APPT7 Queenstown: Chon chomped

August 03, 2013

It hasn’t taken long to lose our first player on the APPT Queenstown final table as Michael Chon is the first casualty.

After defending his big blind with a preflop call, Chon check-raised all in on the 9♣K♠5♥ flop with K♣7♥ for top pair but the giant-killing Jonathan Bredin wasn’t going anywhere with his K♥Q♦. The Q♣ turn sealed the deal before the J♣ completed the board.

Chon was first to visit the cashier, collecting NZ$10,200 for his 9th place finish.


Meanwhile Bredin added the chips to his stack to increase his chip lead as he now sits with around 740,000 chips. Also on the move is Raj Ramakrishnan who recently flopped a set of nines to crack the pocket kings of Jon-Pierre Narbey. The double up boosted Ramakrishnan to outright second place with 470,000 as Narbey slipped to 300,000.

At the other end of the scale, Colin Carpenter has been sitting quietly waiting for a good spot as the short stack, while Daniel Laidlaw has been active with a couple of all-in shoves to steal some valuable blinds and antes to stay alive with eight players remaining.


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