EPT London: Day 2, Level 14 live updates

October 04, 2009


Live updates from day 2, level 14 of the EPT London Main Event event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains, Brad Willis and Simon Young.

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7.20pm: Greco all-in
Jonas Kronwitter opened for 7,500 from middle position, re-raised immediately by Ilari Thakokallio on his left who makes it 17,200. That got things started. Then Michael Greco moved all-in from the small blind for 250,000. An easy fold for Kronwitter but Thakokallio had a decision to make. “Ace-queen?” asked Greco. “Ace-jack?” Thakokallio said nothing and folded. “Kings?” he then asked. Greco just shook his head.

7.10pm: Teddy Sheringham wins hand of the level
It was all-in for short-stacked Christian Harder who, not that it ended up mattering, had pocket eights, the best hand going in. He was up against Sweden’s Joel Nordkvist and former England international footballer Teddy Sheringham. The flop came out K♠7♣9♣. Nordkvist led and Sheringham called. The turn was one of those sicks twists of fate that will keep people (say, people like Joel Nordkvist) awake at night. It was a Q♠. Nordkvist bet 50,000 and Sheringham raised all-in for 55,000 more. Nordkvist called to see Sheringham’s J♥10♥. Too bad for Nordkvist that he only held K♦Q♦. An ace fell on the river and Sheringham raked the massive 390,000 pot.

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6.58pm: Gently plonked
Jonas Kronwitter opened for 7,500 under the gun. It was folded to the blinds from where Annette Obrestad called for a flop of 5♣10♥A♠. Both checked for a turn card 6♠. Obrestad gently plonked 11,800 in front of her and the pot was hers. It was the same story a hand later when she called a raise from Ilari Thakokallio for a flop of Q♦4♠10♠. Both checked that and the 6♣ turn. When the river came A♥ Obrestad again gently plonked 10,500 in front of her and again it was good for the pot. Obrestad up to 230,000.

6.53pm: Juanda beaten by small house
There was already over 30,000 in the pot pre-flop before John Juanda in the big blind and his small blind opponent saw a 4♦Q♠3♣ flop. When checked to Juanda he bet 27,200 and was called before a Q♥ turn came. Both players checked as they also did on the Q♦ river. The SB tabled 5♦5♥ which was good for the pot as Juanda mucked leaving himself with 190,000.

6.44pm: Bobby Firestone firing on all cylinders
Pro tourney rounder Bobby Firestone of Santa Barbara, CA has made some big strides in the past hour and is nearing 400,000 in chips. If you’re trying to place the name, it could be from about anywhere. He has cashes at the WSOP, EPT, WPT, and everywhere you might look for a poker player. He also placed 17th at this very event last year.

6.38pm: Overnight chip leader sill rolling
Nikolai Senninger, the overall Day 1 chip leader, started slowly today, but has used the last couple of levels to chip up. He is within couple of chips of the 500,000 mark.

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6.25pm: More for Mormina
Karl Mahrenholz is out. He shoved with A♦K♥ but ran into the A♥A♣ of Piero Mormina. The board came 4♦Q♦8♦5♥J♣. Mormina up to 180,000.

6.20pm: Woes of former chip leader
Mario Cordero was our overnight chip leader from day1b with 218,100 but if you divide that number by about ten you’ll get his current stack. It’s apparently taken a set of unfortunate situations or set-ups as he may describe it to lead him to his current predicament. A French colleague of ours said that has suffered from having flush-under-flush, two pair under two pair and top pair top kicker versus a set. Hard to get away from situations like especially with the confidence that comes with being a big stack at the day’s beginning.

6.07pm: We’re not saying YOU need it…but, if you do…
Here’s the Idiots Guide to Poker.

EPT 6 London Day 2: Idiot’s Guide To Poker Pt I on PokerStars.tv

6.05pm: Coming back to Level 14
When players return from break in a moment, they will start the first of two levels left to play tonight.

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