Aussie Millions Day 3: That’s a lot of dollars Down Under

February 06, 2014

If I was to ask who you thought had won the most money at the Aussie Millions over the years there are a few players who quickly spring to mind.

Tony Bloom is one of them, what with his 2004 Main Event victory, his $1,500 PLO Hi-Lo Gold Ring and three separate $100,000 Challenge final tables.

But, nope, he’s not even close to the answer.

Some people may now think it’s gotta be Phil Ivey. After all, he has been deep in the Main Event before, won the $250,000 Challenge in 2012, has finished runner-up in the $100,000 Challenge.

But, nope, again, not even close.

Sam Trickett! It has to be him.

No, but this time it’s much closer considering Trickett finished 2nd in the $250K Challenge in 2011, won the $100K Challenge in that same year and won the $250K Challenge in 2012. Trickett has just under $5 million in Aussie Millions results on his record – AUD$4,925,000 to be exact.

So the player we are referring to has just a few thousand more in Aussie Millions results on his resume than Trickett and he’s going to add even more here in the 2014 Aussie Millions Main Event.

Enter: Erik Seidel.


How many Aussie dollars are too many for Erik Seidel?

Over the years Seidel has claimed AUD$4,964,200 in results at the Aussie Millions alone.

That’s almost a quarter of his $19,274,783 in lifetime tournament scores.

Seidel’s first results in Australia came in 2003. Just some minor scores, including a runner-up in the $1,000 PLO event. Then four years later, in 2007, Seidel finished 2nd in the $100K Challenge for $550,000. Seidel then backed it up by finishing 2nd in the 2008 Aussie Millions Main Event for a cool $1 million.

Seidel’s biggest year was in 2011. He won the $250K Challenge for $2.5 million just days after finishing 3rd in the $100K Challenge for $625,000. His most recent Aussie Millions success was last year when he finished 3rd in the $25K Challenge for another $125,000.

It’s almost hard to even imagine that one man could have so much success at the one tournament series and now here he is, still alive heading into the dinner break on Day 3 of the Aussie Millions Main Event.

He’s already locked up $20,000 as 49 players currently remain. If he makes the final four tables, Seidel will guarantee that his record moves past $5 million in scores at the Aussie Millions.

If he makes the Main Event final table for the second time and goes on to win it? Add another $1.6 million out of the Crown Poker Room’s coffers and into Seidel’s back pocket.

Then there is still the upcoming $100K Challenge and the $250K Challenge to win even more.

Lucky for Seidel his record will stay intact as Sam Trickett skipped this year’s Aussie

For now, Seidel is off to dinner with the rest of the surviving players.


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