EPT London: Day three, level 19 updates

October 05, 2009


Live updates from day three, level 19 of the EPT London Main Event event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains, Brad Willis and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 5,000-10,000 (1,000 ante)

6pm: That’s the end of that…
…level. There’ll be another one along soon. About 15 minutes to be more precise.

6pm: Big stacks
Our free-rolling friend Michael Berry is one of three huge stacks on table Obrestad/Wu. The others are in front of those two: Obrestad has about 950,000; Wu has about 980,000 and Berry is not far behind.

5.55pm: Aces are a big Obst-acle to overcome
The pot opened with a Chris Ferguson raise to 25,000 before James Obst moved all in for 146,000 and PokerStars qualifier Eric Haik calmly flat called from the button. Ferguson went in to the tank but folded and it was a good decision too as Haik quickly tabled A♣A♦ to Obst’s K♥Q♦. The board ran out 4♣5♠8♠10♦K♣ to bust the high stakes online player. Haik’s stack is up to 915,000.

5:52pm: Maridu runs into Tran, set
Maria Mayrinck had established a pretty tight image today as she held onto her 200,000. Finally, in need of some blinds and antes, she raised under the gun with jack-ten and got a call from Theo Tran in the small blind. The flop came T-7-x. Tran checked, Mayrinck bet 40,000 and Tran called. When the six came on the turn, Mayrinck moved all-in and got the call from Tran’s set of sevens.

“Poker is easy for some people,” she quipped.

5.45pm: Cullen present and correct. Sunglasses not so much
“Can you let me know how Dominic Cullen is doing?” writes a correspondent named Ben to blog@pokerstars.com .”And if you see him – remind him that he needs to send me my sunglasses back!! (He forgot his!).”

I’ve got good news and bad news for you, Ben. Cullen is doing great. As I went by a moment ago, he was moving all in for about 200,000 on a flop of J♠2♠7♣Q♦ and getting a fold, picking up a bunch of chips and stacking up about 300,000, which is right around the average for the 42 remaining players.

Bad news I: On Cullen’s right is the chip-leading stack of Benny Spindler – approximately 1.5m.
Bad news II: On Cullen’s left is Kevin Schaffel, November Niner, who also has about 800,000.
Bad news III: There are no sign of any sunglasses anywhere near Cullen. Red hoodie? Yes. Sunglasses, nope. He can surely afford to buy you another pair though.

Keep your mails coming to blog@pokerstars.com.

5.40pm: Your new chip leader…
On a flop of A♦K♥Q♥ Lawrie Inman made it 100,000. Benny Spindler, in a pot again, called for a 2♦ turn. At this point Inman moved all-in getting a flash call from Spindler. The pot was huge, neither player had a stack anywhere close to short. Spindler turned over A♥2♥ to Inman’s K♠Q♣. The river came 6♠ and that was it. “Oh sh*t.” Said Inman. He’d just arrived at the table and now he was gone. Spindler couldn’t say anything. With the chips counted he was up to more than 1.5 million. That’s the chip lead… by a long way.

5.34pm: Donev doubles
There was an under-the-gun raise from Aaron Gustavson that both blinds called to see a 4♥8♣9♥ flop. The small blind led out for 25,000, Ivo Donev called from the next seat but Gustavson raised it up to 100,000. At this point Donev started to position his camera on the table next to his cards and chips and when the small blind folded he slowly moved his chips closer to the line and then started the recording function on his camera and moved all in for 190,000. Committed to the pot, Gustavson called with J♦J♠ but was shown 4♦4♣ by Donev for a set. “Was that a slow-roll?” asked Gustavson before the turn came 2♥ and river K♦.

Dovev’s play was slightly questionable during this hand but all that matters is that he is now the owner of a 450,000 stack now. Gustavson is down but still doing great on 510,000.

5.25pm: Bubble in moving pictures
Our intrepid video blogging team chatted to Team Pros about the feared tournament bubble, which popped here in the Hilton a little while ago…

Watch EPT 6 London Day 3: Popping the bubble on PokerStars.tv

5.22pm: J.C. Tran hits the road
Facing a bet that would put him all in on a 3♠10♠5♦7♠Q♥ board, J.C. Tran tanked for a minute before calling to see A♠Q♠. Since it’s pretty damned hard to beat the nuts, Tran headed for the cash out table.

5.20pm: Thomas Dolezal eliminated

The PokerStars player from Austria, Thomas Dolezal has just been eliminated after betting all-in with 5♣3♦ on a 8♦2♠3♥ flop. Tobias Reinkemeier called with pocket tens. He begged for no suckouts, and none came.

5.14pm: Firestone sent into a Spin-dler
PokerStars qualifier Robert Firestone got the last of his chips in with K♥7♦ and found a willing customer in the shape of Benny Spindler holding 10♠10♥. The board ran 5♣8♦9♣3♥7♥ to bust Firestone. The extra chips puts Spindler up to around 700,000.

5.10pm: Smile Smires
Karim Bennani Smires is holding his head looking pained. But this is the good type. He just doubled up through Aaron Gustavson, the board reading 9♣Q♠8♠6♣3♠ alongside his upturned hand A♠10♠. Good to restore Smires’s hopes to around 250,000.

5.07pm: Take off the scarf, the party is over
France’s Jeremy Amsellem, the man who has been wearing a scarf around 80% of his face for the entire tournament, is now out after pushing his short stack in with 8♠9♠ into Rodrigo Dos Santos Caprioli’s 7♠7♥ and missing.

5.03pm: Maria sandwich

Team PokerStars Pro Maria “maridu” Mayrinck is hanging around with 200,000 and is unfortunately sandwiched between Chris “Jesus” Ferguson and James Obst. Maria has just learned that the love of Ferguson’s life also happens to be from Brazil. “So, we have something to bond over,” she said.

5.00pm: The room just started to smell better

…due in large part to the fact the EPT Ladies event just kicked off.

4.55pm: Video blog time

Watch EPT 6 London Day 3: Hand strength challenge on PokerStars.tv

4.45pm: And on another table…
As we wait for players to return for level 19 Team PokerStars Pro Jason Mercier is currently chipped up at the final table of the £2,500 no-limit hold’em side event a few tables away. First prize in that one is £115,800, a nice haul that would go well with his WSOPE fourth place finish a few days ago.

_MG_5166_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Annette Obrestad, one of the chip leaders going into level 19


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