EPT Deauville: Robert Haigh takes the bounty turbo, freerolls into the €10k High Roller

February 07, 2013

Online grinder Robert Haigh is currently playing the €10,300 High Roller, an effective freeroll for the German thanks to a €19,410 win in the Turbo Bounty last night (and that’s not including all those €500 bounties that Haigh would have picked up along the way). The win is Haigh’s second EPT festival trophy thanks to a €70,970 win in a EPT Barcelona €1,100 side event.

EPT9 Deauville, event #17
Date: 7 February 2013
Buy-in: €500 + €500 + €100
Game: NLHE Turbo Bounty
Players: 130
Prize pool: €59,800


Robert Haigh

1. Robert Haigh, Germany, €19,410
2. Mario Nagel, Germany, €10,760
3. Felix Schulze, Germany, €6,580
4. Samir Hadad, France, €4,790
5. Andras Kovacs, Hungary, €3,890
6. Botond Balazs, Hungary, €2,990
7. Patrice Biton, France, €2,390
8. Shahin Baharan, France, €1,790
9. David Hrdlicka, Slovakia, €1,320
10. Stephane Minkov, France, €1,320
11. Mihails Morozovs, Latvia, €1,200
12. Zeus Jan Post, Netherlands, €1,200
13. Jonathan Beck, France, €1,080
14. Denys Larin, Ukraine, €540
15. Iulian Ruxandescu, Romania, €540

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