EPT Deauville Day 3: The rat gnaws on as Lucien Cohen rivers the nut straight

February 06, 2013

Lucien Cohen is our last surviving former EPT Deauville champ left in this field, but only just. Moments after having a small verbal spat with Anton Ionel, Cohen three-bet shoved all-in for about 38,000 (a little less than 10 big blinds) with K♠Q♦ over the top of Noel Gaens’ early position raise to 8,500. Gaens instantly called with A♦K♦ as a three-to-one favourite to send Cohen to the rail.


Lucien Cohen, winner of Season 7 EPT Deauville

The board ran out 7♥10♥9♥6♥J♣ giving Cohen the nut straight.

“Bon cherie,” said Cohen, now up on his feet.

French camera crews came closer. As expected, the plastic rat came out.

“The rat, the rat. Thank you very much the rat,” said Cohen, jiggling from side to side.

Cohen is not famed for winning in good grace, but does seem to have toned things down at least a little since winning EPT Deauville in Season 7. Gaens bristled and just stuck his thumb out at Cohen as the Frenchman continued to sing to his mascot.

“Nice hand, sir,” said Gaens through gritted teeth.

That seemed to calm Cohen down, who now seems likely to make it through the bubble now he has close to 20 big blinds. The EPT double lives on not just in Cohen but also EPT Loutraki winner Zimnan Ziyard and Christophe Benzimra (who we think is still in anyway).

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