APPT Seoul: By the numbers

March 09, 2012

During the course of tournaments, we bloggers often come across little factoids that never make it into the blog for a variety of reasons. Having collected several of those factoids during the first two days of the 2012 APPT Seoul Main Event, I decided to take a page from my colleague Jess Welman at BLUFF Magazine and organize them into their own post.

Without further adieu, I give you the 2012 APPT Seoul, “by the numbers”:

268: size of the combined Day 1a and Day 1b field for the 2012 APPT Seoul Main Event. Although 268 isn’t close to a record for the APPT, it does smash the previous Seoul record of 186 players set back in Season 1.

21: percentage of the field that hails from Japan. Tokyo and Osaka are short two-hour flights from Seoul, making it easy for the Japanese players to make the trip. 57 players did so, including Masa Kagawa, Yasuhiro Waki, and Mayumi Kaneko. The more degenerate among them have spent the last two days slamming the baccarat table as hard as they can and shouting excitedly at natural nines.


Mayumi Kaneko

37: countries from which the 268 players hail. The most unique country on the list? Qatar.

194,000,000: Korean Won to be received by the winner of the tournament. It works out to roughly $176,000.

56: survivors from Day 1a. They were led by an American, Christopher Park, who was the only player to reach six figures in chips yesterday (119,800).

73: players remaining on Day 1b at the end of Level 6.

0: number of Asia Player of the Year points that the winner of the event will receive. Because Korean players cannot take part in this event, APPT staff have decided that no Asia Player of the Year points will be awarded for any of the results here in Seoul so as not to put Korean players at a disadvantage in the POY race.

5: players all in after the flop in a hand of 5-10 PLO last night that took place just as Day 1a was wrapping up. The best hand showed down was two pair.

50: pizzas delivered to the tournament floor during Level 6 to feed hungry players and staff.

31: age in years of APPT staff member Dom Choi, who celebrated his birthday today on the tournament floor. APPT President Danny McDonagh coaxed some applause for Dom out of the field, but there was no singing of the traditional “Happy Birthday”.


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