APPT7 Melbourne: Four to the floor

September 09, 2013

“The Croc” is biting today as Billy Argyros is making a serious comeback in a brave run at the APPT Melbourne title. Argyros landed an early double up with ace-jack against David Yan’s pocket sevens, and just now, he’s taken care of Phi Luu with the very same hand.

Luu moved all in preflop for his last 295,000 from early position and action folded to Argyros in the big blind.

“Here, we will find out together,” said Argyros as he squeezed his cards face up to the table. He found A♦J♥ and made the call as Luu showed Q♣9♣.

The flop of 6♦4♦7♦ was great for Argyros as Luu’s outs were reduced even further, as the 7♠ turn and A♣ river completed the board for the knockout blow. Luu took home $29,200 for 7th place.


The action didn’t stop there as six quickly became five with the elimination of Crown local Joe Cabret.

Action folded to Cabret in the hijack position and he open-jammed for a hefty bet of 615,000 holding pocket eights. Play passed to David Yan in the big blind who took a moment before making the call with A♣Q♠. The flop fell 7♠5♦A♥ and Yan spiked the ace to see Cabret stand from his seat in preparation for his departure. The 3♥ turn didn’t change anything, and neither did the K♣ river. After being down to just a chip and a chair late on Day 3, Cabret managed to claw his way back so he should be satisfied with a $37,550 score for his 6th place finish here at the APPT Melbourne.


Within an hour of play, we’ve lost four players. At this rate, we won’t need to worry about dinner plans, as we’ll be going out for lunch! Of course, things should slow up a little now with the deeper stacks in play. David Yan has extended his lead out in front to now sit with 3.4 million chips, with Ashley Mason next best on about 2.2 million.

Photos provided by Kenneth Lim Photography

Heath “TassieDevil” Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.


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