EPT London: Day three, level 22 updates

October 05, 2009


Live updates from day three, level 22 of the EPT London Main Event event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains, Brad Willis and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 10,000-20,000 (2,000 ante)

10.50pm: Chips
The full chip counts have revealed that our free-roller Michael Berry is top of the pops. Read all about Michael Berry here and then click through to the chip count page for more info.

10.40pm: Thank Peter Eastgate, we’re done for the night
Hungary’s Tamas Lendvai just moved all-in pre-flop for somewhere in the neighbourhood of 200,000 and Peter Eastgate snap-called with Q♠K♥. That’s good enough to be at Q♣J♦ when the board runs out 3♥4♥10♣8♥K♣.

Play has been halted with 24 players who will return tomorrow to play down to the final table.

We’ll have a full wrap-up of the day’s action and a full chip count in just a bit.

10.33pm: Aces for Donev
Ivo Donev raised from the high-jack only to face an all-in push from a fairly short-stacked Kevin MacPhee. Donev stood up looked around a little bit and then very slowly pushed his stack over the line to call. MacPhee quickly opened Q♠Q♦ and was surprised to see Donev open A♠A♦ to the point he commented “Did he just slow-roll me?”

The board ran 7♦J♣4♦2♦7♠ to eliminate Macphee. Donev tried to shake MacPhee’s hand when he left but the offer was refused. Just one more to lose now before we’re done for the night.

10.30pm: Warring big stacks
There are three almighty stacks on one table this evening, although it might have been four. A quick count moments ago showed Rodrigo Caprioli with 1,750,000; Marty Smyth with 1,050,000; Nikolai Senninger with 1,600,000 and Vivek Rajkumar with 1,700,000. But Rajkumar just added about 350,000 of Smyth’s stack when this happened: Rajkumar made it 48,000 UTG+1 and Smyth called from the big blind. The flop came 5♣4♠A♠ and both checked. The turn came A♥ and after Smyth bet 85,000, Smyth called. The river was K♣ and again Smyth checked, with Rajkumar betting 200,000. Call.

Rajkumar showed A♣6♠ to take it down and leap into the chip lead.

Only 25 players now remain but the chip lead is changing hands with almost every pot.

10.15pm: Haik hooked
Eric Haik’s fate would rest on the outcome of the hand. On a flop of 2♦Q♥2♠ he moved all-in with 3♦4♦, called by Josef Samanek with A♣Q♠. The turn was an A♥, the river 9♥, a hand that would cost Haik all but 213,000 of his stack, while Samanek bolted up to more than 1.2 million.

It took just a couple more hands for the end to come. Haik shoved pre-flop with 10♠10♦. Aaron Gustavsonon his immediate left shoved as well, for much more, showing J♦J♣. Haik made a gesture with his hand, as if to say “drat!” and waited on help from the board. It didn’t come: 7♠K♠Q♦7♥9♣. Just 26 players remain.

10.10pm: Tran v Haik
Theo Tran and Eric Haik have tangled before today and in one big pot between the two earlier Tran had to make a seemingly agonizing lay down with an over pair to a flop. So we know there is history between the two. The last pot they just tangled in started off with Tran raising up from under-the-gun to 40,000 before calling Haik’s raise to 100,000 from the small blind. After the flop came 10♥9♦4♥ Haik kept up the initiative with a 200,000 bet. Tran pretty quickly moved all in for 643,000 and that prompted a tank of all tanks from Haik. Eventually someone called the clock on him and he took every second of it to make his own seemingly agonizing fold.

They have both won a battle each so far but who will win the war? Tran has 1,150,000 after that pot, Haik has 770,000.

10pm: Reinkemeier on the big up
Jonathan Weekes just ran head-long into Tobias Reinkemeier and was left with a few scars. Weekes limped under-the-gun and Reinkemeier made it 65,000, called by Weekes. The flop came 10♦Q♠5♠ and they both checked. The turn was K♦ and Weekes checked again, prompting a 150,000 bet from Reinkemeier. Call. The river was 3♣ and now Weekes moved all in, covering Reinkemeier. But Reinkemeier insta-called and showed A♣J♥

9.50pm: Eastgate doubles
Peter Eastgate is back up to a much more safe 780,000 after doubling up with A♥J♦ against Tamas Lendvai’s A♥J♦. They were both short stacks and it was all in pre-flop. No miracles and Lendvai is very short now.

9.47pm: Spindler spinning down
Benny Spindler has a T-shirt that says “WTF?” and this was the expression that was written all over Dominic Cullen’s face when Spindler gave him a walk in the big blind. Spindler has been raising pretty much every single pot, and this was an extraordinary moment. However, the aggressive German had just doubled up Rui Milhomens with A-7 against A-Q — a pot worth more than a million.

9.45pm: Could this really be true?
Michael Greco pushed all-in. Would this be it for the plucky Englishman? Or would he be able to buy more life by virtue of a double up. The total? 114,000 and Peter Eastgate was willing to pay. J♥6♦ for Greco, K♥J♣ for Eastgate. The board ran out: 7♥8♠9♠A♥A♣. Greco slapped his knee, stood up and shook hands, tucking his chair in under the table. There was time for one last “so sick,” and he was off to collect £15,600.

_MG_5691_EPT6Lon_Neil Stoddart.jpg

9.42pm: Weekes all-in
Jonathan Weekes made it 75,000 on a flop of A♦5♥4♠ and Tobias Reinkemeier called for a turn card 6♥. Now Weekes moved all-in, 337,000, enough to make Reinkemeier remove his headphones and sit up. He had well over 500k behind, even after he rubbed his eyes. He asked something of Weekes, waving to try to get his attention, but getting nothing. Instead Reinkemeier went for his chips, counting out the call. Suddenly it seemed like a lot. A waft of garlic drifts through. No one knows from where. Maybe that was the decider because Reinkemeier then folded.

9.40pm: Chip leader
Our chip leader, by the way, as you’ll know if you’ve been looking at the chip count page as I know you have, is the Brazilian player Rodrigo Caprioli.

9.35pm: Rajkumar beats Montury
Jean Montury is out in 30th, the latest victim of Vivek Rajkumar. Montury shoved from two of the button — he had about 250,000 — and Rajkumar reshoved from the button. He had Montury well covered in both chips and hands. Montury had A♣J♣ and Rajkumar had A♠K♥ and although a jack turned, by that point there was already a king on the flop. Over for Montury.

9.20pm: Level 22 everybody. Level 22
We’re now entering level 22. I say “we” but I mean “them”, those 30 remaining players in with a chance. There are 24 places available in day four, and that’s now our target. Six players need to depart and we’re there.

Special kudos at this point must go to Michael Greco, who is pulling off his now characteristic uber-grind with a micro-stack. He has got a jaw of steel as is all but impossible to knock out.

_MG_5050_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Michael Greco



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