EPT Barcelona: Day 1B level 7-9 updates (blinds 400-800, 100)

August 28, 2011


11.30pm: Your likely overnight chip leader is…
Frenchman Guillaume Darcourt, with 195,300. A full wrap, and full official chip counts will be with you just as soon as we get them. — SY

11.05pm: Seven more hands
The tournament clock has been stopped and all dealers have been told to deal seven more hands only. Then it’s time to bag and tag… and sleep. — SY

10.51pm: Power from above
Mario Adinolfi went deep at EPT Berlin but that’s not why we remembered him. It’s all to do with the notebook. What notebook? we hear you cry. The notebook with a picture of Pope Jean-Paul II on it. The Italian threw the notebook into the middle a couple of times in an attempt to get some all-in divine intervention. That same notebook is on the rail now and it seems to be doing the trick. Adinolfi is up to 165,000 and closing in on the chip lead. — RD

10.39pm: Pot for the chip lead?
Mikel Allende Diaz almost had the chip lead. This almost rested in on two factors; firstly, that his opponent, Javier Martinez Gil, would call his shove, and secondly, that he actually had the best hand.

On a board reading 9♣3♠3♣10♠9♦ Diaz had shoved 60,000 across the line setting Gil in for the rest of his 55,000 stack. The pot was already swollen to close to 40,000. Should Gil call (and not have the best hand) Diaz would be the first player to 200,000. Gil did not call.

Diaz on an impressive 145,000 stack. — RD

10.32pm: Can’t catch Katchalov
As Liv Boeree was being eliminated Eugene Katchalov was involved in a big hand a table away.

The board was already dealt to the turn, reading 4♠J♠10♦2♦ with roughly 60,000 chips in the middle. Timothy Marsters, in early position, had checked to Katchalov who had then bet 27,000 from the hijack. Into the tank went Marsters.

Some six minutes elapsed before anything further happened, and that was when Marsters asked Katchalov if he would show if he folded. In response Katchalov swallowed twice. There’s something of the Moneymaker about Katchalov, able to turn his face into an unreadable blur, and at right now he wasn’t giving anything away.

Marsters fiddled with his chips, 70,000 of them, and took a few minutes more. He had one last look at his cards, sighed heavilty and folded, turning his cards over and over and over, showing flashes of K♠K♦, to gasps of disbelief from the others at the table.

Not least Katchalov, who bowed to good natured demands that he show, turning over 5♦5♠ with a broad grin on his face. Marsters on the other hand had to just suck it up, while he fumed inside.

“On that board against a man who doesn’t care about money (Katchalov’s watch is about the same price as an holiday apartment along the beach) that’s a bad fold,” said one noted professional player who happened to walk over for a chat.

Either way Katchalov is up to around 170,000. – SB

10.31pm: Boeree bounced
Liv Boeree’s tournament just came to a sudden end. Carlos Gonzales opened in early position for 1,500 which Boeree raised to 6,300 from the hijack. Gonzales then made it 20,000 more effectively putting Boeree all-in. She called, turning over J♥J♠ to Gonzales’ A♠10♦, which seemed to please her.

It was all looking good on the board of Q♦9♥9♣3♥ until the river card A♥ struck. The reaction of Boeree was as if a thousand volts had just been fired through her chair. Boeree to the rail. – SB

10.30pm: Cates chipping up
Dan Cates has quietly chipped up to 130,000. High stakes cash game player Cates hasn’t really had much live tournament success to speak of, perhaps this will be his first? — RD

10.20pm: Team Pro down: Part 2
Noah Boeken is also out. The Dutchman got it in with pocket aces and was up against K-8. Unfortunately for Boeken, that all happened after the flop of Q-8-8. Ouch. — SY


Noah Boeken

10.15pm: Team Pro down Part 1
Dag Palovic had been nursing a short-stack for several levels, but the Team PokerStars Pro could not bring it back to life. His stack a died; deceased; is no more. He got the last of it, about 3,000, in with K-Q and was up against Peter Jaroslav’s pocket fours. Any hope of winning the race soon ended with the board running 6♣4♥J♠9♠2♦. — SY


Dag Palovic

10.07pm: Duhamel in trouble
Former world champion Jonathan Duhamel is going to have to get grinding again after losing a 38,000 flip against Joni Jouhkimainen. Duhamel had opened under-the-gun for 1,400 and had been called in one spot before the Finn had moved all-in for 17,750.

