet to 13,300 in the small blind. Laidlaw made the call and the flop landed J♣K♥5♦.

Schreiner led out for 12,200 and Laidlaw called before both players checked the 4♥ turn. On the 2♠ river, Schreiner fired another 32,200 which was enough to take it down as Laidlaw folded. Schreiner extends his chip lead to 455,000 with Laidlaw down to 142,000.

4:55pm: Rewi bubbles the bubble

The rapid-fire eliminations keep coming here in Queenstown as we’re now on the money bubble following the elimination of Emerson Rewi.

Rewi moved his short stack all in from middle position with A♥J♦ and Cole Swannack made the call in the big blind and tabled 8♣8♥.

The board ran out 10♥5♥10♦6♣8♦ to improve Swannack to a commanding full house to eliminate Rewi from the tournament. Swannack is now up to 194,000 as hand-for-hand play commences on the bubble.


Emerson Rewi is on the rail as we’re now on the money bubble!

4:50pm: Hinrichsen eliminated

The chances for an elusive brotherly double have just taken a turn for the better after Julian Cohen watched on as his brother Hugh sent fellow Australian PokerStars Qualifier Andrew Hinrichsen to the rail.

The action folded to Tom Grigg who raised to 5,000 from the hijack pre-flop; Cohen re-raised to 13,100 from the button, but Hinrichsen shoved for 75,000 from the big blind. Grigg went into the tank for several minutes before making a reluctant fold, but Cohen snap-called, showing down A♥K♦ against Hinrichsen’s A♦5♦

Cohen stayed ahead after the flop of 7♦8♥3♥, but Hinrichsen found hope with the nut flush draw when the 3♦ appeared on the turn. The river ran red, but it was in the form of the 4♥ and we’re now two bust-outs away from the money as Cohen stacks up 205,000 in chips.


Andrew Hinrichsen busts just short of the cash

4:50pm: Octavian out

Daniel Laidlaw opened with a raise to 5,200 from the cutoff before Octavian Voegele moved all in from the small blind for around 26,000. John Waterman was in the big blind and he then declared himself all in to force Laidlaw out of the way.

“Uh oh,” sighed Voegele as he realised his K♠9♥ was in bad shape. Indeed, it was bad news as Waterman opened A♠A♦.

With his railbirds calling for a something to offer a little hope, it wasn’t to be as the board ran out 3♦5♠4♦7♦3♣. Voegele is out with Waterman up to 120,000.


The short-stacked Octavian Voegele couldn’t find a double up and was sent to the rail

4:45pm: Vickers triples

New Zealand PokerStars Qualifier Gavin Vickers is now up to 37,000 after tripling up through fellow Kiwi Carl Knox and Australia’s Tom Grigg.

The action folded to Knox who raised to 5,100 from the cutoff before Grigg re-raised to 13,300 from the button. Vickers then called all-in for 10,900 from the small blind and Hugh Cohen folded his big blind before Knox and Grigg both called, but then checked all the way down the board of 9♥8♦4♥3♥4♠.

While Knox didn’t show his hand, Grigg tabled A♦10♥ to take down the sidepot, but Vickers’ A♠Q♣ was best for the main pot and we are still at 19 players.

4:35pm: Biggs goes bang

From the cutoff, Brian Biggs decided to move all in for a total of 52,000 in chips. Daniel Laidlaw was next to act and he moved all in over the top as the blinds stepped aside. Laidlaw opened A♥Q♠ and Biggs wasn’t happy as his A♠10♠ was in bad shape.

The board ran out 4♥A♣5♠8♠Q♣ and despite picking up a flush draw on the turn, Laidlaw held on to pair up on the river and eliminate Biggs in 20th place. Laidlaw is now up to 170,000.


A big move backfires for Brian Biggs

4:30pm: Bell dings his last Dong

2010 APPT Sydney champion Jonathan ‘xMONSTERxDONGx’ Karamalikis has chipped up to almost 200,000 after eliminating Wayne Bell.

From the hijack position, Bell moved his last 15,500 into the middle before the flop holding A♥9♠, but was snapped off by Karamalikis who showed down A♦K♦ to have the New Zealand PokerStars Qualifier out-kicked.

Both players paired up on the flop of A♠Q♦2♥, but Karamalikis sealed the deal when the K♥ spiked on the turn to give him two pair, with the river J♠ completing the board.

Bell is our first elimination of the day and Karamalikis is up to 198,000 in chips.


Wayne Bell is the first casualty of the day

4:30pm: Paurini pounds on Laidlaw

Ben Paurini opened with a raise from under the gun to 5,300 and picked up callers in Daniel Laidlaw and Xiao Dong Xia in position to go three ways to a K♦Q♠A♠ flop.

Paurini followed up with a continuation bet of 10,100 with Laidlaw calling as Xia stepped aside.

The turn was the 3♦ and Paurini asked for a count of his opponent’s stack before tossing out 28,000. Laidlaw quickly gave it up as Paurini flashed A♥K♥ on his way to 235,000. Laidlaw is sitting on 110,000.

4:25pm: Grigg takes a small hit

Hugh Cohen raised to 5,100 from the UTG +1 position and the action folded around to Tom Grigg who called from the big blind, before he checked in the dark to a flop that was spread 2♣8♣Q♦.

Cohen bet 6,100 and Grigg called, but then both players elected to check down both the turn of the Q♣ and the river 7♠.

“Ace high,” Grigg said, turning up A♣9♦. Cohen revealed 7♦6♠ for two pair and while he briefly lamented for not betting the river, he scooped the pot and moved up to 140,500. Grigg is down to 245,000.

4:15pm: Swannack moving chips early

Kiwi Cole Swannack is the first to make waves here on Day 3 of the APPT Queenstown Snowfest Main Event.

After raising under the gun, Swannack fired barrels worth 7,200 and 18,600 on the flop and turn, before moving all in for his last 83,300 on the river on a board of 10♥2♥9♠4♠4♥. His opponent was overnight chip leader Marcel Schreiner who sustained two bets but couldn’t call on the river as he tossed his cards into the muck.

Swannack moves up to 148,000.

4:05pm: A day of two halves

There are two goals for our players today. First we need to lose half a dozen players before we reach the money. Yep, that’s right, six of these guys are going home empty-handed for three days of toil.

Once we reach the money and a guaranteed NZ$6,000 payday, we’ll have to lose another six before we reach our official final table of nine players. At that point, we’ll shut up shop for the evening and return tomorrow to play it out until we crown ourselves a champion.

Before play kicked off, hostess Lynn Gilmartin caught up with our current chip leader, Germany’s Marcel Schreiner.

4:00pm: The sleep in is over as Day 3 commences

The delayed start time has been thoroughly enjoyed by players and media alike today with many taking advantage of the extra time to hit the ski slopes, sample the local market or prop bet their way around the indoor mini golf course. However the time for fun is over and now the serious stuff is underway.

The players have taken their seats, unbagged their chips and the cards are back in the air as the APPT Queenstown Snowfest Main Event continues.



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