EPT Dortmund: Level 29 updates

March 14, 2009

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Blinds: 40,000-80,000 (ante: 10,000)

10.05pm: Slow
Sandra Naujoks has a massive chip lead heads up, but isn’t prepared to give it up lightly. She’s sticking to her plan and allowing Kanisch the small pots. The blinds are now going up.

9.56pm: Cooler
Jacks are pretty good heads up; aces are better. Kanisch had the former of those, Naujoks had the latter, and they held off until the seven high flop before all the money inevitably found its way into the middle. The turn and river were blanks and the aces were good. Naujoks now assumes the chip lead with about 5,060,000 and Kanisch has 1,580,000.

9.55pm: Video killed the blog star
Marc Gork was our third placed finisher, and he spoke with our video blog team:

Watch EPT Dortmund S5: Interview with Marc Gork Final Table on PokerStars.tv

Johan Storakers was our fourth-placed finisher. And gosh darn if he didn’t talk to them there video bloggers too:

Watch EPT Dortmund S5: Interview with Johan Storakers Final Table on PokerStars.tv

9.50pm: Pre-flop
Sandra Naujoks has raised twice pre-flop and Holger Kanisch’s has reraised on both occasions. Both times the three-bet was good.

9.40pm: A slow start
It’s been a testy start to this heads up battle, with Kanisch happy to call Naujoks down without getting too cute. The first time they get all the way to the river and Kanisch’s third pair nines is good. But the second time, they both check a flop of [2S]-[8C]-[6C] and Kanisch check-calls the [AS] turn. Naujoks’ bet was 100,000. The river is the [3H] and Kanisch checks again, Naujoks bets 200,000. Kanisch calls, but Naujoks’ A-4 is good. That brings the counts close to even.

9.20pm: Battle begins
On a flop of [6D]-[8D]-[4H] Naujoks bet 80,000 before Kanisch raised to 250,000. Naujoks called for a [10H] turn. Another 250,000 this time from Naujoks, enough to force the pass from Kanisch.

9.15pm: Marc Gork, Germany, out in third, earning €307,000
Something had to give and it was Marc Gork. He’s just become our third-placed finisher after he went through the same coin-flip routine of Ulusu earlier, with similar catastrophic results. Holger Kanisch made it 160,000 pre-flop and Sandra Naujoks called from the small blind. Gork was clearly pondering whether to fold, call or shove and so decided to flip that coin. It obviously came down on the side of “shove”, which he did for his last 900,000. Kanisch called, Naujoks didn’t. They flipped. Kanisch had 7-7, Gork had [KD]-[10H] and the flop came [2C]-[QD]-[5C]-[JD]-[5H]. Gork is gone.

9.05pm: Tens to sixes
Gork bet 185,000 pre-flop which Naujoks raised to 500,000 total. Gork then re-raised all-in. Naujoks called showing pocket tens to Gork’s pocket sixes. The board ran out [9S]-[5S]-[JC]-[8D]-[2H]. Naujoks doubles up.

9.01pm: Squeeze
Naujoks made it 200,000 which Gork called. Then Kanisch re-raised all-in and both opponents pass.

9pm: Getting close
Sandra Naujoks and Marc Golk have certainly become friends here in Dortmund.


Sandra Naujoks and Marc Gork

8.50pm: Another level
On we go. Up go the blinds. Prediction: This will be the last level of this tournament*.

*PokerStars blog offers no guarantees as to the accuracy of predictions. May cause hypertension.


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