EPT London: Day three, level 17 updates

October 05, 2009


Live updates from day three, level 17 of the EPT London Main Event event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains, Brad Willis and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 3,000-6,000 (500 ante)

3.05pm: The level ends
That’s it for level 17, level 18 is on the way in fifteen minutes.

3pm: Roder and Lendvai, with additional commentary from Annette Obrestad
Umberto Vitagliano moved in two hands in a row, getting a caller neither time. But there always something going on in this corner of the room. On a flop of A♦3♦5♦ Tamas Lendvai made it 19,000 from under the gun. Lorenz Roder called from the button for a turn card 3♥. Lendvai checked before Roder bet 22,000. Lendvai called. All this was moving at a slow pace, each act taking after a long pause. A 10♥ on the river. Lendvai checked and after the usual pause Roder made it 40,000. Call. A♣K♦ for Roder. Q♦J♦ for Lendvai who stacked his chips. All the while Annette Obrestad on Lendvai’s left was staring first at him, then at Roder, then at Andrew Chen, trying to communicate something by telepathy…

“How did you not get more chips out of that hand?” she said.

2.50pm: It looked worse than it was (not really)
It was all-in pre-flop for Alex Wice (pocket sixes) vs. Vivek Rajkumar (A♦9♦). The 6♥7♣2♥ flop looked pretty damned good for Wise. The 5♣ turn and 9♥ river made it look much worse. Raj just doubled up and Wice is wincing.

2.47pm: Ross’ boat had sunk
Ross Boatman raised to 15,000 from under-the-gun only to face an all in raise from Lorenz Roder in the small blind. Boatman had about 100,000 back and his opponent had him just covered. Boatman made the call though with A♦Q♠ and was up against Roder’s J♠J♥. The board came an uneventful 3♣4♠4♥4♣10♥ to send Boatman to the rail and Rober to a stack of 240,000.

2.46pm: Sheringham passes … Shearer scores!
There’s at least 100,000 in the pot pre-flop as Teddy Sheringham and Josef Samanek go heads up. Samanek has about 300,000 his stack and Sheringham about 380,000. The board comes A♠2♠Q♦ and Samanek bets 60,000. Sheringham, with an extra couple of yards of pace in his head*, folds.

*Reference will be understood only by football fans of a certain age.

_MG_5159_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Teddy Sheringham

2.45pm: Baldassari and Berry on the move
Fabrizio Baldassari has just ousted Simon Persson when the former’s A♣5♣ outdrew Persson’s A♥Q♠ when a lot of clubs fell on the board. At the same time on a neighbouring table, Michael Berry just doubled up through Jean Montury, who has been on the slide for much of the day. In this hand, Berry bet on a flop of 10♥9♦7♦ and Montury raised to 52,000. That prompted Berry to move all in for about 120,000 more and Montury called. The Frenchman had A♣10♦, which was behind Berry’s J♠J♣. The jacks stayed good, leaving Montury, one of the overnight leaders, on about 100,000 and Berry much better off.

2.41pm: It’s the Idiots again
It’s time for the much-anticipated Part II of our Idiot’s Guide to Poker, featuring some excellent acting from Team PokerStars Pros Marcel Luske and Johnny Lodden…

Watch EPT 6 London Day 3: Part II, Idiot’s Guide on PokerStars.tv

2.40pm: Vedes out of the Woods
Tommy Vedes raised another 26,000 behind a bet from Darren Woods under the gun. The action was folded back to Woods who tanked for a while before suddenly bursting into life, throwing in a double handed re-raise, 40,000 more. Good for a quick Vedes fold. He’s down a little to 500,000 while Woods moves up a bit to 270,000.

_MG_5291_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Tommy Vedes

2.35pm: Is that Wice?
Alex Wice had moved all in, got no callers and showed 10♦9♦ which made Peter Eastgate giggle. In the next hand Wice was involved again, this time with Darus Suharto, and others. Suharto made it 14,000 from under the gun which was called by Wice and Fabrizio Baldassari and Jason Somerville in the blinds. On a flop of 6♠4♣8♠ the blinds checked before Suharto made it 40,000. Wice took his turn to think a while then fold, then Baldassari did the same. Somerville too. A little more for the resurgent Suharto.

