EPT Loutraki: Day 4, level 21 & 22 updates (8,000-16,000, 2,000)

November 19, 2011


5.50pm: End of level
Fourteen players remain here in Loutraki and the final table just a few bust-outs away. Chip counts to come. Join us in a new post shortly.

5.35pm: Another lover’s tiff
David Elyashar and Florian Schleps probably need to get a room. Their personal battle on table two has just taken another turn, with Elyashar coming from behind to win a monster.

There’s a bit of context to this that also needs reporting, as it will certainly have contributed to Schleps’ growing poor mood. So, you join us with Schleps in early position and with a raise of 32,000 in front of him. Dimitris Mpinas moved all in for 230,000, but it was Rupert Elder who was asking for a count.

He was told that it was 230,000 and Elder announced that he was all in. “That makes my decision easy for me,” said Schleps, open folding A♠J♠. But he was soon kicking himself when Elder tabled 9♦9♥ to Mpinas’s K♠J♦.

The flop came A♦7♠7♥J♥Q♥ and that gave the win to Mpinas. But Schleps could have won an absolutely massive pot if he’d have called and sent them both to the rail.


On the very next hand, Schelps was under the gun and opened to 32,000. It was folded all the way round to Elyashar in the big blind, and that gave these two sparring partners another chance to renew their acquaintance. And boy did they take the opportunity.

Elyashar raised to 76,000, Schelps four bet to 225,000 and Elyashar five-bet shoved, for what amounted to slightly more than 500,000. Call!

Elyashar: A♦Q♥
Schleps: A♠K♥

Schleps was a strong favourite to end this once and for all and send Elyashar back home. But then the board had other ideas, coming Q♣A♥9♣4♥3♣, which gave Elyashar the double up to more than a million. Schleps has about half of that. — HS

loutraki_day 4_david elyashar.jpg

David Elyashar

5.31pm: Our Former chip leader is blowing up
Charalampos Kapernopoulos had been running away with the chip lead in the early stages of Day 4. It always felt like it was a matter of time before that lead was cut, caught and subsumed. Kapernopoulos is down to 1,000,000, which is still well above the 720,000 average but he’s acting as if he’s short stacked. Cracks are showing.

Kapernopoulos had been up to 1,400,000 at the break but in the last few hands he’s lost 125,000 to Vasileios Chantzaras after defending his big blind with K♠7♠ and check-calling a 6♥6♦10♣ flop, both checked the A♥ turn before Kapernopoulos bluffed 53,000 at the 4♥ river.

The former chip leader then lost another small chunk to Hauke Heseding after check-calling with 4♣5♣ the flop of a A♦J♣2♣4♦2♥ board. Heseding showed down pocket sixes and Kapernopoulos slammed his prayer beads down on the table. Poker’s not as much fun when you don’t hit. — RD

5.20pm: Koyloykakos out, Elder up
Panagiotis Koyloykakos is our next player out having found pocket eights at the wrong time. The Greek player shoved for 185,000 from early position and was called by Rupert Elder on the button. The blinds passed and – slowroller Ioannis Tamaras take note – instantly showed A♥A♠. The board blanked out to push Elder up to 720,000.

Elder opened to 32,000 from the cut-off the next hand but passed to a 87,000 three-bet from Pierre Mothes. — RD

5.10pm: Van Riet halved and then eliminated
Pim Van Riet was moved from to table one and immediately three-bet all-in. Mario Puccini opened shoved for 204,000 with 9♣9♥ and the Dutchman moved in behind from the next seat with 7♠7♥. Everyone else folded to leave it head-up and the board ran 6♣Q♣8♠J♥8♦.

Two hands later Van Riet three-bet the rest of his stack from the big blind with 5♥2♥. Hauke Heseding called after making the initial raise with K♣Q♣. The board ran 10♣6♣3♠Q♦10♠ for a German victory. — MC

4.55pm:Seat draw and rough counts of the final two tables
Table 1:
Seat 1. Sergey Serafimov – 270,000
Seat 2. Charalampos Kapernopoulos – 1,650,000
Seat 3. Andras Kovacs – 550,000
Seat 4. Mario Puccini – 200,000
Seat 5. Pim Van Riet – 410,000
Seat 6. Ioannis Taramas – 540,000
Seat 7. Vasileios Chantzaras – 710,000
seat 8. Hauke Heseding – 750,000

Table 2:
Seat 1: Rupert Elder – 507,000
Seat 2: Zimnan Ziyard – 950,000
Seat 3: Pierre Mothes – 567,000
Seat 4: Georgios Grigoropoulos – 290,000
Seat 5: Panagiotis Koyloukakos – 157,000
Seat 6: David Elyashar – 523,000
Seat 7: Florian Schleps – 1,200,000
Seat 8: Dimitris Mpinas – 300,000

4.50pm: Flipping for EPTs
EPT Loutraki is down to two tables of eight players after the elimination of Frederic Hebette in 17th. The Belgian had been in shoving mode for a while and that’s exactly what he did from second position. Florian Schleps was on the button and called the 244,000 bet.

