EPT Malta: Torsti Kettula first out, everybody ladders up

March 26, 2015

Malta is not the most expensive destination on the European Poker Tour, but neither is it the cheapest. And for one unfortunate soul this afternoon, one additional night’s accommodation is going to have felt especially costly.

We reconvened today with 56 players, meaning the next person out would win €12,800. However, the player who went out in 55th — ie, one spot later — would get an additional €1,950. We had ended Day 2 cruelly one position away from a money jump.

The identity of that unfortunate person was open to doubt. It might have been Nicola D’Anselmo, who shoved his short stack in during the first orbit, but got it through. It also might have been Antoine Vranken, but his pocket nines stayed good through a scary board and he doubled up.

That left Torsti Kettula to take the fall, getting his chips in good against Niccolo Ceccarelli, but the former’s A♥K♠ falling behind the latter’s A♣J♥ on a board of 9♣10♥J♣5♣6♠. Kettula took his leave in silence, and went looking for his thirteen grand, give or take. Jorma Nuutinen is now the final Finn in the field.


Everyone else is now guaranteed €14,750, but by the time the day ends, anyone remaining will be looking for at least €35,800. The plan is to play down to the final 16 or for five levels, whichever happens soonest.

Follow coverage of the EPT Malta Main Event on the EPT Malta Main Event page. There are plenty of side events going on, and the €10,000 High Roller starts at 1pm. Keep abreast of everything via the EPT App, available on Android or IOS. Snigger, snigger. He said “a-breast”.


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