Play on the final table has entered level 24, with blinds at 12,000-24,000 (2,000 ante). The chip counts page will be updated when official counts are taken at the end of each level; approximate counts will appear on this page. Prizewinners to date are on the prizewinners page. Remember all the action is also available on EPT Live.

Players take a one-hour dinner break. We will return will full counts and the remainder of this tournament soon.

The approximate counts at the break are:

Konstantinos Alexiou, Greece, 2,026,000
Andrew Chen, Canada, 1,166,000
Salvatore Bonavena, Italy, PokerStars sponsored player, 928,000
Fredrik Nygard, Finland, 670,000
Francesco Cirianno, Italy, 658,000
Massimo Di Cicco, Italy, PokerStars qualifier, 242,000

5.30pm: Cirianni doubles up Salvatore Bonavena raises pre-flop, the first time he’s done so in a long while. But then there’s an even rarer occurence: Francesco Cirianni moves all in. Bonavena knows he has to think a bit, and duly takes his time. But eventually he calls and has A-Qc, well ahead of Cirianni’s miraculous J-8. The flop gives the agressor his miracle card though: it’s 5d-8c-3s and there’s no redraw. Cirianni doubles up!

_MG_9689_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Francesco Cirianni

5.25pm: Andrew Chen again raises to 57,000 pre-flop and again he gets it through. No one wants to confront the young Canadian, and he’s making hay. The next hand, Massimo Di Cicco moves all in pre-flop and everyone folds. He shows 6c this time.

5.20pm: Fredrik raises to 57,000 from under-the-gun. And even Andrew Chen in the big blind lets it go. This has entered another slow period as we approach the second break of the day.

5.16pm: Andrew Chen makes a button raise and Salvatore Bonavena calls. The flop comes king high and Bonavena’s check prompts Chen to bet 70,000. But Bonavena now check raises and Chen insta-mucks. He’s flashed a king. Undeterred, he raises pre-flop next hand and this time gets it through.

5.15pm: Progress is slow in Prague, which gives us the opportunity to take a look at the latest video blog coming our way. What do poker players want for Christmas? Here’s the answer:

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5.11pm: Action. Of sorts. Salvatore Bonavena opens for 70,000 and Massimo Di Cicco moves his short stack all in. It’s about 250,000 more and it seems that Bonavena can’t fold. But does, and Di Cicco stays alive.

5.10pm: Andrew Chen makes a small raise pre-flop and it’s folded around to Cirianno in the big blind. He takes a long time over it, but folds.

5.08pm: Konstantinos Alexiou makes up the big blind of Massimo Di Cicco. The queen high flop is checked and then the 5c prompts a tickle from Di Cicco. Alexiou loses all interest.

5.05pm: Massimo Di Cicco moves all in from under the gun for about 140,000. And he gets it through, living to fight another day. He flips a 5d.

5pm: In a battle of the blinds, limped, Andrew Chen and Fredrik Nygard sees a flop of Jc-10d-Ac. Chen bets 25,000 and Nygard calls. The turn and river, both checked, are a 7 and a 6, and Nygard’s Q-J is good.

4.55pm: Massimo Di Cicco calls a small pre-flop raise from Alexiou. It’s about a quarter of his stack, but he still lays it down on an ace-high flop when the aggressive big stack bets out. Di Cicco is now in big trouble.

4.52pm: Bonavena and Alexiou get to another flop together and it runs out 8-6-K-10-7, checked all the way. Alexiou ends up winning with pocket fives.

4.48pm: Fredrik Nygard moves all in pre-flop; he has about 400,000. Andrew Chen seems vaguely interested in calling, but ends up folding. Nygard says that he has his favourite hand – a suited 10-7 – and claims he has won ten times in a row with that hand. A likely story.

4.45pm: A quiet period, with Francesco Cirianno and Konstantinos Alexiou taking small pots pre-flop but not much more than that. Massimo Di Cicco is the short stack and will have to make some moves soon.

4.38pm: Cirianni and Alexiou wake up and go beserk on a board of 6c-2h-7h. The Italian player had raised the Greek’s big blind pre-flop and then Alexiou shoved all in on the flop, close to two million. Alexiou has a decision for his tournament life and eventually folds, claiming he is letting A-K go. Alexiou flashes J-J. “Good fold,” he adds.

4.35pm: Andrew Chen raises to 57,000 from the button and attacks Salvatore Bonavena’s big blind. But the Italian has none of it, and re-raises about 150,000 more. Chastened Chen lays it down. The approximate counts at the end of that last level were:

Konstantinos Alexiou, Greece, 2,075,000
Salvatore Bonavena, Italy, PokerStars sponsored player, 1,148,000
Andrew Chen, Canada, 1,054,000
Francesco Cirianno, Italy, 733,000
Fredrik Nygard, Finland, 589,000
Massimo Di Cicco, Italy, PokerStars qualifier, 230,000

4.30pm: Andrew Chen begins the new level as he finished the last, with a strong right arm. After Nygard raises pre-flop, Chen shoves, which asks the question of Nygard’s short stack. Nygard folds and Chen shows A-Qd. That puts Chen second in chips; he now has more than a million.

This has been the Andrew Chen show so far, and he started his day off with a chat to the video bloggers:

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