APPT7 Queenstown: Neilson and Carpenter on the rail

August 04, 2013

The eight remaining players dug their heels in for the best part of two levels before we saw our next elimination here at the APPT Queenstown Main Event. Prior to that, the chips had been passed around the table with Raj Ramakrishnan copping two devastating blows with pocket queens as Colin Carpenter doubled up with aces, and Dan Neilson caught a jack with pocket jacks.

However that was about as good as it got for Neilson. On a multi-way flop of J♦K♣10♣, Neilson got into a tangle against Jon-Pierre Narbey who raised the flop and then checked back the 3♥ turn. On the 7♦ river, Neilson put out a bit of a blocking bet but then called when Narbey raised once again. Narbey showed A♦Q♥ for the Broadway straight, and the nuts, leaving Neilson to muck his cards.


Neilson was crippled, and when the blinds jumped to 5,000-10,000 with a 1,000 ante, Neilson had just 49,000 when he moved all in from the button with J♦9♦. Daniel Laidlaw took him on with 8♣8♥ from the small blind and the race was on.

Neilson caught good on the J♠4♠2♣ flop, but Laidlaw spiked the two-outer 8♠ on the turn to leave Neilson drawing dead. Neilson left to pick up NZ$12,750 for 8th place.

He was quickly followed to the cashier by fellow Australian Colin Carpenter.


Carpenter had made two pay jumps as the short stack on this final table, and got his last chips in good with A♥Q♦ against Jonathan Bredin’s Q♣J♣ but incredibly the board was spread J♦3♣Q♥5♦3♦. Bredin made two pair to take the pot and end Carpenter’s run in 7th place for NZ$16,150.

That leaves us with our final six. Bredin is still a clear leader with around 800,000 with Jon-Pierre Narbey the next best. Ricky Kroesen and Chiu Lee have been pretty quiet, while Daniel Laidlaw and Raj Ramakrishnan will be looking to keep ahead of the short stacks.


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