ElkY jealous of MouldyOnions and AWice’s Supernova Elite race

February 06, 2013

We’ve got a bunch of players trying to win EPT Deauville and its €770,000 first prize, but out there, in online poker world, another battle rages on: The Race to Supernova Elite. And it’s one that our very own ElkY – the first ever Supernova Elite – seems to be pretty jealous of (see the video evidence below).


ElkY: Can I catch up playing PokerStars Mobile?

Ryan ‘MouldyOnions’ Bell and Alex ‘AWice’ Wice have been putting themselves through an online grind the likes of which has literally never been seen before as they both strive to become the first player to reach Supernova Elite status in 2013. AWice landed the first blow by reaching Supernova in less than 40 hours but Bell came blazing back and is going to be tough to beat.

1. Ryan ‘MOuldyOnions’ Bell, United Kingdom, 869,594.54
2. Alex ‘AWice’ Wice, Canada, 637,660.34

You can check the full Supernova Elite race here. And you can find out about becoming a Supernova Elite here.

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