Duhamel: 10♣10♦
Jouhkimainen: A♣Q♠

The flop did not go well for the Canadian as the board ran out A♥2♠A♠Q♦4♦. Duhamel down to 8,500. — RD

10.06pm: Silver doubles
UKIPT Dublin champ Max Silver has doubled up to 28,000 after getting it in with K♣10♦ on a K♥7♥9♦ flop. Hugo Ricardo Severino Loureiro made the call with jacks. It’s the closest to his starting stack he’s been in hours. — RD

10.05pm: Wait, what? Four all-ins
I only caught a bit of this, but as I walked past the table three short stacks a healthy stack had found themselves all-in pre-flop.

On their backs were Frederic Fuentes with K-K, Buelent Demirtas with A-Q, Pascal Hartmann with Q-Q and another player with 3-3. The man without a player’s card, Fuentes and Demirtas were all-short-stacked and at risk if Hartmann ran out the winner.

In the event, and with various players pleading for all manner of cards from the dealer, the board ran 2♣6♦8♠10♥K♥.

That gave Fuentes a quadruple up to about 20,000, busted the unknown player, and busted Demirtas. It hardly hurt Hartmann, who still has around 65,000. — SY

10pm: Despite outs, Negreanu out
Suddenly dozens of faces turn to look towards one corner of the tournament room, like a centre court crowd waiting for the serve. Daniel Negreanu is standing up, eliminated from the main event, but the crowd wants to be sure.

“It looked like a lot of outs,” said Negreanu smiling, as he gathered his belongings.

He moved all-in on the turn for 13,400 with the board showing 3♠J♦4♥10♠. Negreanu had turned over K♠Q♠ for straight, flush and gin rummy draws, against Benjamin Maerefat’s A♥J♠. The river though would send the Canadian to the rail, coming 8♦. – SB


Daniel Negreanu earlier today

9.55pm: The mixed fortunes of Team Pro
It’s mixed fortunes for Team PokerStars Pro at the moment. While Leo Fernandez is riding hide with the chip lead you have the likes of Jonathan Duhamel (24,000), Ivan Demidov (16,500) and Liv Boeree (15,000) all working hard at the coal face of poker just to make it through to Day 2.

Duhamel was the last player in action, three-betting Timothy Marsters under-the-gun raise from 1,250 to 3,550 from middle position. Marsters, looking more than a little frustrated, tossed his cards on their back showing he’d passed A♣J♠.

“I’d appreciate it if you guys would stop three-betting me when I have ace-jack,” he said testily.

Duhamel simply smiled and raked in the pot. His neighbour and fellow Team Pro Eugene Katchalov has more breathing room with 120,000 in his stack, no panic for him. — RD

ept barcelona_day 1b_katchalov and duhamel.jpg

Katachalov (left) and Duhamel

9.50pm: Fernandez out in front
Leo Fernandez seems to quite enjoy playing in Barcelona, not that you’d guess from his rather quiet and laid-back approach. Last year he finished 36th here for $20,000 (with his mother in attendance, if memory serves correctly), and right now the Team PokerStars Pro from Argentina looks like our tournament chip leader, sitting as he does with about 180,000.

Fernandez recently eased through the $1 million mark in career tournament winnings, so it would be no great surprise to see him adding to that here. — SY

9.40pm: Middleton out
Tom Middleton has become one of the latest eliminations. With around 12,000, he opened for 1,200 which Adolfo Baque, from Uruguay, called two seats along for a flop of 9♥8♣A♥.

Middleton bet again and was called for a 7♣ turn. Another bet from Middleton, leaving himself around 7,000 behind. Baque raised to put Middleton all-in. He called showing A♠K♠ but Baque sent him to the rail with 7♠7♦ with a 9♣ river card. – SB

9.35pm: Not a lot for Malott
Andrew Malott is down to 3,000 after a three-way all-in left him with only loose change.

Malott shoved from the hijack after Toni Torsten Pettersson opened. Well he almost shoved. He kept a green chip worth 25 behind for “fold equity”. Two seats along though Koen De Visscher was thinking about his position and shoved himself, for 18,150. With the action back on Pettersson he called Malott and turned over A♣K♣. Malott was looking for hearts, showing A♥K♥, although he’d still have to steer past De Visscher’s 9♥9♦.

The board ran 10♦2♠J♥8♠3♦ to triple up De Visscher. Malott crippled. – SB

9.30pm: Minieri out jamming six-high
Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minieri has just been knocked out after moving his short stack all-in over an early position raise with 5♠6♠. His opponent, Jefri Islam, made the call with A♣K♠ and caught a king on the turn to settle the matter.

“Nice hand,” said Minieri. — RD

ept barcelona_day 1b_dario minieri.jpg

Dario Minieri, the enfant terrible of Italian poker

9.20pm: Play continues
With everyone fed and wined watered, play re-starts with the field united. They’ll play two more levels tonight, starting with this one, level 8, with blinds at 300-600 with a 50 ante.

