APPT Seoul: Kwon gone

March 11, 2012

Things are starting to get a little shove-y at our final table here in Seoul. That usually leads to some blood. Canadian Mike Kwon is the latest victim.

Kwon was ready to depart earlier this afternoon. He wound up all in on the wrong side of a 10s versus 9s battle against Jose Severino. Kwon turned his set of 9s but the board flushed, allowing Severino to chop out half the pot. Still, Kwon acknowledged that a chop was far preferable to a bust-out as he took off his jacket and sat back down.

Kwon’s good fortune ended there though. When short stack Rafael Sans shoved for the fourth time in less than two orbits, Kwon picked up kings in the big blind and snap-called. Sans was drawing at an ace with A♠Q♠ and promptly binked it on the flop, A♣5♠6♦. The turn and river blanked, sending 324,000 chips from Kwon’s stack to that of Sans.

The very next hand Andrew Kim opened to 100,000, four times the big blind. Kwon may have felt good about picking up A♥J♥ in the small blind, but it was another case of ace domination when he shoved for 190,000 total and Kim snap-called with A♦Q♣.

Kwon seemed to accept that he was unlikely to escape the noose for a second time. He again stood up, put on his coat, and slung his bag over his shoulder. The flop and turn were all baby blanks, 7♦3♣6♦5♣. Vincent Rubianes grinned and called for a four, hoping to see Kwon chop from the wrong side a second time. No chop here though; the 9♠ sent Kwon to the rail in 7th place.

Surely Kwon is disappointed with how his final table turned out. If those kings had held, he’d have knocked out Sans in 7th place and moved up to an average-sized stack with six players left. From there, just about anything could have been possible.

Instead he’ll walk off with 27 million Korean Won and wonder, like so many players before him, about what might have been.


Mike Kwon (left) during Day 2 action


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