EPT London: Day 2, Level 15 live updates

October 04, 2009


Live updates from day 2, level 15 of the EPT London Main Event event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains, Brad Willis and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 2,000-4,000 (400 ante)

9.10pm: Play concludes for the day
The last four hands came and went without anything dramatic happening across our remaining tables. Approximately 111 players have made it through to day 3 which means some short stacks will sleep uneasy tonight as we’re just 7 places off the money. Someone who will sleep easy is Tommy Vedes who we believe is out overnight chip leader on 585,000.

Watch out for our daily wrap which will be coming up very soon.

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8.50pm: Late all in action
Just before the clock was stopped for the last fours hands of play for today we had two big all-ins.

Firstly Scott Fishman raised from mid-position and then called a re-raise from Antonio Buonanno in the small blind. The flop came down king high before Buonanno open shoved with A♠K♠ and was snap-called by Fishman with QQ. The rest of the board ran out blank and the huge pot went the way of the Italian who now sits with around 450,000.

One table along and a few minutes along in time WSOP finalist Kevin Schaffel is now the owner of a stack worth around 400,000 after a pre-flop all in encounter. He held black kings to an opponent’s black queens. Another king fell on the flop and it was all over by the turn.

8.36pm: Milhomes cruising
The Portuguese player Rui Milhomes now has an esteemed railbird. His countryman and EPT phenom Joao Barbosa is peering over his shoulder, and might well have seen Milhomes bet all the way on a board of 3♥2♠Q♦2♦3♦ and steam roller past two opponents, adding another 50,000-odd to a stack now approaching 475,000.

8.42pm: Obst moving every which way
James Obst has been up and down possibly more than any other player in this tournament. And the reason being, he’s getting involved all the time, most recently five betting pre-flop to create a pot of around 100,000, then firing 50,000 on a flop of 6♦3♦10♠. Who knows.

8.40pm: Another big name bites the dust
I’m starting to think I’m a curse for all the big names pros right at this moment. David Williams and Huck Seed both busted in my presence just recently and now Roland de Wolfe has joined them.

There was a mid-position raise to 9,000 that De Wolfe called from the cut-off before the button made it 29,000 to play. The original raiser folded but De Wolfe called to see the 4♣A♦6♦ flop where he check-raised his opponent all in. the call was quick in coming out DeWolfe saw his A♥J♥ was out kicked by the button’s A♣Q♦. The turn and river blanked and De Wolfe said “Nice flop!” and made his exit.

8.29pm: Good thing or bad thing?
It is now impossible to count overnight chip leader Nikolai Senninger’s chips. They are in a giant pile in front of him and he isn’t even attempting to stack them. I ventured in, almost afraid to ask. And then I did.

“Is this a good thing or a bad thing?” I asked.

He looked at me as if I had asked if he wanted a venereal disease.

“It’s a bad thing,” he said plainly.

The exact details of the hand are hard to work out but in talking to his opponent, Max Heinzelmann, it seems clear it Senninger didn’t see it coming.

Heinzelmann said, “He kept three betting me and three betting me. I felt like it was a good time to two barrel him.”

It wasn’t apparently, as Senninger had pocket jacks to Heinzelmann’s Q-5 off. Prob;em was, by the time the hand was over, Heizelmann had made a little straight. He now estimates he is near 400,000 in chips.

Senninger, meanwhile, looks like he wants to throw up.

8.25pm: Timoshenko should’ve believed him…
Yevgeniy Timoshenko is out after getting it alll in with a bluff on what his tablemates reported to be 8-9 offsuit, He was up against pocket nines and is out. The only part we saw was when the 2009 WCOOP winner walked away saying, “I should’ve believed you.”

8.18pm: This Seed didn’t grow enough for victory
It was folded around to a player on the button who limped in before the small blind completed. Huck Seed had different ideas though and made it 24,000 to go from the big blind. Only the button called to the see K♣9♥Q♥ flop that they both checked. They also checked the 2♦ turn to take us to the 10♦ river where Seed bet 55,000. It was most of his stack and when his opponent moved all in Seed called with J♠J♣ for a straight. His opponent tabled A♥J♦ for the nut straight though and eliminated the former world champion.

8.16pm: Schaffel comeback continues
With 150,000 in his stack November Niner and PokerStars sponsored player Kevin Schaffel just got it all in pre-flop against David Oppenheim. Schaffel held A♦K♦ versus Oppenheim’s A♥Q♠. The board ran out J♣J♥6♦3♣4♦. Schaffel is now edging up on 300,000.

It bears repeating…just a couple of hours ago, he had 7,000 in his stack.

8.10pm: Katchalov catches the bully
Tommy Vedes, who has bludgeoned his way into contention during the latter levels today, just got caught at it by Eugene Katchalov. Vedes folded when Katchalov bet 26,600 on a flop of K♦5♥10♦. No matter, Vedes still has about 460,000, although there are plenty of mighty stacks on that table. One of them is Peter Eastgate, who now has 390,000.

8.03pm: James Obst all smiles
Is there anything better than a three-way all-in when you’re holding A♣A♥? It’s made all the better when you’re up agaist A♦2♦ and A♠K♠. No flushes or straights and Obst is still piling his chips. We’ll get you a proper count when he gets it all sorted.

8:01pm: Annette Obrestad doubles through Greco
An open raise from Michael Greco drew an all-in from Annette Obrestad. Greco thought for an age before calling. Obrestad held A♥Q♥ to Greco’s A♣J♠. The board ran out blanks to boost Obrestad to 160,000. “No more [b.s.] now,” she declared on Twitter.

8pm: The walk of shame
“That is an ‘OUT’ walk,” agreed all of the seasoned veterans on media row as Erik Seidel took a languid wander towards the rail. He had a cellphone clutched in his paw, which means he’s probably tweeting the full news of the elimination right now.

Other empty chairs, meaning players are missing in action, include those previously occupied by Sonny Pomroy and Karl Mahrenholz, local players no longer in with a chance of the home win.

7.55pm: Williams busto
It was folded around to David Williams in the cut-off who open shoved for 63,500 before a player in the small blind moved all in as well. The big blind folded before Williams saw his A♥J♥ was up against 10♦10♥. The board ran K-6-4-Q-5 and Williams wished everyone good luck and made a hasty exit.

7.45pm: MacPhee takes more off Tran
After tangling in a healthy pot a little while ago the two were at it again. The turn was out as I reached the table giving us a J♣4♠2♥J♠ board. Tran checked from the high-jack to MacPhee on the button who bet 45,500. Tran called to see the 7♣ river where he checked again to face a bet, this time for 77,500. He thought for a minute then called and mucked after seeing MacPhee’s K♦J♥.

MacPhee up to 380,000, Trans slips to 180,000.

7.29pm: Players off on 15 minute break
Players are taking what is scheduled to be the last level of the day. Word on the street is they will play 75 more minutes or until the reach the 104-player mark, also known as the money. Bet the 75 minutes, folks. Or get 10-1 on the money.

And here’s Peter Eastgate!

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