EPT San Remo: Brown out

April 18, 2009

Chad Brown’s San Remo hopes are no more. He moved in, putting two green chips worth a grand each into the middle. He was called, his opponent showing A♥8♥ to Brown’s Q♣J♣. The ace on the flop sealed Brown’s fate who after handshakes and good lucks was gone.

EPT Copenhagen runner-up and all round entertainer Peter Hedlund is in good form, at least away from the tables. “I have seven chips left – I’m in good shape.” Those seven chips added up to 3,500.

He raised from under-the-gun, up to 600 with blinds now at 150-300 with a running 25 ante. Chris Bjorin called from the cut off, so did the small blind and then Annette Obrestad in the big. The flop came 3♥7♥J♦.

With everyone checking ahead of him it was up to Bjorin to end the stalemate, making it 1,500. He took the pot after Hedlund eventually folded.

“I’ve won with jacks, lost twice with jacks and lost with kings.”

It could have been jacks again for the Swede were it not for a mis-deal – a card speeding across the baize and landing in Hedlund’s lap. While the dealer stopped everything Hedlund checked it, then the other in front of him, liking the look of both but turning them over regardless – two red jacks.

One by one other hands were first looked at and then handed back to the dealer with either relief or disdain. Obrestad was last, turning over A♣10♣. “I would have called an all-in” said Obrestad.

Either a chance missed or a lucky break. Hedlund may be down to seven chips but you sense he really is still in good shape.



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