EPT11 Malta: Bedtime for Badziakouski

March 18, 2015

We’ve all been there. We’re in the midst of what already feels like a long day, but it’s still going and we just can’t keep our eyes open for another second. The eyes close, the head nods downwards, jolting us awake for the briefest second before the eyes close again, unable to resist sleep.

Common scenarios where people might have experienced this are: during a lecture, a meeting, a binge session of TV on the sofa, or even an all-night cash game. However, it’s unlikely any of us have gone through this is a €25,000 poker tournament.

But that very scenario is playing out in the €25,000 High Roller right now as Mikita Badziakouski is falling asleep in between hands. Fortunately he’s not a snorer. As sure as the button moves clockwise around the table though, the Belarussian is passing out in between hands and either waking himself from his slumber after a quick snooze or being prompted by the dealer or another player at the table.


Wakey wakey

The other players at the table, including Igor Kurganov, Sam Greenwood and Joao Viera are all getting a good kick out of this at the moment and with 64 big blinds Badziakouski isn’t exactly in the danger zone. Of course though one of the dealers and floor staffs responsibility is to keep the game moving and Tournament Director Nick O’Hara had this to say on the situation. “If he was constantly slowing the game down I’d take him to one side and suggest he leave the table to go get a coffee or some fresh air to wake up, at the moment that doesn’t appear to be the case.”

When the big blind moved round to Badziakouski another player had to post it for him as he was asleep. He woke up as the action was on the hijack though which led to a quip of: “Damn, I wanted to raise and then call time!”

Once he’d folded Badziakouski then took it upon himself to try and shake off the slumber, getting up and walking around during hands in which he’d folded in an attempt to stay awake. It seemed to be doing the trick as at least he wasn’t falling asleep whilst standing up.

For now he remains awake and in action, if he wants to keep it that way he’s still got a few hours of work to do.

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