Hebette: 3♠3♥
Schleps: A♣10♦

The board ran A♥K♥7♣5♠K♠ to make Scleps two-apir. The Austrian is up to around 1,300,000 now. — MC

4.40pm: Puccini loses to Taramas’s aces; Taramas loses some respect
Ioannis Taramas opened to 35,000 from early position and Mario Puccini moved all in from the big blind, for something like 420,000, covering Taramas. Taramas took a moment, then beckoned to his friend to come to the table from the rail. Only when the railbird was in place did he flip his cards: A♣A♥. Puccini looked ruefully skyward as he showed A♠10♠.


Ioannis Taramas

The board did not trouble the bullets – it ran 2♦9♦9♠2♥7♠ – and the dealer established that Puccini owed exactly 300,000, which was about three quarters of his stack.

It took Puccini a few subsequent hands until he plucked up the courage to ask, “Why didn’t you insta-call?” Taramas didn’t seem entirely aware that any etiquette had been breached. “It’s nothing to do with you,” he said, explaining that he just wanted his friend to see the happy moment. (This was said more to mean, “It’s nothing personal,” than anything nastier.)


Mario Puccini

Puccini decided to swallow whatever was bubbling up inside him and battles on in silence.

Etiquette hasn’t necessarily been high on the agenda of many of our players in Loutraki. Indeed, there was another questionable moment soon after, when the two table chip leaders, Charalampos Kapernopoulos and Hauke Heseding tangled.

Kapernopoulos opened to 38,000 from early position and Heseding called from the big blind. Everyone else wisely got out the way and the two of them saw a flop of Q♣8♠5♣. They both checked. The turn was 10♣ and Heseding check-called Kapernopoulos’ bet of 50,000. That brought the 9♠ river and after Heseding checked, Kapernopoulos bet 80,000.


Hauke Heseding

Heseding took a long while over this decision, but eventually announced a call. Kapernopoulos said, “Straight” and tabled J♥Q♥. And then he asked to see Heseding’s cards as the young German looked to muck.

“I don’t have to show,” Heseding said. Kapernopoulos looked to the nearby floorman, who didn’t seem too happy to have to force Heseding to expose his cards. “If a player with a live hand asks to see, then you have to show I’m afraid,” the floorman said.

Heseding tabled K♦10♥, beaten. — HS

4.40pm: Level 22 begins
We have 17 players left in the main event with the big money final table on the immediate horizon. The next player out will depart with €8,700, a far cry from the €347,000 for first place. Charalampos Kapernopoulos is still leading the field with 1,368,000 but his winning streak slowed over the last level allowing a number of players to catch him.

Charalampos Kapernopoulos, Greece, 1,368,000
Zimnan Ziyard, UK, PokerStars qualifier, 1,274,000
Hauke Heseding, Germany, PokerStars qualifier, 1,056,000
Florian Schleps, Austria, PokerStars qualifier, 925,000
David Elyashar, Israel, 705,000
Andras Kovacs, Hungary, PokerStars qualifier, 600,000
Rupert Elder, UK, 593,000
Pierre Mothes, Germany, PokerStars qualifier, 569,000
Mario Puccini, Germany, PokerStars qualifier, 526,000
Vasileios Chantzaras, Greece, 460,000
Dimitris Mpinas, Greece, PokerStars qualifier, 454,000
Pim Van Riet, Netherlands, 372,000
Georgios Grigoropoulos, Greece, 328,000
Ioannis Taramas, Greece, 302,000
Frederic Hebette, Belgium, 244,000
Sergey Serafimov, Bulgaria, 201,000
Panagiotis Kouloukakos, Greece, 172,000

Following in the footsteps of Kevin MacPhee in San Remo, Elder has the chance to make another EPT final table for a shot at being the first double champion. Follow the major chip swings as they happen on our chip counts page. — RD

4.25pm: Break time
Break time. Eighteen players remain.

4.20pm: Ziyard busts De Visscher, chasing chip lead
Zimnan Ziyard is up to 1,200,000 after clashing in a huge pot with Koen De Visscher.

The Belgian has opened to 25,000 from the cut-off and was called by Pim van Riet on the button before Ziyard came over the top for 65,000. De Visscher four-bet to 122,000 and just Ziyard made the call.

Ziyard checked the 8♦6♣3♥ flop over to De Visscher who bet 84,000. Ziyard pushed out two large towers of blue 5,000 chips for a check-raise of 170,000. De Visscher responded by moving all-in for close to 400,000, piling the pressure back on Ziyard.


Zimnan Ziyard

“It’s only the top two hands that bother me,” said Ziyard, all but declaring that he held pocket queens. Unless, of course he was talking about a set of sixes or eights. No, surely he would have snap-called bottom set there. Indeed, he was just worried about aces and kings. He made the call. De Visscher held one of each.

