EPT London: Day three, level 16 updates

October 05, 2009


Live updates from day three, level 16 of the EPT London Main Event event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains, Brad Willis and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 2,500-5,000 (500 ante)

1.29pm: Players on break
After a pretty quick bubble, players are now on a 15-minute break.

1.24pm: Oh Benny, look what you’ve started Benny Spindler, who may soon be elevated to the “hyper-aggressive” category from his current “super-aggressive” classification, has just kicked off a massive pot that ended with Christoffer Egemo and Mieczyslaw Basara going at it. Spindler raised to 12,000 from the button, Egemo called from the small blind and Basara came along from the big. The flop came A♣3♠5♦ and Egemo bet 5,000, Basara raised to 20,000 and Spindler folded. Egemo, however, called. The Q♣ fell on the turn; both players checked. The 9♦ rivered and after Egemo checked, Basara moved all in. Egemo didn’t like it, but folded.

1.23pm: Arnaud Mattern eliminated
Tough, tough luck for Arnaud Mattern. he just flopped top set with 8♣8♥. He was up against David Rawnsley’s A♦Q♦ on a 8♠3♦ flop. The turn was the 7♥, no worries, but the river was the 4♦. He’s out.

1.20pm: It could have been sooner
Prior to the bubble Umberto Vitagliano made it 13,000 pre-flop before PokerStars qualifier Tamas Lendvai from Hungary raised again to 45,000. “How much you have total?” asked Vitagliano. Then: “Why so much?”

“I don’t want to bust you out.” Was Lendvai’s reply. It slowly dawned on Vitagliano that this was impossible.

“You can’t do that,” he said and by now everyone was laughing. Vitagliano wanted to call. “I don’t need £5,000…. I’m really rich.” Sometimes you can tell when something is not true.

Vitagliano counted out the call. “I feel you win,” he said in a thick Italian accent. Then he looked at his cards again. “Oh, I can’t fold!” He folded.

“No!” cried Lendvai, turning over A♦A♣.

“Wow!” replied Vitagliano. “I folded tens!”

1.10pm: Monster pot
Harri Suni made a raise from the button to 13,000 with A♦8♦ before Annette Obrestad three-bet to 40,000 from the big blind with A♣K♦. In a move he might live to regret later, Suni then moved all-in for 340,000 and was snap called by Obrestad. The board ran 7♣Q♦10♦Q♥K♣ and after a count down it was determined that Suni had less than the young Norwegian and therefore eliminated, just in to the money, in the biggest pot of the tournament so far. Obrestad is now our chip leader with 700,000.

1.05pm: Bubble ups
That’s a new term right there, and it’s going straight in the poker dictionary, with PokerStars blog as its provenance.

bubble up vb – the act of doubling up during the bubble period of play in a poker tournament.

It happens all the time: with everyone trying to knock out the last player before the money bubble bursts, there are a few inevitable sub-standard hands butting into better ones, doubling up the smaller stack. It’s the bubble up. Remember it.

Sebastian Zink just did it here in London, where his queens remained good.

Anyway, we’re now in the money and prizewinners will be updated on the prizewinners page.

1pm: That’s your bubble boy
Piero Mormina moved all-in from the cut off. It’s 28,500 which Jeremy Amsellem wanted to call but didn’t. There was only Benny Spindler left with a decision, having raised pre-flop from under the gun. “28?” he asked, and with a stack with chips to spare he called.

_MG_5231_Neil Stoddart.jpg

On the bubble, Piero Mormina, to the right of the dealer

Thomas Kremser immediately told them not to turn over their cards as other hands finished. When they did Spindler showed J♠8♣ to Mormina’s 3♥3♠. The flop was a good one for “Ooohs,”: 7♠10♣10♥. Spindler now needed a jack, and eight, a nine or a seven which missed on the A♦ turn but hit on the 9♣. A straight for the German and at least £7,500 for everyone else, except that is for Mormina.

12.59pm: In the money
Big news across the board…players are in the money, Howard Swains has created a brand new poker phrase, and it’s about to start moving fast. Details on all of them coming soon.

12.30pm: Tran wasn’t kidding
On a board of 7♠4♠7♥ Najam Qureshi was facing a bet from J.C. Tran. After dwelling for a few minutes, he announced, “All in.” Tran snap-called with 7♣5♥. Qureshi dropped his head and turned over 3♣3♠. He’s out just short of the money.

12.28pm: Slow -roll?
Nicolai Vivet raised from under-the-gun only to face a re-raise from Thomas Dolezal on the button. Vivet then went all in for a total of 94,000 sending Dolezal in to tank for about two minutes but he came out calling with K♠K♣! Vivet tabled Q♥Q♦ that failed to improve through the board meaning he just falls short of the money.

12.25pm: Chen on the charge
Andrew Chen has doubled up. The Prague final table player moved all in for 61,000 from early position and Alexander Millar moved all in over the top from the button. Those two showed their cards and it was bad news for Chen: he had K♠Q♦ to Millar’s A♠K♥. The board gave Chen hope: 7♦10♦9♠ and the turn was even better: Q♣. The 3♠ on the river changed nothing and Chen is back in the hunt.

12.20pm: Eight’s are great for Maria
Maria Mayrinck can breath a lot easier now. She has just doubled from a less that average stack to a more than average stack. She got her chips in with pocket eights versus an opponent’s pocket fives. They held up through a J-Q-3-4-9 board to see her stack rise to 230,000.

12.17pm:Hero or villain?
Jeff Lisandro looked out at his table as the cards went in the air and asked anyone if they knew how much 104th place would get paid. Most of the table pretended not to hear the question. Looking Lisandro in the eye is one of those things that you really want to do, but are afraid to do.

When someone finally found the courage to answer “£7,500” Lisandro laughed a long, deep, bouncing laugh that is straight from central casting’s superhero villain department.

“Some people woke up and thought ‘I’m going to make it.’ And they’re not. Hahahahahahaha.” Lisandro boomed.

The other players shifted uneasily in their seats. Lisandro pointed to the man in the six seat. “You see the humor in that. Hahahahahahahahaha. You’re going to make it.”

The laugh is unsettling. We’re just a few players off the money.

12.10pm: Cards in the air
Play has begun precisely on time. Usually during the first level of a new day, it’s carnage with chips flying in left and right and short stacks busting out. But as the bubble approaches, it’s always tight as players attempt to cling on to make the money. The early chatter was about which of the two powerful forces would win out today. I guess we’ll find out soon.

12pm: Day three begins
Day three is scheduled to begin at noon, with 111 players remaining and only 104 of them to be paid. Our earliest business is to point the finger of ill fortune at the seven who will miss out, then we can whoop our way all the way down to 24, our target for the day.

The starting counts are available on this page right here. And the chips updated throughout the day will appear on that page right there.

Prizewinners as and when they are decided will appear on the prizewinners page.



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