EPT San Remo: A Gork in the park

April 18, 2009

Marc Gork just doubled up. For Gork it seems every day is fancy dress day, a costume party to be celebrated with a touch of flamboyance. And why not. Four weeks ago in Germany Gork collected €307,000 for his third place finish, astonishing onlookers with a stunning degree of cheek – reading poetry while he and those around him were playing for hundreds of thousands of Euros.

Gork dresses like the invisible man. A green headscarf, a red cap – one of hundreds of promotional goodies handed out by casino staff – big headphones and orange rimmed sunglasses (worn over his normal glasses). Not an inch of his face to be seen. He still has the poetry, although he’s swapped Heine for Goethe. The whole routine is keeping him busy but it works – he’s up to 16,000.

Meanwhile at the other end of the room, and with his face on full view, a new rival for the chip lead has emerged in Giani Giaroni. Listed as Canadian a name like that in these parts gets you considered a local and he may give the Italians a name to cheer, his stack now measuring more than 64,000 having sent various countrymen to the rail.



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