APPT7 Queenstown: Narbey no more

August 04, 2013

After doing his bit to contribute to the world record hand we posted previously, Jon-Pierre Narbey was perhaps a little rattled as things went south soon after.

It was a big hand against Daniel Laidlaw that did the damage on a board of A♠J♥A♦9♥J♣. Laidlaw had the ace for aces full, with Narbey flashing a jack for an inferior full house.

It left Narbey crippled and in a position that he was unable to recover from. His final hand saw him find A♣K♠ to be racing with Raj Ramakrishnan’s 3♠3♣ but the board was spread 7♠3♥2♦7♥10♦ to improve Ramakrishnan to a full house to send Narbey to the rail.

It was a great run by the stoic Kiwi as he takes home NZ$23,800 for 5th place for the best result of his poker career.


It leaves Chiu Lee as the last local standing but he’s got some work ahead of him as he short stack with 270,000. Daniel Laidlaw has the chip lead with a stack of 920,000 with Jonathan Bredin next best with 600,000 while Raj Ramakrishnan sits with 365,000.
The four remaining players are now guaranteed NZ$28,900 in prize money.


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