2.31pm: MacPhee busts Moukawern
Samir Moukawem moved all in on a flop of 4♥7♦10♥ for his last 90,000-odd. Kevin MacPhee was his sole opponent, and the American eventually called, showing K♥9♥. Moukawern was ahead with his 10♠J♠ but he thumped the baize when a K♠ came on the turn. The 5♣ on the end was not one of Moukawern’s outs and he was gone. “It was whether my king was: live,” said MacPhee to his neighbour Nick Gibson, explaining his call. In the end it was the determining factor. MacPhee is back up beyond 400,000.

2.30pm: Payouts updated
We’re moving up to new money level. You can find the most recent eliminations on our EPT London payouts and prizes page

2.25pm: Aces baby
Julien Brecard was all in on the bubble but his opponent folded his holding of deuces which meant Brecard didn’t have to take a race to get into the money. He now has 435,000 after eliminating Lawrence Jacobs. Jacobs opened with a raise and then four-bet shoved after Brecard’s thre-bet. Brecard snap-called with A♣A♦ and was up against Jacob’s A♠K♠ before the board ran J♥10♥2♦2♥6♣.

_MG_5335_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Julien Brecard

2.20pm: Suharto scaling the heights
Darus Suharto has passed the 500,000 barrier. All it took was an all-in pre-flop coup against Jakob Karlsson when Suharto had ace-jack and Karlsson ace-queen. There was a jack on the flop and Suharto moves ever skyward. He’s still a way behind Annette Obrestad, however, who is beyond 800,000.

_MG_5195_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Darus Suharto

2.15pm: An early night for Holland
A moment of comedy — well, in terms of poker media anyway; it’s not Saturday night at the London Palladium. Anyway, one of our Dutch colleagues walked past a couple of tables to say: “I’ve got one player left, he’s the tightest player in the room and he’s got 48,000-oh-god-I-think-he’s-all-in-ah-he’s-out. It was the PokerStars qualifier Hubert Curvers who was the last Dutchman standing, but his day is now done when he ran pocket threes into Nick Gibson’s over pair and was sent to the rail. So ends the day for the Dutch media.

2.05pm: Spinning with Spindler
With the board already showing 10♠10♥2♠A♠J♦ Benny Spindler had a 50,000 bet waiting for a caller. That was up to Bobby Firestone to his right who called. Spindler showed 10♣8♣ as Firestone folded and moved up to 330,000. These two were at it again on the next hand, Spindler raising in the big blind after Firestone had called from the small and then called Spindler’s raise. Q♠J♣5♥ on the flop. Firestone checked, Spindler made it 23,000 and Firestone called. Both checked the 9♣ turn for an 8♣ on the river. Now Firestone led the betting, 42,000 which Spindler called showing Q♦10♠ to Firestone’s 5♣6♥.

2.01pm: The sound of a Tran in the distance
A flop of 2♠6♠8♦ it’s checked three ways before a 10♣ turn card. Darus Suharto then made it 16,000 from the big blind, called by Jakob Karlsson under the gun plus and Theo Tran a seat along. On the 5♠ river Suharto and Karlsson checked before Tran made it 64,000 with three towers of reds and change. Suharto folded after a last peek, as did Karlsson.

2.00pm: Two bad hands for Paul Kristoffersson
The last two hands for Paul Kristoffersson could not have gone much worse. First he got it all in with king-queen versus Tobias Reinkemeier’s Q♦J♦ on a J♥3♣Q♣ flop. Reinkemeier’s two pair turned into a boat.

On the very next hand, Aaron Gustavson came in for a raise to 12,000. John Juanda re-raised to 36,000. Kristoffersson pushed in the rest of his chips. Gustavson isolated and Juanda grumpily wennt away. Gustavson had pocket tens to Kristoffersson’s A♦J♠. Kristoffersson missed five times and is out.

That is to say, the last two hands he played were, in fact, his last hand.

1.45pm: New pay level
Not only have we burst the bubble, we’ve also entered the day’s second pay level. The next lucky/unlucky* handful will earn £7,900. Full prizewinners and the payout structure will appear on the prizewinners page.

*delete according to expectations

1.41pm: Video, video!

1.40pm: Obrestad leads
We’re now entering level 17 and after than sensational hand against Harri Suni, our chip leader at this point is Annette Obrestad. A full, official count will appear on the chip count page at the end of every level. So you know what to do:


_MG_5265_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Annette Obrestad and her newly-acquired chips


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