EPT Deauville: Martin ‘Moertelmu’ Mulsow wins the Turbo Bounty for €41,050

February 05, 2013

German online grinder Martin Mulsow last night won the EPT Deauvile €1,100 Turbo Random Bounty tournament scoring his first live poker trophy.

As a reporter, impartially is key but it’s really hard not to find yourself liking Martin Mulsow. He’s usually laughing and almost always smiling. One of the only times that I’ve seen him sporting a sour expression was at the final table of UKIPT Cork when he got aces all-in pre-flop against David O’Connor’s ace-king – to claim a substantial two-to-one chip lead going into heads-up against Sam Razavi no less. The flop was clear but running kings on the turn and river, which was going to happen around 1.92% of the time, pulled the rug from underneath him, leaving the German dazed, confused and bereft of his trademark grin (you can read about it all here). He was out shortly after in third. Ultimately he took it well, the grimmest beat at the toughest of times. That had been his best chance at winning a trophy, until last night when he picked up a PokerStars spade and some €42,000 dollars (add bounties, minus some tipping money).

“It’s amazing. I think I haven’t processed it yet. I need some time. I haven’t even pick up the money. I really wanted to win, especially after Cork,” said Mulsow, before laughing broadly.


Mulsow during that UKIPT suck out

“I came so close in Cork. I sometimes still think about it, what could have been but now it’s no regrets,” said Mulsow, obviously thrilled to have won his first bit of silverware, which is due to go on his desk for ‘motivation’.

Mulsow couldn’t recall when the tournament finally finished but the bar was certainly still serving; “I definitely had time for some beers to celebrate with Max Heinzelmann and his friend. I really want to thank him (Max) because he talked me out of chopping. He told me that I had an edge and should go for it. I knew he was right.”


Mulsow, Heinzelmann and beer (the drink, not the other guy)

Heinzelmann had scored back-to-back runner-up finishes at EPT Berlin and EPT Sanremo so obviously knew what he was talking about.

Mulsow had scored one live tournament win before (to go with the reams of firsts he’s scored online at PokerStars), but it was just a ‘daily €100 freeze out in Amsterdam’, but this PokerStars trophy has been a long time in the coming. When you have the combination of online talent and a strong will to win matched with an ability to laugh at the cruellest of suck outs then success is just a matter of time, surely. His advice?

“Keep on playing and maybe qualify on PokerStars,” said Mulsow giving a wink at the end.

Giving out sponsorship deals are not within the PokerStars Blog’s remit unfortunately.

EPT9 Deauville, event #9
Date: 4 February 2013
Buy-in: €800 + €200 + €100
Game: NLHE Turbo Random Bounty
Players: 183
Prize pool: €139,080


Martin Mulsow

1. Martin Mulsow, France, €41,050
2. Eric Sadoun, France, €23,300
3. Ronny Purschwitz, France, €13,560
4. Jonathan Beck, France, €10,150
5. Sergey Baburin, Russia, €8,340
6. Jose Quintas, Portugal, €6,540
7. Ismail Erkenov, Russia, €5,150
8. David Pishvafar, Germany, €3,750
9. Andrey Danilyuk, Russia, €2,920
10. Diyan Stanev, France, €2,920
11. Dimitar Danchev, Bulgaria, €2,640
12. Alain Debackere, Belarus, €2,640
13. Daniel Alaphilippe, France, €2,360
14. Jan Bendik, Slovakia, €2,360
15. Patrice Boudet, France, €2,080
16. Timothy Adams, Canada, €2,080
17. Sebastian Gohr, Germany, €1,810
18. Rocco Palumbo, Italy, €1,810
19. Selim Citak, Turkey, €1,810
20. Dany Parlafes, France, €1,810

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