APPT7 Melbourne: Round and round we go

September 09, 2013

Just when we thought we were in for an early evening today, the poker Gods caught wind of what was going on and promptly put us back in our place.

With a deal struck three-handed and the clock yet to tick over to 4pm local time, we thought all was good with the world. We thought we might actually see sunlight for the first time in a week. Little did we know that the battle had only just begun.


The short stacks just would not die. First it was Billy “The Croc” Argyros who found a pair holding ace-queen to double through Bowdy Tolhopf’s pocket fours.

Then it was Tolhopf’s turn for a little luck when he opened with a raise, Argyros three-bet, David Yan cold four-bet, and Tolhopf insta-jammed with ace-queen. Argyros got out of the way but Yan called with pocket queens, only to see an ace from space fall on the turn to stay alive.

A short time later, it was Yan’s turn to double up. He was all in with ace-ten and racing against Talhopf’s pocket sevens but a board of 10♣5♦A♦10♦Q♥ brought Yan a full house and he was back in business.

An interesting tussle between Yan and Argyros led to Yan making a big river fold holding a backdoor flush on a board of 5♦7♠5♣A♣4♣. Argyros bet 150,000, Yan made it 500,000 and Argyros re-popped it to 1,000,000 causing Yan to insta-fold 8♣6♣. Argyros raised his eyebrows and flashed the K♣.

Argyros would then double again with A♠J♥ surviving against Tolhopf’s J♣9♣ to see this three-handed battle roll on into its third hour.

Incredibly enough after all of those fireworks, they are nearly back to where they started two hours ago. Tolhopf is out in front with 4.8 million, Yan holds 2.7 million with Argyros on the short stack with 1.7 million.


Photos provided by Kenneth Lim Photography

Heath “TassieDevil” Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.


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