9.05pm: Levels ends
That’s it for level seven. The players are on a 15-minute break, after which the split-dinner fields reconvene together for level eight. — SY

9pm: Minieri back and up
He may have been late back to his table from dinner, but Dario Minieri has wasted little time in moving his stack back up to 20,000. He just picked up a few thousand more betting 5,225 on a 6♦9♦3♠ flop into Victor Ramdin. “Your king high was good,” suggested Ramdin.

Surprised he gave Minieri credit for a such a good hand. — SY

8.50pm: ElkY loses final race
After the hand against Boris Becker, as described below, it was no great surprise to watch ElkY bust soon after. He had 3,400 left and shoved with A♣J♥ and got a call from the comically-named Diogo Manuel Sampaio Pereira Soares Bs Borges. Yes, you read that right, and I’m not typing it out again. So this other fella had pocket sevens, which held up on the 9♥9♣5♦4♣3♦ board. — SY

8.40pm: Becker doubles, ElkY crippled
When Boris Becker found himself sitting next to ElkY at the start of play, most rational bettors would have put money on the Frenchman beating up his famous tennis-playing neighbour from Germany. Instead, it’s Boris who has done the dirty on ElkY after they tangled in the following hand:

A player from middle position made it 1,100, ElkY called from the cut-off while Becker called from the big blind. The flop was 4♠2♥7♣ and the original raiser made a continuation bet of 2,150, which was called by ElkY. But Team PokerStars SportStar Becker fired out a raise to 6,100, which only ElkY called.

On the 6♠ turn, ElkY checked and, after a moment of contemplation, Becker moved all-in for 20,700. ElkY was not happy, and after dwelling for a few minutes, made the call anyway.

ElkY: J♣J♠
Becker: 7♠7♦

Becker’s flopped set was way ahead of the overpair, and ElkY failed to catch on the 5♦ river. Becker up to 60,000, ElkY down to 5,500. — SY


ElkY and Boris Becker in deep thought

8.25pm: Ramdin caught thieving
You can’t blame Victor Ramdin for having a go, but it does not always work. He open-raised to 1,225 from the cut-ff and got calls from Jose Moreno in the small blind and Avram Bogdan in the big.

The flop was 3♦5♣2♠ and it was checked to Team PokerStars Pro Ramdin who took a stab with a bet of 1,700. Only Moreno called. Both then slowed to a check on the 5♥ turn and 2♦ river, and when Moreno tabled A♦Q♠ for ace high, Ramdin mucked sheepishly. He’s going along nicely, however, with around 55,000. — SY

8.20pm: Nitsche walks
Although that may sound like a headline from a healing church’s monthly newsletter, it refers rather more solemnly to the fact that Dominik Nitsche, the aggressive young German, is out. He was seen walking out of the tournament room and heading for the warm Barcelona evening air. — SY

8.15pm: Disaster for this blogger
I was about to do one of the most popular PokerStars Blog features at any EPT event: the eagerly-anticipated SalBon Fashion Report. Imagine my horror, therefore, to walk up to Salvatore Bonavena’s table only to watch him bust out.

He had open raised to 1,250 and found himself with three callers. The flop came K♠4♠8♣ and the Italian Team PokerStars Pro bet again, a hefty 5,500 which suggested he wanted to end the hand right there. Unfortunately, he got one caller, and the turn came a dangerous-looking 10♠. Now Bonavena moved all-in for his last 17,000, getting an instant call from his opponent. The reason? He had A♠Q♠ for the nut flush. Bonavena turned over 8♠8♥ for the now-behind flopped set. He needed the board to pair, but it came Q♥ and that was his tournament over.

For the record, SalBon was wearing white trousers with a blue-and-white-striped shirt. Over that he had a brown and grey sports jacket, while his familiar grey Trilby hat sat on the table next to his seat.

Next proper SalBon Fashion report? EPT London. — SY


Stylish: Salvatore Bonavena

8.10pm: Paging Dario Minieri
They’ve been back at the tables for ten minutes, but Dario is nowhere to be seen. Perhaps he’s still tucking into his dinner, although his slight frame suggests he’s not a huge eater. Maybe he’s nodded off back in his room. Whatever, he has only 12,600 chips and they are being blinded off.

Somebody ring him! — SY

8pm: The rise, fall and rise again of Per Linde
Per Linde just looked into the abyss. It didn’t so much look back, it pushed him back, making for a memorable past few minutes for the Swede.

John Eames started it. He opened for 1,075 in the cut off before Linde moved all in for 11,000 in the small blind. Eames called.

Linde said “wow,” and smiled when he saw Eames’s Q♣Q♦. He could only manage 10♥10♠ and he waited for the board (playing the role of the abyss) to determine his fate.

