Carson Ka Shing Wong wins the ACOP Warm-up

October 22, 2017

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The ACOP Warm-up just reached boiling point as Ka Shing Wong lifted the trophy after three days of play. Wong overcame a tough field of 267 to emerge victorious and take home HK$1,414,700!

Remarkably, he entered heads-up play with a 7:1 chip deficit but that wasn’t enough to stop Wong from besting Shyngis Satubayev in a match that lasted two hours. Wong caught a double up early and rode that momentum all the way to the title.

The final hand saw him button-shove with enough to cover Satubayev’s 13 big blinds and the latter called it off to find that the fate of the tournament would be decided on a coinflip. It was Wong’s 5♥5♣ versus the A♣7♦ of Satubayev and when the cards fell 2♠K♥2♥Q♥K♦ Wong’s pocket fives proved too good.


Ready for battle

Before Wong hoisted the silverware he had to navigate his way through the final table of nine that returned on Day 3.

It wasn’t long after play began that Tao Wang fell in ninth place. It was a rollercoaster run out and a sick finish that saw him depart. Wang got it all in preflop with 9♠9♦ versus Jamie’s Lunt’s Q♥Q♣ and while Wang spiked a set on the 9♣4♦J♣ flop, the 3♣ turn and 8♣ river brought a runner runner flush for Lunt to send Wang home.

Twenty minutes later it was Bjorn Wiesler’s time to go. He was relatively short and shoved K♥J♥ into Satubayev’s A♥K♠ and couldn’t overcome the odds when the cards fell 9♣3♠9♥2♠8♦. Wiesler collected HK$282,900 for his eighth place finish.


8th place – Bjorn Wiesler

Surprisingly next to leave us was start of day chip leader Dennis Huntly. Nothing seemed to go right for the Australian and after losing a few pots early, his last hand saw him commit his remaining chips with A♥7♣ only to end up dominated by Wong’s A♠Q♣. A queen landed on the flop and Huntly couldn’t catch a miracle to keep his Warm-up run alive.

It was three hours until we found our next final table casualty in Jin Xin. After taking a big hit from Lunt the two tangled again when Xin moved his short stack in with A♣2♣. He proved to be ahead when Lunt called it off but the 2♦J♣Q♥ flop brought a world of outs for Lunt. The turn bricked off but the A♣ river improved Xin to two pair but simultaneously gave Lunt Broadway for the winner.


6th place – Jin Xin

Ping Lin was out in fifth place – again a player falling to Lunt. Lin was caught with nothing but air on the river when Lunt called with A♦7♦ after connecting his seven with the board which was way the best of it. Lin received HK$348,500 for his efforts over these three days of play.

Lunt wasn’t stopping there. Thirty minutes later he also sent Weiran Pu packing. Pu moved in preflop with A♥8♠ but Lunt woke up with the dominating A♣Q♦. It proved too good when the community cards were spread 5♠4♥J♠6♣6♥.

That took us to three-handed which is where we stayed for another 90 minutes. That was until a bad beat sent Lunt home. Satubayev had a commanding lead at that stage and he moved all in on the button before Lunt called it off from the big blind with A♥K♦. It was good preflop but by the river on the 3♣7♦9♠10♥Q♦ board it was Satubayev who had the best of it with A♣10♦. And following Lunt’s elimination was the heads up clash where Wong turned the tables and pulled off an extraordinary comeback to defeat Satubayev.

Congratulations to Wong!

ACOP Warm-up Final Table Payouts

Place Name Prize (HKD)
1 Ka Shing Wong $1,414,700
2 Shyngis Satubayev $908,400
3 Jamie Lunt $580,800
4 Weiran Pu $461,670
5 Ping Lin $348,500
6 Jin Xin $282,900
7 Dennis Huntly $223,400
8 Bjorn Wiesler $178,700
9 Tao Wang $143,000

Full payouts list

Be sure to join us all week when we continue to bring you everything you need to know from ACOP right here in Macau! In the meantime you can read more in-depth about Wong’s victory in the final table coverage archive here.


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