APPT Seoul: Big draws

March 11, 2012

If the first hour of Day 3 was about dominated aces, the second hour has to be about big draws. They’re the kinds of hands that, if you flop them, you’re either going broke and hitting the rail or scooting out to a big double-up.

At Table 12, the result for Moritz Ortmann was a big double-up. He took over the chip lead from Daisuke Endo after they took a flop of 6♦8♦9♥. Ortmann stood up from his chair to get a better look at the tournament clock, confirming that he had reached the next pay jump. Even if he hadn’t, it’s hard to imagine he wouldn’t have called off his stack with a big straight-and-flush draw, A♦7♦. Endo showed down pocket jacks, creating a 50-50 situation for both players. The turn blanked, but Ortmann filled his straight with a river 10.


Tables 11 and 12 in action

At Table 11, Michael Guzzardi and Vincent Rubianes both flopped huge draws. They got all the chips in on a board of 9♦Q♠J♠, with Guzzardi showing A♦10♠ for a straight-and-ace draw. His draw wasn’t as big as he hoped, however, as Rubianes showed down 7♠9♠ for a pair and a flush draw that killed two of Guzzardi’s outs. Rubianes made his flush with the A♠ turn card, leaving Guzzardi’s straight-and-ace draw dead but giving him a flush draw. The river blanked out.


Vincent Rubianes is cruising

But there are plenty of other big draws in the Paradise Casino if Guzzardi is so inclined. There are two side events underway this afternoon – the KRW 6,000,000 High Rollers event is the biggest buy-in ever seen in three seasons of events at APPT Seoul. For those looking for smaller stakes, the KRW 300,000 NLHE Bounty event fits the bill nicely. It’s proved an especially big draw today, as it quickly hit its 70-player cap. An additional 34 alternates are waiting on the rail for seats.

The city of Seoul itself has been a big draw for the players. It’s been three-and-a-half years since the last APPT event here. Many of the players that played the Main Event and side events this week weren’t even on the tour back then.

Seoul, one of the most wired and cosmopolitan cities in the world, has proven irresistible.


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