Pot to Eames, who was the first to say that he thought Linde had him covered. He did. While Eames moved up beyond 20,000 Linde was reduced to just 325.

There was little option left for Linde who moved it on the next hand behind a bet of 1,300 from Buelent Demirtas who then covered his mouth with his hand. Eames wasn’t done either, and raised to 3,000 before Linde plonked in his loose change. Demirtas called.

The flop came 6♣Q♥A♠

Demirtas checked, hand over his mouth. Eames also checked and Linde took another peek at his cards. On the 4♣ turn Demirtas checked again, with his hand over his mouth. Eames checked also for the 9♠ river card.

Hand over his mouth, Demirtas bet 6,000 which Eames wanted to call but couldn’t, leaving Linde to his fate.

“King high,” announced Demirtas.

“Queeeeeeen,” said Linde, enjoying his moment in the sun, back up to around 2,000.
For now Linde was alive to the tune of about two big blinds. In the next hand Jakob Karlsson opened for 1,200 and Linde got his 1,950 into the middle. Joseph Cheong then raised to 4,200 forcing Karlsson out. Linde showed A♦8♣ to Cheong’s J♥K♠.
The board ran 7♣3♣4♦9♥9♣.

Linde smiled again, as did Eames watching two seats along.

“One more time and we’re back,” said Linde.

By now there was nothing to this all-in thing, which he did again in the next hand. Cheong did the honours, raising to isolate and showing A♦J♦ which looked to be the final nail in the coffin for Linde who turned over 10♦Q♦.

But by now the abyss was on first name terms with Linde who caught a ten on the turn. More laughter as Linde is back up to where he started from on around 11,000. – SB

7.53pm: Three is the magic number
PCA third place finisher Anton Ionel has busted but another famous third place finisher is still in the fight. Joseph Cheong who took the number three spot at the 2010 WOSP Main Event is on 40,000. — RD

7.42pm: Bustling and hustling
There’s a swathe of very decent players in this half of the field that seem, unusually for them, to be bereft of chips. The two that leap out are EPT winner Kevin Stani (38,000) and Monte Carlo High Roller champion Tobias Reikemeier (36,000). Both players look a little sad. Or maybe it’s focused. Perhaps simply hungry. They’re used to having big stacks. — RD

ept barcelona_day 1b_kevin stani.jpg

EPT Tallinn champion Kevin Stani

7.30pm: Half full or half empty?
The split dinner break has reduced the field to less than half, with dealers serving as sentries to protect the tables of those currently raiding the buffet. I just tried to take a short cut through this no-man’s land and was promptly hustled to its edge.

That (and me) aside there is still plenty of action. On a flop of A♠3♣10♣ both Pavel Trutnev and Jose Traigueros checked to see a turn card 7♠. Trutnev went to his chips and bet 4,500, which Traigueros was quick to call. The river card came 8♠. Trutnev went to his stack again and bet 11,100. Traigueros acted slowly this time, eventually assembling chips for what looked like a call but revealed itself to be a raise, 33,000 in total.

By now both players were doing their best not to move. Trutnev looked like he was trying to look at Traigueros in the seat next to him without moving his head, without much success. Instead, he simply called. Traigueros tapped the table immediately, always a good sign. Traigueros duly turned over K♥K♦ but Trutnev had made the flush, turning over Q♠J♠.

Traigueros down to 17,000 while Trutnev moves up to 85,000. – SB

7.20pm: The train stops a station too early
Francisco Torres, aka El Tren, is up to 125,000 but it could be so much more. The Spaniard opened from early position to 1,125 and was shoved on for 11,500 by Ying Kit Chan in the small blind.

The big blind made the call and Torres was left in a pickle. He span his little toy train round and round and opted to make a huge fold. He tossed A♥K♣ on its back.

Chan showed down K♥Q♣ against pocket tens and promptly hit a king. Had Torres made the call he would have been up to 170,000 minimum. Woulda, coulda, shoulda. — RD

7.15pm: Come here and say that
Don’t forget you can leave your comments on today’s coverage by using the box at the bottom of this page. Queensbury rules apply. — SB

7.10pm: Dinner break shenanigans
The field has split as the first chunk of diners elbow their way through to the buffet a short walk away in the main quarter of the casino. This level will be repeated upon the switch-over. — RD

ept barcelona_day 1b_.jpg

Liv Boeree has gone for dinner so don’t expect any further gratuitous photos

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Barcelona (in order of glee expressed at Manchester United’s destruction of Arsenal): Simon Young (fists clenched, arms held aloft, ‘Get in!’), Rick Dacey (Eight? Is that a lot? Good for them) and Stephen Bartley (had backed the draw, mild astonishment caused eyebrow raise). Photos by Neil Stoddart.


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