De Visscher: A♠K♠
Ziyard: Q♠Q♥

De Visscher still had outs. None of them came. Ziyard now with a monstrous stack and a near lock on the final table. — RD

4.17pm: Get your quiz on
It’s quiz time in Greece. I know, we can hardly wait either…

4.15pm: Hebette up; Hebette down
Frederic Hebette lost a huge pot earlier today to Florian Schleps, but he just won some of them back. Problem: he then gave them to Pierre Mothes soon after.

The first hand played out like this: Schleps opened to 24,000 from early position and Hebette called in the big blind. The flop came 6♠5♣Q♣ and Hebette checked. Schleps bet 37,000 and Hebette called, taking them to a 10♣ turn. They both checked.

The 8♦ rivered and Hebette bet 132,000, drawing an instant fold from Schelps. “I’m not calling an overbet from you anymore,” Schleps said, refering to the hand when Hebette over-bet the pot and fell right into Schleps’ trap.

Soon after Mothes raised from the cut off to 28,000 and Hebette called on the button. That took them to a 6♦4♠A♦ flop and Mothes bet 39,000, which Hebette called. The 3♦ turned and Mothes asked: “How much do you have?” Hebette showed him a stack of about 310,000. Mothes checked.


Pierre Mothes

Hebette bet 66,000, but Mothes instantly moved all in. Hebette instantly folded. — HS

4.10pm: Bluff and recover
Koen De Visscher is back up to about half-a-million chips after bluffing a load off a while before. We missed the previous hand but word on the conference centre carpet was that he check-raised a river that brought a straight and flush card. A great card to rep, unless your opponent rivered a set.

The hand we witnessed wasn’t as exciting but it was a victory for the Belgian. He raised to 25,000 from the cut-off and both blinds called to see a 5♥A♠2♥. All three checked to the Q♣ turn where De Visscher bet 42,000 when the action was checked to him. Pim van Riet was the only caller to the 7♥ river where he checked to face a 77,000 bet. It was too much for who lost this small Benelux battle. — MC

4pm: Good times for Germany, bad for blackjack man
Germany is a country on form. Not only does Deutschland have the new world champion but they have won the IFP Nations Cup. Two Germans are sat at table one and steadily chipping up. Hauke Heseding is up to 850,000 and Day 1B chip leader Mario Puccini is cruising along on 560,000. Both have profited from Ionannis Tamaras of late who has been telling the table of his blackjack exploits.

“How do you say Daniel Negreanu is the best player in the world? Because he has won so much. That is why I am in the top 15 blackjack players. I won 2.6 million over 16 years hard work,” said Tamaras.

“Blackjack is esasier, it is nechincal, not situational. I’m at the beginning of my poker, you never know where I can go,” he added.

At the moment there’s only one place he’s going, towards the rail. He’s down from a high of 800,000 to 300,000. — RD

loutraki_day 4_ioannis tamaras.jpg

Ioannis Tamaras

3.50pm: Seen action
On the very next hand to the one described below, Mpinas got back in the saddle – and knocked out Fahredin Mustafov. Mpinas this time raised his button, making it 25,000 to play, and Fahredin shoved for his last 206,000. Mpinas called and showed 3♠3♦, which was ahead of Fahredin’s J♣Q♦ (but which prompted a few gasps from onlookers.)


Dimitris Mpinas believes he can fly

Anyhow, the pocket pair stood up as the board ran 4♦10♣8♥7♥A♥. Mpinas got back what he lost to Elder, while Mustafov hit the road. — HS

3.45pm: Unseen action
Frederic Hebette has lost more than half of his carefully cultivated stack, hitting a flop hard after he had raised the button with king-five–the flop had two kings on it–but running into the king-queen of Florian Schleps in the big blind.

Shortly after, on the same table, Rupert Elder bullied Dimitris Mpinas off a hand and got his stack up to 600,000. In that one, Mpinas had raised from the small blind and Elder defended his big. The flop came K♣2♦2♠ and Mpinas bet 31,000. Elder called, taking them to an A♠ turn. Mpinas checked, Elder bet 42,000 and then Mpinas made it 105,000.

Elder took a breath and then announced he was all in, which elicited a snap-fold from Mpinas. — HS

3.30pm: Kurtz’s progress curbed
Matthias Kurtz has fallen in 20th place for €8,700 after he fell to the Koen De Visscher.

Zinman Zayard raised to 25,000 from the hijack and Kurtz called in the cut-off before De Visscher three-bet to 67,000 from the small blind. Zayard folded but Kurtz moved all-in for 230,000. Call.

Kurtz: K♣K♦
De Visscher: A♥A♣

The board ran J♥5♥4♣8♣5♦. The Belgian is up to 660,000 now. — MC

3.15pm: The last Team Pro has gone
Just before the break Toni Judet’s Greek EPT ride came to an end. He three-bet all-in for 250,000 from the big blind after an open from Charalampos Kapernopoulos and a flat call from Andras Kovacs. Kapernopoulos folded but Kovacs made the call from the small blind.

Judet tabled ace-jack which failed to catch up against the Hungarian’s pocket tens. — MC


Judet in action before he was eliminated

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