EPT Prague: Luck of the draw reunites November 9 old-timers

December 10, 2015

Some people were just meant to be together. Bogart and Bacall. Bonnie and Clyde. Fred and Wilma. No matter their struggles, no matter how the bullets flew, no matter what stone age problems came, fate tied those folks together like two shoes hanging from a telephone wire.

Today, as EPT Prague begins its Main Event, we’ve found fate at work again.

Like two old friends meeting at the deli for a cup of coffee, we found these two gents right beside each other by luck of the draw.

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8G2A1612_EPT12PRA_Neil_Blumenfield_Pierre_Neuville_Neil Stoddart.jpg

If you haven’t kept up with poker in the last six months, that’s Neil Blumenfield and Pierre Neuville. It’s been just a month since both men were hanging out at the most famous final table of all, the WSOP November Nine.

As you might recall, Neuville and Blumenfield made big news by putting not one but two people over the age of 60 at a table that had spent many years as a place for the younger generation. Blumenfield’s third place finish earned him $3,398,298. Neuville picked up $1,203,293 for seventh.

Now, just one month removed from teaching those youngsters a thing or two, the old guys are back at it here in Prague.



It’s would be such a sweet meeting, like watching a couple of guys reunite on a park bench to talk about the old days, if it weren’t for the fact they not as concerned about catching up as they are knocking each other out. This is poker, after all, and spending too much time reminiscing can distract a man from the real task at hand.

By and by, fate decided the reunion was less important than seeing if these guys can make another final table together. Blumenfield has since moved on.

“My short stack and I just got moved to a new table,” he said. “Too bad I used 20,000 chips figuring out the last one.”

Now we can only sit back, wait, and hope to see this reunion happen again on a bigger table sometime next week when the Main Event crowns a new EPT champion.

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