EPT Deauville: Matthias Gloppe takes the final turbo, pockets €3,524

February 10, 2013

Hyper turbos are fun, especially when you win. Matthias Gloppe must have been laughing all the way to the payout desk. Not only did he beat a field of 114 to €3,524 from a €120 outlay but he would have only taken a handful of hours to do so.

EPT9 Deauville, event #39
Date: 9 February 2013
Buy-in: €120
Game: NLHE Hyper Turbo
Players: 114
Prize pool: €10,944


Matthias Gloppe

1. Matthias Gloppe, France, €3,524
2. Julien Gaignard, France, €1,970
3. Tarek Bouchama, France, €1,200
4. Kevin Coquerel, France, €900
5. Pierre Merle, France, €710
6. Kevin Miannay, France, €550
7. Jean Christian Lamare, France, €440
8. Salah Meddah, France, €330
9. Nicolas Vulliez, France, €240
10. Francois Savey, France, €240
11. Jean Francois Fina, France, €220
12. Raphie Temin, France, €220
13. Mahdi Redissi, France, €200
14. Delphine Ricard, France, €100
15. Alain Fourmann, France, €100

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