EPT Dortmund: Level 28 updates

March 14, 2009

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Blinds: 30,000-60,000 (ante: 5,000)

8.52pm: Level comes to a close
Kanisch makes it 150,000 pre-flop which Gork calls. The flop comes [5H]-[10C]-[5S]. Gork checks and Kanisch bet 160,000. The turn came [QS] which both checked for [9D] on the river. Gork checked before Kanisch bet 250,000, good to take it down as the level ends.

8.50pm: Three-way nothing
Holger Kanisch makes it 150,000 pre-flop from under-the-gun/button. Both the blinds call. The flop is [QH]-[JS]-[KC] and all three players check. The turn is the [2C] and all three players check. The river is the [AD] and once Naujoks bets, Gork raises, Naujoks shoves and Gork calls, we all know that they’re both about to show 10s. Which they do. Chop chop.

8.35pm: By the book
Curious or furious about that damn book Marc Gork has been reading? Here’s his take on the whole deal…in German.

Watch EPT Dortmund S5: Final Table Interview mit Marc Gork (Deutsch) on PokerStars.tv

8.30pm: Silent but deadly
Sandra Naujoks made it 200,000 and Kanisch called for a [4C]-[KS]-[KH] flop. Both checked for a [3D] turn and when an ace hit the river Kanisch made it another 300,000 to go. Naujoks thought for a while and eventually called. But she mucked pretty fast when Kanisch showed [KC]-[QH] to win the hand.

8.20pm: the Gork and Naujoks show
Naujoks, made it 205,000 from the small blind and Marc Gork pushed all-in from the big. A tense few minutes followed before Naujoks passed.

A minute later it’s the same process, a bet by Naujoks followed by an all-in shove by Gork, only this time Naujoks called showing [JH]-[10H] to Gork’s [KS]-]JS]. The jack hit the all club flop, a king on the turn to double up Gork, who is now the new chip leader.

8.10pm: Breather. Back
The remaining three players took a bit of a break after losing Storakers. But now they’re back.

7.55pm: The final table hunt
That is the name of the new video blog from our crack team in Dortmund. Here it is:

Watch EPT Dortmund S5: The Final Table Hunt on PokerStars.tv

7.50pm: Three Germans
The headline says it all. Whoever takes this one down, Germany will be crowning its third champion of the season.

7.45pm: Johan Storakers, Sweden, out in fourth, earning €237,000
This is the mother of all heaters for Sandra Naujoks. She has now knocked out Johan Storakers in another pot worth more than two million. They got it all in pre-flop and they both had the goods. Storakers had A-Q, Naujoks had A-K and the better hand stood up. Naujoks has been all in on something like nine hands out of ten since the dinner break and has won every one. She has millions and millions.


Sandra Naujoks consoles Johan Storakers after knocking him out

7.40pm: Mike McDonald, Canada, out in fifth, earning €197,000
Sandra Naujoks’ amazing post-dinner rush continues and it has accounted for the defending champion Mike McDonald. Holger Kanisch got this one started by raising to 130,000 from under-the-gun. Mike McDonald pushed all in over the top for about 500,000+. Naujoks then re-raised all in and she had McDonald covered. Kanisch got out the way and the hands were: [KD]-[JH] for McDonald, [10D]-[10H] for Najouks. The board was dry and the pocket pair stood up. Naujoks now has 2,700,000 and is the dominant chip leader. McDonald is dust, and we’re still seeking a first two-time champ.


Mike McDonald

7.35pm: What you reading for?
Marc Gork, reading a book at the table right now, made it 160,000 pre-flop. Naujoks called. On the flop of T-Q-J Gork made it 175,000 before Naujoks moved all-in. Now Gork put the book down, but only to spend several minutes looking thoughtful before folding.

7.31pm: Naujoks continues the charge
After taking the first couple of hands, and now she’s just taken the third and fourth too. McDonald raised to 140,000, Naujoks moved all in over the top, for 500-odd more. McDonald folds. She shows pocket fives. The next hand, she is all in again and again it gets through. She now has close to one million.

7.30pm: New level
The blinds creep ever upward and there’s a lot of all in poker to come during the next few levels.


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